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Fernando Sixto Ramos Solano's Force Multiplier SystemImage source:
Fernando Sixto Ramos Solano's Force Multiplier System
Image source:
Fernando received that bronze metal at a the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, in Ginebra-Suiza from 18 to 22 April, 2012.Source:
Fernando received that bronze metal at a the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, in Ginebra-Suiza from 18 to 22 April, 2012.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 2, 2012

A Peruvian Inventor, Fernando Sixto Ramos Solano, has invented a machine that can allegedly multiply force from a motor. A 1 hp motor is claimed to run a 30 hp motor.

From what I can tell (thanks to input from Bobby, who thinks the system will work), this is not just a "gearbox". It uses inertial force as the primary mechanism for amplifying force. Inertia increases as a squared function of the rotation speed. Newton apparently once said something to the effect that: "Inertial force is free." Apparently, Fernando's mechanism harnesses that force. The "as many times as you like" multiplication will be limited by materials, bearings, and other engineering and materials science factors.

"I use the gravity, mass and length of the distance. This multiplication of force will lower the cost of energy is very useful in the automotive field, in aviation and also be used in hydroelectric plants and mines." -- Fernando [1]
He says his system is based on two parallel axles whose centers are connected to the end of filming{?} a bar connecting the two, in turn, contains the middle two shootings "descentricos" varying its center of gravity.
"It's that simple. You create and action and reaction. Transgressest force the other axis, then multiply, and so continuously." -- Fernando [2]

This device allegedly received a bronze metal at a Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, in Ginebra-Suiza from April 18-22, 2012. He was invited to attend by The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). [3] Fernando arrived late for the jury to review his invention, which came in behind a robotic hand and a marble cutter, but the interest among the participants convinced the judges to award the bronze medal. [4] The official listing of awards from Geneva 2012 does not include a mention of Fernando, but that could be because of his tardiness. Perhaps amended updates could be forthcoming.

In this struggle to reach the goal he lost his sight. "I used to weld without any protection. This bad practice will destroy the optic nerve leaving one almost blind, as you can only see shadows and some colors." Yet he has persisted in the project. He has been at it for four decades.

He could not have done it without the help of his 37-year-old son, William. With his father explaining concepts in physics and mathematics, William designed each piece, curve and angle of the Force Multiplier, sharpening detail and fixing faults, all under the guidance of Fernando.

It may be a while yet before this concept is available to license, manufacture, or purchase, since the inventor is presently in the process of getting the system patented.

But I would guess that some clever engineers in our audience could study the photos and videos available and replicate the phenomenon, and do a quasi open source of the design, deferring to the inventor for all required royalties or licenses. That could speed things up.

In a phone interview with me (via interpreter) on May 4, 2012, he said: "This is a project that will benefit the entirety of humanity."

In a phone interview on May 7, 2012, in answering a question about whether or not they have been able to self-loop the output to run the input, with excess energy left over for practical use, Fernado replied that Yes, they have done this; and that is why they received the award in Switzerland.

We had a bunch of questions to ask him, but apparently the Spanish culture is very laid back and answers questions in a round-about way, and they were overwhelmed by the volume of questions we had submitted by email. Apparently they are working on a website which will include a Frequently Asked Questions page. They have been a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response they have been getting.


Official Website



  • Shows him receiving his award in Geneva, and demonstrating the movement of the mechanism. (YouTube; May 26, 2012)


As of April, 2012, "The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property (Indecopi) [of Peru] will try to expedite the process of patenting this system." [5]

In a phone interview on May 4, 2012 (which had to be cut short due to his leaving for a prior appointment with the patent office), we were told that the Peruvian patent is expected to be awarded in 2 months, and that international patent protection [PTC?] is in process of being filed.

Company: Sixto Ramos Granada SAC

More info coming.

Inventor Profile: Fernando Ramos Solano

As of April, 2012, Fernando Ramos Solano, the father of 11 children, is 63 years old. His academic (unfinished due to family demands) background is in engineering.


  • Bronze metal at a Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, in Ginebra-Suiza from 18 to 22 April, 2012. [6]
  • Won Peru's National Inventions Contest, Indecopi, in 2011. [8]



(YouTube; May 5, 2012)

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Related Tech

Michael Frost of Wisconsin, USA, has been involved in a related pursuit, and claims to have made progress in understanding how systems like this work, having done some prototyping an modeling. Feel free to contact him if you wish.

email: tecline {at}


Fernando is in Lima, Peru
The nearest airport is not far away in Callao (suburb?)

Phone: +51 995559464

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