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Federico Pedrocchi and Luke Gamberale describe the Defkalion reactor in Milan, Italy.
Federico Pedrocchi and Luke Gamberale describe the Defkalion reactor in Milan, Italy.
Test apparatus
Test apparatus
See our story about the demo event on July 23.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
July 22, 2013 [Intro updated July 25]

On July 16, two upcoming live webcast demonstrations of the Defkalion LENR rector were announced: a demonstration to take place on July 22 in Milan, Italy, starting at noon, local time; and a second, the following day, also in Milan, which would be broadcast to the ICCF-18 at the University of Missouri, Columbia Campus, USA, from 7 am to 3 pm Eastern time. [1] (ICCF-18 is taking place from July 21-27 at the University of Missouri.)

This present page is to provide a blog to chronicle the Defkalion events.

PESWiki is publicly editable, so you can participate in posting and correcting the information relating to these events. If you don't have a username, send a request to, giving your name, email, and what username you want, and some kind of statement that makes it clear you are not a spammer. A temporary password will be given, which you can later change. We had to disable the sign-up feature due to spam.

Just 2.5 hours into the July 22 demo time in Milan, the webcast page showed "Event Over". Apparently there was only a 1-hour explanation of the set-up, in Italian, but a test was run, which was reported the next day. July 23 was when the main event was intended to take place, in English, which is reported below in the blog.

The Milan webcast page description said: (translated by Google, with some edits)

Live from the labs of Defkalion, Europe, in Milan, is set up what is perhaps the most advanced experiment of cold fusion. Cold fusion is at the center of controversy, suspicion, with supporters and accusers who, in no uncertain terms, speak of scam. The substance would be very simple: with cold fusion we are in the presence of an essentially unlimited energy source and low costs. If this new energy source was available on the market, as announced by Defkalion Europe, it would change the global energy scenarios.
In the course of this meeting, organized by Defkalion Europe, in cooperation with TRIWU, Moebius, the transmission of Radio Science 24, Il Sole 24 Ore, you will be able to see working the "machine" that produces energy through a process of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction). The reactor has never been seen before by the general public. Federico Pedrocchi Moebius, Maurizio Melis (also known as the host of Mr. Kilowatt Radio 24), with the help of technical team from Defkalion Europe and other guests, will describe the "machine" in its various components, and tell how the process works - or should work, telling the voices of those who cry "cheating".
One thing is certain: the appointment is of great interest to the world of scientific research and industrial development. If it works, the energy revolution of cold fusion will change the lives of everyone.


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Question for Clarification
Nobel Laureate, Brian Josephson asked: "The web page for the webcast on the 23rd says this demo starts at 7am EDT, but the talk today said 4 pm European time, which translates to 10 am EDT. Do you know which is correct?"
Answer from Symeon Tsalikoglou, Defkalion
"There is only one more broadcast. There is a countdown ticker." [Which is 10 am EDT]

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8kW out; 1.8kW in. COP of 4.44.
Temp of water in 24.7 C Temp of steam out 157 C.
Costs: For a 10 KW reactor, a recharge of NI H cost 1 Euro 1£ for six months. Recharge every six months.

(Official Websites)


Image source:


Listing things primarily in reverse chronological sequence, with the most recent things first; except in cases where an older item newly comes to our attention, and we want you to see it in the recent section where most people will be watching.

August 1: In the News

Coverage that has come to our attention today.

From LENR News Sites

  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > LENR >
    LENR-to-Market Weekly -- August 1, 2013 - Highlights this week include: Many follow-up reports on Defkalion's demo; nearly daily reports by Ruby Carat of ICCF-18 which included 85 Oral presentations, 40 posters, 5 laboratory tours, 5 technical panels...; 12-Part report on ORNL Nuclear Cavitation; Rossi looking for good Stirling engine. (PESN; August 1, 2013)
  • MFMP: Independent Report of Defkalion’s Hyperion to be Published - The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have posted a very positive assessment of this week’s ICCF-18 conference on their Facebook page. They see it as being a ‘watershed’ event with convincing evidence of excess heat being presented by Defkalion and Takahashi (see here), and an important advance for the principle of Live Open Science which... (E-CatWorld; July 27, 2013)
  • Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Device via Streaming Video - Defkalion really impressed the crowd at the 18th annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) last week with a streaming video of a demonstration of its Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction device. (EnergyCatalyzer3; July 28, 2013)

From Other News Sites

  • Cold fusion, Defkalion will try again - It was "the most advanced experiment of cold fusion" in the world but a simple debate. So Defkalion has dampened expectations of the curious industry around the two test streamed on the platform Triwu and Radio24. (; August 1, 2013)
  • Panic - After the post titled " How the 'big science' suppresses the discoveries "illustrated with the famous picture of the 'big religion' that censorship Galileo , Dr.. Passerini published a riddle and then the video of the gorilla under the title "Watch out for what you see!". (casapiens-dweb; July 30, 2013)
  • Show-me State Endorses Cold Fusion - Report from the 18 th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) - Where to begin? Cold Fusion is one of those fields where the reality is different from the reporting. If you read the newspapers or the science magazines, you think that cold fusion is junk science, discredited after a single un-reproducible report in 1989. If you still think this way, please begin with the article I wrote for OEN last year. The effect is real and remarkable on three counts: (OpEdNews; July 26, 2013)
  • Cold fusion experiment videos available on Triwù Of Bartolo Welsh - With a live stream of about 8 hours on July 23 ended the two-day Triwù, TV innovation, has dedicated to cold fusion definition, the latter, which we were able to explain how inadequate compared to the experiments that you are making in this field. (Green Planner Magazine; July 26, 2013)

July 26: Brian Josephson Video

Nobel laureat from Cambridge University posted this video of the Defkalion demo on July 23.

July 26: In the News

Coverage that has come to our attention today.

  • Comment on the demonstration made ​​yesterday in Milan reactor Defkalion - Hello, I am the fly on the test Defkalion yesterday from Milan. As it turned out, the first stream of the G-Cat greek (and I avoid to call C-Cat, where C is apparently about to CopyCat!) Of 22 July was a mere dress rehearsal of the test of 8 hours showed yesterday, beautifully Accounted for by Mats Lewan on his blog (22Passi; July 24, 2013)
  • ICCF-18 Day 3: PHOTOS! - Another jam-packed day of science and technology on Day 3 of the ICCF-18. There were entrepreneurs giving tips on what VC’s look for in a company, there was the Defkalion demo beamed in from across the world, there was a tour of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance, lots of Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project technology... and more! (ColdFusionNow; July 23, 2013)

Image:ICCF-1804_300.jpg Image:ICCF-1846_300.jpg Image:Title-ICCF-18-watching-Defkalion_300.jpg Image:ICCF-1803_300.jpg

July 25-B: In the News

More coverage that has come to our attention today.

  • DEFKALION HAS KEPT ITS PROMISE - Many years from now, Clio (the Muse of history) will acknowledge this demo was an event of great impact. At the surface it was simple: Defkalion made a written promise-the Protocol and then made a demo keeping all its promises- brightly. (EgoOut; July 24, 2013)
  • Defkalion Live LENR Test - LENR, otherwise known as “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions”, has set many energy enthusiasts around the world on the edge of their seats. Conflicting opinions seem to flare up more often than news updates; but one such update from Defkalion has peaked interest at an all time high. (Revolution-Green; July 24, 2013)
  • Defkalion Demo Boosts Case for Commercial LENR - I was impressed with yesterday’s demonstration of the Hyperion reactor by Defkalion. I thought the overall manner in which the test was carried out was clear and logical, and the end result was to me another strong piece of evidence in favor of LENR being a practical source of useful energy. I think Defkalion went a long way in establishing credibility for themselves as a serious and competent organization with good technical skills. (E-CatWorld; July 24, 2013)
  • E-Cat of greek Defkalion: test succeeded, but doubts remain - After the introductory streaming of July 22 , the Defkalion responded the next day with a transmission much more detailed. Always transmitted from the Web TV Triwu, allowed everyone to observe a fairly accurate testing of cold fusion reactor Hyperion (R5 release, or the fifth prototype). (; July 25, 2013)
  • Defkalion’s Demo Winds Down - DGT’s demo is in its final stages. I watched it from start to wind-down. This is simply a quick summary of my first impressions. I was surprised by the level of detail and the apparent freedom given to those present. That said, I was disappointed to see that only Mats Lewan stepped up to the plate to stick his nose in on our behalf. (ECatNews; July 23, 2013)
  • Royal B - Other streaming from exciting lab engineer. Franco “ Raggio della Morte ” Cappiello. Franco " Ray of Death "Cappiello. None of the "expert witnesses" announced noted the kettle DIY , unless the journalist Mats Lewan - more prepared than Melis & Pedrocchi - which has suffered the loss of steam and measured by hand a temperature of 70 ° C (Ocasapiens ; July 24, 2013)

July 25-A: In the News

Coverage that has come to our attention today.

  • Cold Fusion, here is the reactor Defkalion [VIDEO] - As expected, yesterday took place on the second live streaming organized by Defkalion to show the functioning of his cold fusion reactor. Played on the platform Triwù-La Web TV Innovation, the event was directed especially to insiders, unlike the first who addressed primarily to the general public. (International Business Times, Italy; July 24, 2013)
  • Hydrogen and nickel to produce clean energy - A process developed by Global Defkalion Green Technology (DGGT), a Canadian company that takes some time for applications in the field of 'energy that is based on a nickel-hydrogen reaction. (; July 24, 2013)
  • Cold fusion: in 20 thousand for the live streaming on Triwù - With a live stream of about 8 hours, yesterday, Tuesday 23 June, ended the two-day TRIWU 'devoted to cold fusion definition, the latter, which we were able to explain how inadequate compared to the experiments that you are making in this field. (; July 24, 2015)
  • Cold fusion of Defkalion today live streaming - The two most well-known protagonists of this scenario are two companies: the Italian Prometeon, with the reactor E-Cat engineer Andrea Rossi and the Greek Defkalion, to work on the device Hyperion. Precisely the latter will be the protagonist, Monday, July 22 2013 at 12.00 am, the live streaming on Triwù during which it will broadcast the first experiment on cold fusion laboratories Milanese Defkalion Europe. (; July 22, 2013)

July 24: In the News

Coverage that has come to our attention today.

  • Matts Lewan: Comments on Defkalion reactor demo in Milan - Yesterday I participated as an observer at the Greek-Canadian company Defkalion’s demo of its LENR based energy device Hyperion in Milan, Italy. The device is just like Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, loaded with small amounts of nickel powder and pressurized with hydrogen... (MatsLew; July 24, 2013)
  • Cold fusion conference demo raises hope for tabletop energy supply - A conference on cold fusion at the University of Missouri continues until 26 July but nothing in it is likely to top a live demonstration of a device apparently producing kilowatts of heat on 23 July. The flamboyant Andrea Rossi, who did much to revive public interest in this field, is conspicuous by his absence. (; July 24, 2013)
    • Covers Defkalion Demo and ICCF-18 - It’s good to see an article today by David Hambling in giving a positive and fair treatment of yesterday’s Defkalion demonstration, citing Swedish science journalist Mats Lewan as a reliable witness who had a generally positive response to the event which he participated in quite actively. Hambling seems to be open to the... (E-CatWorld; July 24, 2013)
  • Did You Catch Defkalion's Cold Fusion Demo Yesterday? - A demonstration in real time is almost exciting as watching grass grow. Defkalion demonstrated its LENR cold fusion device using two different gas inputs to show that the reaction occurring is not chemical heating. (World Future Society; July 24, 2013)
  • Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Live, Right Now - If you’ve been following the saga of what was called “cold fusion” but is now more generally called “low energy nuclear reaction” (LENR) you’ll be aware of one of the more convincing contenders in this market, Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT). (Forbes; July 23, 2013)
  • The experiment of Defkalion, still cold fusion - "Live from the labs Defkalion Europe, in Milan, is set up what is perhaps the most advanced experiment of cold fusion." The presentation in respect of ' company that was trading partner in the adventure of Andrea Rossi's cold fusion promised sparks. (; July 23, 2013)

July 23, 2013; 23:55 GMT: Report

July 23, 2013; 21:50 GMT: Notes -- Last Scene & Data

Screenshots from 21:12 GMT when the demo closed down.



July 23, 2013; 21:15 GMT: Notes -- DEMO OVER

21:12 GMT Broadcast ended, after who I guess is the cameraman waved at the camera, then shut it off.

613 viewers

July 23, 2013; 21:06 GMT: Notes -- Closing Statement

21:01 GMT John gives statement

Yesterday's test was for Italian public, not for scientists

Today's test used argon

Calibration curves.

There will be announcements in coming days about the results of these tests.

Today: degassed the reactor of Argon, then added Hydrogen.

Then we decided to modulate the test, to show controlability of test.

We know there will be many questions in coming days.

We welcome that.

You can always communicate through our email on our website.

We hope we hvae concluded this, difficult for us, live broadcast all over world.

I personally apologize for maybe not professional way of presenting.

Hope you enjoyed the test.

Hope you saw what we promised: data, live, hiding nothing.

"New Energy Era Uprising"

Will end broadcasting in a few hours, when technician says so.

July 23, 2013; 20:53 GMT: Notes -- Reactor Cool-off

Input is a zero, output (heating of water) is dropping off rapidly, as would be expected. Rapid at a first, then tapering off.


July 23, 2013; 20:45 GMT: Notes -- Shutting off Reactor

20:40 GMT John: Now we're going to shud down the reactor. Alex will come on shortly.


We didn't run Argon yesterday. [We weren't expecting not vacuating for 12 hours would effect this as much as it did.]

Most questions will be answered by Dr. Kim at ICCF-18

We've shown you as much as we could for the moment.


Haven't heard any new coming from ICCF-18

July 23, 2013; 20:35 GMT: Notes -- Commenting about Effect of Risidual Argon Gas

I wonder how much not taking the usual 12 hours to vacuate the Argon gas is effecting the COP. John said they got above 4 yesterday. -- Sterling

Answer here:

20:30 GMT, John makes statement as follows.

How we can control and modulate the output power. This was not scheduled. We had to make this happen to see how we can modulate the power at the levels we wish.

We're going to keep the system alive for another 35-40 minutes, then turn off so you can see the cooling procedure.

We've modulated the output.

Yesterday we reached 7.5 kW. Today max: 5 kW.

Today we had to run two experiments, one after the other. Argon, then Hydrogen.

If we have to change the gasses, we usually run the degassing for an extended time. Didn't have that time today. So instead of 12 hours we squoze it to 45 minutes. I warned it could cause problem with reaction.

We're getting very tired.

- - - -

20:30-35 Screengrab
Image:20-30_data_temps_600.jpg Image:20-30_data_calcs_600.jpg

Input: 1904.9 Watts
Output: 3223.1 Watts
COP: 1.7

Output temp: 117.37 C

797 Viewers

July 23, 2013; 20:15 GMT: Notes -- Explanation of Drop in COP

John said that yesterday they saw a COP of more than 4. Today, the highest I noted was at 19:30 GMT at 3.1. At present, the output appears to be dropping, while the input is unchanging.

Based on what John said in the Q&A, I'm guessing that this has to do with the fact that they did not take the usual 12 hours to vacuate the argon gas, but took only 45 minutes.

Here's a screenshot of the data from 20:03 GMT

Image:20-03 data calcs 400.jpg

Input: 1898.7 Watts
Output: 4495.3 Watts
COP: 2.4

Output temp: 141.69 C

The output line continues to drop, precipitously.

I don't recall them saying that they were turning off the experiment. I wonder what's going on here.

At 19:10, it appears to have stabilized.


Input: 1646.5 Watts
Output: 2996.8 Watts
COP: 1.8

Output temp: 108.27 C

20:12 GMT, John responded to the question about what is happening.

"It's going to rise up again. It's part of the procedure we planned. We haven't stopped it yet. That will be in about 1.5 hours from now. We are in process of controlling the parameters intentionally."

I sent the following message to Symeon:

With them playing with the nobs, why don't they tell us what they are doing, so we can follow along? From our vantage point it looks like something has gone wrong, and John is just making up a story so it doesn't look bad.

Andrew Palfreyman points out: "This demo was done in 'manual mode'. They have an auto mode which stops all this up and down stuff."

July 23, 2013; 20:00 GMT: Notes -- Q&A with ICCF-18

19:40 GMT we will repeat the questions, so we don't interrupt parallel activites at ICCF-18

Q: Mikita Alexandrof: how are resistors wired, individually, or together, in series or in parallel?

A. controlled in parallel, together

Q. Mikita Alexandrof: what temp does proceeding require?

A. have to preheat reactor to trigger, up to a minimum of 179 C, inside the reactor. Not by chance, temp for ?

Q. Mikita Alexandrof: what is timeframe for starting and stopping reactions?

A. Typically about 15-20 minutes to pre-heat enough to trigger the reaction with plasma. Stopping takes seconds. But the aparatus takes time to cool off. Once it's up to heat, we can start and stop in seconds.

Q. Norman Cook, ICCF: it has been rumored that Defkalion has done isotope experiments used N-H and all isotopes produce excess heat? Are all isotopes equal?

A. Not a rumor. It has been reported on forum. More from Yeon G. Kim in two days at ICCF-18. No specific reason to do it except to asnwer busienss question. How much do you expect the cost of product and line and maintenance. Rumors tnat 62 or 64 work; in which case cost would be higher. So we tried monatomic samples. Only 61 could not give no excess heat. All other isotopes produced almost same results, no significant differences. Why expected, according to physics in Kim's presentation.

Q. Have you built reactor with close primary loops? [?]

A. Releasing R6 with primary loop to cool the reactor, use thermaloid (?), heat exchanger; not ready to announce yet; still testing components. Same reactor as this one, but much lighter. Next generation designed for performance. how we can control and mangagement.

Q. Steven Jones: what products have you looked for? tritium, rf, radiation

A. will present gamma emissions in iso? experiments, presented by Yeon G. Kim in 2 days. Last year we reported on transmutation. Haven't seen any emissions we would have to report to regulators. Have found unexpected: huge magnetic anomolies. Will be presented by Yeon G. Kim.


2 question before

Q. Why do you use argon and not helium?

A. Helium has better thermal conductivity, closer to H; we use argon, when flow calorimetry. We use Ar not He, as we are monitoring transmutation. He would contaminate the powders, confusing the results.

Q. How we calculate this number: Gas pressure(?)

A. We use slope of the plot times factor of flow of coolant, very accurate, no noise inside reactor.

more question

Q. summarize what we've done so far?

A. We started 6 hour ago, explained what we were going to do, ran two test. First test: control test using argon as a gas, resulted in no excess heat. Did a lot of calibration, to get accuracy of datalogger instrumentation, via manual measurements. Stopped argon test, degassed, began second test. Usually we use 12 hours to degass; down to 45 minutes. Will have some effect on reaction, due to live presentation and limiation on time. After a while, put high voltage in, [LENR commenced]

19:53 GMT screenshot of in:out


Input: 1916.2 Watts
Output: 5710.7 Watts
COP: 3.0

Output temp: 158.2

19:57 GTM Q&A complete

July 23, 2013; 19:35 GMT: Notes -- Peak COP

19:25, Q&A started, but then paused, to resume in 5 minutes for hook-up to ICCF-18

Screengrab from 19:30 GMT

Input: 1858.8 Watts
Output: 5721.6 Watts
COP: 3.1

Output temp: 165.43

July 23, 2013; 19:25 GMT: Notes -- COP: 2.5

19:20 GMT John said that in about 5 minutes they will be doing the question and answer session with ICCF-18.

19:20 screen grab

Input: 1937 Watts
Output: 4798.5 Watts
COP: 2.5

953 viewers

July 23, 2013; 19:10 GMT: Notes -- Overview to Newsletter

Note to fe_updates Newsletter:

Hey, in case you're not watching, the Defkalion live demo is taking place right now at

In the first while, they took control measurements using argon gas. For the past hour they've been taking measurements with hydrogen gas. The COP is 2.6 and rising. (2.6 times more energy out than what is put in, due to the LENR [aka misnamed "cold fusion"] process.)

I've been tracking the play-by-play very closely at

I think they are doing a great job of being scientific, methodical, careful, and convincing. Of course I'm an easy sell.

Matts Lewan is an independent observe on site, taking manual measurements to corroborate the datalogging equipment from National Instruments.


July 23, 2013; 19:00 GMT: Notes -- Exit of Hot Water: "Make some Tea"

18:45 "change the battery pack" warning flashed on screen

John is going to take the cameraman to see the exit of hot water

Image:Lab_hot-water-exit_400.jpg Image:Lab_hot-water_drainage_400.jpg

18:48 John says: "could make tea with this"

18:50 GMT screen grab datalogger

18:53 GMT labview commentary from John
output temp: 142.88 C, nearly to the point of "dry steam"
gas: 3.268 bars
flow: 0.568 L/m
input: 1882 Watts (GMT 18:55)
ouptut: 4840 Watts (GMT 18:55) COP: 2.8

t_internal = inside reactor
t_coil = the copper coils around the reactor
t_body = outside, close to reaction

971 viewers

July 23, 2013; 18:45 GMT: Notes -- COP: 2.19

18:40 GMT screenshot

Input: 2020.6 Watts
Output: 4426.4 Watts
COP: 2.19

939 viewers

July 23, 2013; 18:40 GMT: Notes -- Stabilized input at ~2 kW

18:37 GMT John: "We've stabilized the input at ~2 kW"; output at 4.4 kW

"we're going to increase the output."

July 23, 2013; 18:35 GMT: Notes -- Asks Matts to be careful

18:35 John: we'd like to ask Matts to be more careful in how he is measuring. An hour ago he shut off the system inadvertently.

Matts: "I'm trying to figure out the discrepancy between what I'm mesuring manually (around 1 kW input) and what the datalogger is reporting (~2 kW input)."

July 23, 2013; 18:30 GMT: Notes -- COP: 2.1

General Note: Presently they are running the reaction with hydrogen, and have entered overunity, with more energy coming out in the form of heat, than is going in in the form of electricity for the heater and the plasma creater. They are gradually diminishing the input power, while maintaining the output power.

18:25 GMT screen grabs

Matts Lewan, right, is manually measuring the current via clamp-on-amp meter


input: 2209.7 Watts
output: 4613.3 Watts
COP: 2.1

July 23, 2013; 18:25 GMT: Notes -- COP 2.4

General Note: Presently they are running the reaction with hydrogen, and have entered overunity, with more energy coming out in the form of heat, than is going in in the form of electricity for the heater and the plasma creater. They are gradually diminishing the input power, while maintaining the output power.

HV = high voltage to plasma

input: 1918 Watts
output 4604 Watts
COP 2.4

the output power is rising rapidly
in the one minute I watchted it, it went from 4100 Watts to 4900 Watts

July 23, 2013; 18:20 GMT: Notes -- Plasma High Voltage is 10 kV

18:15 GMT datalogger
Image:18-15_data_temps_600.jpg Image:18-15_data_calcs_600.jpg

response to question from email:
[Plasma] voltage characteristics is 10 kV
amps 110 mA

July 23, 2013; 18:15 GMT: Notes -- OVERUNITY

18:05 GMT screen grab of datalogger calculations page

Image:18-08_data_temps_600.jpg Image:18-05_data_calcs_600.jpg

John: output power already highter than input; and will stay there many hours. Input power will begin to decrease more and more. We've already decreased the input, and we'll do that again and again during the whole experiment.

18:10 GMT datalogger
input: 2.4 kW
output: 2.8 kW
COP: 1.2

872 viewers

July 23, 2013; 18:05 GMT: Notes -- Ready to Start LENR with Hydrogen

(Hydrogen in place, heating up reactor begin reaction soon)

17:58 GMT John explains labels on monitor:
T_coil is temp around two coils close to reactor
T_Body, couple close to reactor chamber
Gass Pressure is pressure of gas inside reactor

17:59 GMT: Heater 2731 Watts

screen grab of reading
Image:18-00_data_calcs_600.jpg Image:18-00_data_temps_600.jpg

18:00 GMT: John: clarification: here we are reading water flow at output; the other is T-coil is reading the temp at the two rounds. one reading water, the other reading metal.

July 23, 2013; 17:55 GMT: Notes -- Argon Gas Vacuation Complete

Note: the "control" portion of the test has been completed. Now they are preparing to add hydrogen, which will begin the LENR reaction, which should produce significant excess heat.

17:45 GMT: John: Stopping degassing of argon. Not as vacuated as usual (usually longer), but should be adequate.

going to add hydrogen in same current, flow, pressure as argon.

17:46 GMT: starting to add the H gas: 0.36 bar "putting in very slow"

What we are measuring (in "bars") is "above ambient", same for all experiments we do.

17:47 about 1.2 bars of H; locked in place, so there will be no leaks, as it was with argon gas.

starting flow of water and current

17:49 GMT: starting heating: 2714 Watts

screen shot: starting heater, with H inside

17:53 GMT reached 200 C in chanber, to minimum; "any moment we're going to open the high voltage [plasma]. I'll be announcing that to you."

July 23, 2013; 17:35 GMT: Notes -- Live Stream Re-established

17:34 GMT live stream being re-established after pre-record overview video during de-gassing of argon, to prepare for hydrogen addition to system which will give it the ingredient needed for LENR.

17:35: John explains the above.

Independent observer, Matts Lewan, of NyTekink confirms that during the video, nothing happened in live lab.

July 23, 2013; 17:32 GMT: Notes -- Pre-recorded setup explanation

Pre-recorded video, while vacuuating the argon gas from the reactor.

Screen shots from pre-recorded video:

Image:John-Hadjicristos_pre-record_400.jpg Image:Inside-reactor-chamber_400.jpg Image:Reactor-spool-for-copper-pipe-winding_400.jpg Image:Two-gas-channels_400.jpg Image:Input_power_400.jpg Image:Variacs_400.jpg

Shows set-up of the reactor.

Spool type of arrangement, around which copper pipes are wound to pull off heat via water flow through the copper pipes.

Pressure gauges and thermocouplers arranged.

Pump to degass the reactor, before any opening of the reactor.

To monitor: coolant gas electricity

gases: hydrogen and argon

pressure gauge

power from mains monitored by datalogger

variacs from power, ..


use water as coolant

water comes from grid

filters to remove bubbles or gas

flow meter, to data aquisition

coolant through pipe

into chamber, then out through insulated pipe to another dataloger for temp, then exit

data gatered by data aquisition; LabView software by National Instruments

energy consumption per second calculated

Words about Procedures we'll be using.

(792 watching live)

3 phase 1) pump argon in the reactor, trying to trigger reaction (shouldn't trigger) 2) cool, then pump in hydrogen in same conditions, current, flow; see difference measure the accuracy of the datalogging via manual measurements witnessed by third parties with their instruments

pay attention to Yeon G. Kim on 25? July at ICCF-18

17:31 video finished

July 23, 2013; 17:17 GMT: Notes -- Degassing

17:13 GMT the streaming issue stopped; back to live view

Vacuating the gas

17:15 GMT playing video (will it work this time?) blue screen with buffer/intializing;

17:16 a computer screen view is shown; "initializing"

16:17 pre-recorded message by John Hadjicristos of Defkalion, recorded in Vancouver: introduction of live test: objectives in Milan lab; then present R5 reactor that will be used in the test, set-up in lab, similar to Milan R5

July 23, 2013; 17:08 GMT: Notes -- webcast streaming issues

17:05 GMT Seems to have a streaming issue -- first during this whole live demo. May be due to a technical difficulty of trying to broadcast the pre-recorded video in a split screen. [confirmed]

July 23, 2013; 17:00 GMT: Notes -- Control Completed

Note: coming next: will vacate argon gas from chamber to prepare to add hydrogen, which will start the LENR conditions once heat and pressure are brought within range. They are preparing for that.

Note: experiencing technical difficulties playing the pre-recorded video from their lab while these changes are being made.

16:50 static noise on audio went away; video still showing live lab

Symeon says that (if they get it to work), they plan on showing the oher video in a split screen, so that there is continuous live video feed from Milan.

screen grab from 16:55 GMT

I asked Symeon what the downward spike in the yellow line represents 2/3 through the plateau.

[10:57:54 AM] Sterling D. Allan: I'd appreciate that. John's explanation said the yellow was from the thermal coupler to the body [10:58:27 AM] Sterling D. Allan: was it disconnected? I can't imagine why it would fluctuate like that in reality. Seems like instrumentation error. [10:58:29 AM] Sterling D. Allan: should be noted.

John: going to degas, will broadcast short pre-recorded video where we explain the objectives of this demo

July 23, 2013; 16:50 GMT: Notes -- Control Cool-down

Note: The streaming has been flawless so far, as far as I've seen. No downtime or packet chops at all. A criticism I've passed on to Symeon, that they're going to try to address, is that Matts Lewan, the independent observer from NyTeknik

16:45 GMT John: "We're waiting for the system to cool down; watching also the thermal signals."

after that, we'll start degassing the argon out of the reactor, to prepare the next experiment, which is the test experiment with hydrogen.

will be measuring noise level; pump in

16:47 GMT "will show pre-recorded video from our lab while we're doing this"

(oops; static sound; technical difficulties? video feed is still showing the lab, but static sound)

July 23, 2013; 16:40 GMT: Notes -- Power Off on Control Test

Note: This aparatus is "Revision 5"; not the present design.

16:38 GMT we've turned all the power off: zero, zero input

white: temp inside reacto
yellow: body
green: temp of flange in front of reactor
blue: temp of flange in back of reactor
red: temp of coil, betweeen
gas pressure

16:39 screen shot
Image:16-40 temperatures 600.jpg

"this will not be the case when running with Hydrogen (the gas pressure)" (I missed this full statement)

July 23, 2013; 16:35 GMT: Notes -- Stopping Control Test in 5 Minutes

Note: Usually, the data is hard to record because in live situation you don't have a way to double check yourself. But here I had time to double check. So this is the first solid recording of data. This is at the "maximum, control" setting. I didn't catch the manual readings, though.

16:24 GMT taking water measurement

16:26 GMT Matts measuring amps w/ clamp-on meter

16:28 GMT datalogger
2746 Watt heat
205.6 HV
total input: 2955 Watt input
coolang frow: .72 L/m
gas presure 2.912 bar
T in 21.94
Tout 74.13
output: 2682

16:30 GMT screenshot

16:35 GMT "In 5 minutes, we're toing to stop the input of power."

July 23, 2013; 16:20 GMT: Notes -- Control COP: 0.86

Note: they are still in "control" mode, using Argon gas instead of the LENR gas, Hydrogen.

16:15 GMT (datalogger)
71 C
0.72 L/m
2740 Watt heater
215.9 HV (plasma)
Total: 2910 Watt

Output: 2496 Watts

When Hydrogen gas is introduced later today, they are expecting 7.5 kW output with 1.7 kW input (COP 4.4), which is what they saw yesterday.

"We're going to run this for about an hour; then allow aparatus to cool."

July 23, 2013; 16:15 GMT: Notes -- Maximum Power on Control:

1225.5 g water
443.4 g
not reporting more than actual (datalogger)

16:06 GMT: (control, with no LENR) going to maximum condition using heaters and plasma

16:07 GMT "We have laready pressuried argon in the apratus." It's pressure is shown on datalogger

16:09 GMT "We're going to ignite the plasma inside."

this will be maximum power in.

of course we're not expecting anything important to happen.

"This will be the same condition as the reaction, with hydrogen (instead of argon), which we will do later today."

16:12 GMT(datalogger)
2772 Watts from heater
217 HV
Total input: 2978 (moved camera)

output does not exceed 73 C

Yesterday synopsis (didn't catch numbers)

Result/conclusion: we cannot get excess heat with the Argon gas.

July 23, 2013; 16:05 GMT: Notes -- Increasing Temperature of Control Test

15:55 GMT increased input heat to 1263 W (datalogger)

15:58 GMT Matts is inspecting the other power cords in the room to see what they go to (to instrumentation, etc)

16:00 GMT I supposed you could hide some kind of power supply in the x cable.

John says "you are welcome after the experiment to cut the cable to rule out that possibility"

16:02 GMT John: This will be the last control test. After this, we'll put all the power in, which will be the same parameters as what we expect during the experiment.

measuring 67.8 C; flow: 0.437 L/m (dattalogger)

16:04 GMT collecting water to corrobarate dattalogger with manual measurement

July 23, 2013; 15:55 GMT: Notes -- Increasing Control Test Flow

Note: John Hadjicristos is the lab technician explaning this operation.

15:51 GMT going to increase the flow

heat is 1145.5 Watts according to datalogger

1130 Watts manually measured, according to Matts Lewan

July 23, 2013; 15:35 GMT: Notes -- Waiting for Control to Stabilize

Note: they still have not started the LENR reaction. These are all control measurements, and to show a comparison between the datalogger readings and the manual measurement readings.

15:35 GMT waiting for system to stabilize at higher input energy setting

July 23, 2013; 15:30 GMT: Notes -- Increasing Control Test Heater Input to 851 Watts

Note: this is not a "made for TV" soundbite presentation with quick intput/output demonstration. They are aiming to be very scientific, being methodical and redundant in their measurements.

Note: this "ICCF-18 Demo" is not taking place in Missouri. It is in Milan, where they broadcast from yesterday.

Note: Without being able to "pause" this live demo, I'm having a hard time keeping track of the numbers being reported; what they are for, what their units are, where the decimal point is, whether they are from the datalogger or from manual measurement; so please take all my numbers with a grain of salt. You'll have to wait until the recording is up to get an accurate report.

Note: the participants at ICCF-18 where they can file questions to be addressed

15:08 GMT Measuring current with clamp-on amp meters: 5.55 Amps

measuring voltage 88 Volts

calculation from manual measurement: ?? W

datalogger measuring 509 Watts

15:15 GMT measuring again

waiting for system to stabilize

Matts: on the mains
volate 220 AC typical
no DC voltage

15:23 GMT 48 C; 0.26 flow; output 48.7

15:27 GMT measuring water 871 grams

15:28 GMT, putting more power in

increased input to 851 Watts

waiting to stabilize

July 23, 2013; 15:10 GMT: Notes -- Overview Done

Taking manual measurements of set-up (not running yet)
0.21? Liters/minute
224? grams is empty bucket
778? grams of water
compare with datalogger

0.42 L/minute datalogger

860 people watching

1280? grams water
478 calculated
reading 466 on datalogger

Repeat in higher flow

15:00 GMT collecting water at room temperature, when flow is reported as 0.898 L/m on datalogger

conclusion: our manual reading does not weigh more than what datalogger shows

15:05 GMT, will repeat control flow measurement again

15:07 GMT: 507 Watts input to heaters

July 23, 2013; 14:45 GMT: Notes -- Instrument and Proceedure Explanation

2:25 GMT: shows rest of metals inside

coolant set-up
filter for salts, water from grid; pump to standardize pressue
measure pressure from gauge
two filters, microfilter; pressure exhauster, remove air
sensitive flow milter; to dataloggger
comes to thermal couple to measure temperature of coolant; goes around coil, heats up, then hot water goes through insulated pipe, to thermal couple to measure output temp.; goes to bucket to measure the water.
temp of coolant

Electrical input; using 2 of three phases; to power high-voltage...
measure accuracy of real-time measurements
power meter on datalogger
checking accuracy of datalogger

high-voltage generator, two lines, with high-voltage, DC current, to create the plasma we use to trigger the reaction

pump used to prepare the reactor, takes several hours to prepare; using argon gas.

0:35 screen grab of datalogger signals
36 screen grab of data synopsis for COP calculation

measure currents from wires using clamp-on amp meter, to corroborate data-logger; will report the results and accuracy.
will ask the participants to check for any hidden sources
will introduce in a few minutes

a few numbers to remember
total mas input: 60 grams
flow in room temp

14:40 GMT Introduce Participants:
including journalist Matts Lewan from NyTeknik, taking measurements as well (my experience with Matts shows him to be very accurate and careful as a scientist and journalist)


July 23, 2013; 14:20 GMT: Notes -- Overview of Objectives


Test will run until 23:30 GMT Lab working on application development. Vancouver is the only one doing hard R&D.

Will be answering questions from ICCF-18
around 2:30-3:00 Missouri time

to honor the group of people who have been following the LENR field since Pons and Fleishmann. They are very experienced in doing measurements in this field. They are the most experienced in measuring excess heat in excess experiments.

Communation with science, technology

We won't try to answer theortical questions. Those may be addressed on Thursday when our presentation is given at ICCF-18.


  1. We intent to show COP more than 1. (Yesterday, we showed COP more than 4)
  2. Shows excess heat that is not classical
  3. Show level of error in measurements. Will chedk and double check.
  4. Show reproducability, with controls

Objective: cross check all measurements.

volume of water flow

8:15 am MST opened box
This one is R5 (revision 5)

Out of 250 grams, only 60 grams are reacting in chamber; 5 grams are...; the rest are structured
we assume all active material is 60 grams.

2:15 GMT; The reactor in detail.

Shows thermal couples, weighs aparatus

weighing core reactor

datalogger screen 1

datalogger screen 2

July 23, 2013; 14:05 GMT; DEMO BEGINS, welcome by Alex Xanthoulis, CEO

(is being recorded and will be uploaded later)

July 23, 2013; 11:25 GMT; Full "Pre-Cast" Recording (in Italian) "high definition recording of the pre-cast, with no gaps"

July 23, 2013; 11:11 GMT; Start Time Changed

It looks like the guy in the video yesterday was correct about the start-time after all. The clock countdown at is now for 10:00 am EDT. The demo starts in a little less than three hours from now. I'm going back to bed. It's just past 5 am here. -- Sterling

I see an email from Nobel Laureate, Brian Josephson, saying:

Defkalion has now resolved the confusion about when the webcast begins and adjusted the time on the web page (there is a message about the webcast there also): it is 10am EDT/ 3pm BST/ 8am MDT. It will run all day apparently which I guess will just be to prove it can go on working for a long time.

An update statement (timestamp around 11 am GMT) is found at yesterday's page:

Recording of the event
Here you can find the high definition recording of the pre-cast, with no gaps: We are sorry for the problems encountered yesterday during the broadcast: these problems were due to the fact that we were broadcasting from the "real" Defkalion labs with light equipment and crew. Today we will have a second (much longer) streaming from Defkalion labs: more info here

July 23, 2013; 8:44 am; Discussion Compilation

From: "Brian Josephson"
To: "Sterling Allan"; "Symeon Tsalikoglou"
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 2:44 AM [MST = GMT-6]
Subject: Re: (urgent) need further clarification Re: time of Defkalion video on 23rd.

Some further points:
1. The broadcast was not cut short, as the announcement at the beginning said it would be for just 1 hour.
2. However, the recording at the link below is only 30 min. long. What happened to the rest, if it did go on for 1 hour?
3. You will see the display of the startup process beginning just after 15:30.

Here is the discussion (attached | txt), beginning at the bottom:
Brian D. Josephson
Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge
Director, Mind-Matter Unification Project

July 23, 2013; 6:38 am; Josephson: Yesterday's data showed excess heat

An email from Brain Josephson said:

Sterling and Symeon,
The problem is that the ticker and the announcement made more than once differ by 3 hours. Given that they want people in the US to see it, the later time seems more plausible. Perhaps the web page just shows the period that the webcast was booked for.
Near the beginning [on July 22,] they zoomed in on a monitor that appeared to show the reactor starting up, and producing excess heat, so it looks as if it was working. Perhaps if all went well there wouldn’t have been anything interesting happening after that, so all they did was give a lecture about the reactor? I heard what appeared to be some historical stuff.

Here's a screenshot from the video: time stamp 24:44

Image:July22 data screenshot rd.jpg

July 23: In the News

July 23, 2013; 6:30 GMT; Commentary about Two Demos

I kept asking Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion for clarification about what the Milan demonstration was supposed to be, versus what it ended up being, and whether it was being postponed to July 23 at 4 pm "European Time", but the only answer he gave after several responses, was the answer below.

I can only guess that the Milan demo is scrapped, and they are focusing on the ICCF-18 demo, rather than running the two concurrently.

July 23, 2013; 0:15 GMT; Clarification on Time for Second Demo

Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion wrote by email

There is only one more broadcast.
There is a countdown ticker.

That ticker says it will begin Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:00am EDT — Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:00pm EDT

July 22, 2013; 16:45 GMT; Demo Report

(Translated by Google)

All well and good, sometimes a bit 'boring maybe, but the great event Defkalion ended with a nice little fact.
The discussion among those present, including an Italian coach of Defkalion, Luca Gamberale, immediately bogged down in the face of evidence: was not present any real test. the machine was turned on, but the guests were rather busy talking, rather than to observe what was going on. The objective of the public chat, then, was to summarize the state of the discussion around the cold fusion.
It is therefore talked about the fact that the majority of scientists do not consider the LENR and cold fusion phenomenon really exists, but the fact that they are now hundreds departments that are working on producing articles and experiments, it has been said of the interest NASA on the subject and the fact that to date no independent testing has been done with "all the trappings."
None of this, however, is new to anyone who reads our site.
Something new has emerged on the operation of the reactor greek. to trigger the reaction would not be a catalyst. The nickel powder is in fact brought to a higher temperature than the ambient temperature and then the 'hydrogen is electrically excited (an electric discharge at high voltage). At this point would be made of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) that generate heat in quantity. The technical Defkalion has, however, stated that his company does not declare that they are never really of nuclear reactions to generate this heat (despite the nuclear reactions would occur). We understand what it does not know. It is probably an attempt to consider the LENR field of physics separated from the "traditional nuclear".
That's it? For now, yes. In fact, those present made ​​it clear that tomorrow there will be the actual presentation, complete with a connection with the United States . The transmission will last at least 6 hours will be in English. There will be presentations much more technical. the appointment is, then, see you tomorrow at 16.00.

July 22, 2013; 17:00 GMT; This Page Announced

  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > LENR > Defkalion >
    Blog: Defkalion's Live Demonstrations & Follow-up - Community-editable tracking of Defkalion Green Technologies' live webcast demonstrations of a reactor in Milan Italy, postponed to July 23, and a live webcast of a reactor at ICCF-18 at the University of Missouri, Columbia Campus. Watch and participate in real time as this news unfolds that either could rock the scientific world or be another dud. (PESWiki; July 22, 2013)

July 22, 2013; 13:30 GMT; Milan Event Over after 1 Hour

The live webcast link, , which was to show the demo for 12 hours, displayed "Event Over". Apparently a 1-hour explantion of the set-up was given, and the demo was postponed to the following day.

If you click on "Archived Posts" you will see (I presume) recordings of the opening explanation.

July 22, 2013; 10:08 AM GMT; Will Last Only 1 Hour

This updated apparead in the comments at

Today’s broadcast will last only one hour, it is not meant to be a validation test, and is meant for the general public.
Tomorrow’s broadcast in English will last 8 hours and will be more technically oriented.

July 22, 2013; In the News

  • Cold Fusion : Defkalion First of Two Planned Demonstrations - The first of two planned live streaming public demonstrations took place today. We were not able to embed the video’s and have provided the links to each one under the photograph. A second demo is scheduled tomorrow. (Revolution-Green; July 22, 2013)
  • Taliban on Sunday (rough translation by Google) - Today from 12 am, the "non-partisan" dr. Federico "skeptics are Taliban" Pedrocchi and Maurizio "are physical Sunday "Melis of" Moebius, the transmission of science Radio24 - Il Sole 24 Ore ", describe streaming (1) the operation of the reactor to cold fusion with Dr.. ing. Franco Cappiello, owner since 2012 of Defkalion Europe Coming Soon. The ing. Dr.. Cappiello is famous for having invented the generator of antimatter that, according to Legambiente, applies to propulsion for road transport and spatial production of heat and power and the destruction of radioactive waste, and others. (OggiScienza; July 22, 2013)

July 21, 2013; Defkalion's Test Protocol

July 21, 2013; Report from the Ground

  • Another 22 slap! - Our agent from Milan, knowledgeable MYSTERY continues to provide important news on the test reactor Ni-H Defkalion (the "clone" of the greek ' E-Cat of Andrea Rossi ) test which will be broadcast tomorrow on July 22 at 12 am (22Passi; July 21, 2013)
    • Today, after 12 has been turned on in order to verify the measurement setup and the streeming; currently the COP is 6.4 continues to grow, you should settle around 7 to 7.2.
    • Tomorrow will be loaded with 5g of powders [we assume very similar to those of the ' E-Cat of Andrea Rossi ].
    • The stream will be live for 2 hours, then turn off the reactor and to rekindle the direct next day, around 16. It will stay lit for more than 8 hours.
    • The setup will be made public during the day tomorrow or at the latest after a few days to attach the test data

July 21, 2013: In the News

  • E-CatWorld: Defkalion Hyperion Demo Thread - We have just a few hours before the commencement of the live demonstration of Defkalion Green Technology’s Hyperion reactor which is to be broadcast via the web from Milan Italy in connection with ICCF-18 conference in Columbia, Missouri. (E-CatWorld; July 21, 2013)
  • New LENR Device could be unveiled at upcoming conferences - The always unreliable Italian news source is reporting that video of low energy nuclear reaction experiments at Defkalion’s laboratories in Milan, Italy, will be broadcast live on Monday July 22, 2013, at this website. (ColdFusion3; July 21, 2013)
  • E-Cat greek streaming here is the guest of today's Defkalion - It was announced that during the presentation tomorrow, from 16 a public test will be carried out aimed at the scientific community that will offer technical details of dull'Hyperion Defkalion. In a very few minutes will start streaming organized by Defkalion. As you know will be offered a test sull'Hyperion, the reactor to cold fusion commonly called the 'E-Cat greek. (; July 21, 2013)

Participating in the event:

  • Marco Ripani, INFN;
  • Maurizio Melis (author of Mr Kilowatt Radio24);
  • Beatrice Montino CICAP (ie the association queen of positions "skeptical");
  • Luke Gamberale, technical Defkalion.

July 20, 2013: In the News

  • LENR :Defkalion Webcast Links - Defalcation, who was Rossi’s original partner, will be holding a live streaming demo of their LENR device on Monday July 22nd. Accoding to Defkalion: Our core work goes beyond standard physics; electrochemistry, plasma physics, astrophysics, volcanism to name (Revolution-Green; July 20, 2013)

July 19, 2013: In the News

  • Defkalion Webcast Links - Thanks to ECW reader Veblin for providing the following links to the Defkalion Webcast that is scheduled to begin on Monday. I thought it would be good to have them in a post for people to refer to and bookmark. Defkalion Upcoming & Live Events Defkalion Europe – Milan Mon Jul 22, 2013... (E-CatWorld; July 19, 2013)

July 18, 2013: In the News

  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > LENR >
    LENR-to-Market Weekly -- July 18, 2013 (updated 7/18; 7:30 am MDT) - Highlights this week include: Defkalion to hold a live, streaming broadcast of a demonstration in Italy on July 22, noon; a year in review; E-Cat Factory Will Supply Its Own Thermal Energy; Nanortech, Inc. launched; the "cold fusion" term has to die; US Navy's LENR patent. (PESN; July 18, 2013)
  • Cold Fusion E-Cat by Defkalion formalized at the end of the month? Rossi has a new competitor (To get Google Translation you have to copy and paste the text from Italian into the Google Translate; because the url option has a pop-up ad that won't close) - Defkalion is expected to announce its product-code-named Hyperion-to late August, during ICCF-18 (International Conference Cold Fusion 18), which will be held July 21 to 27 at the University of Missouri. (International Business Times, Italy; July 18, 2013)
  • Defkalion Hyperion demo to be broadcast online - Defkalion Green Technologies has scheduled two public demonstrations of their Hyperion core reactor next week concurrent with the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion […] (ColdFusionNow; July 18, 2013)
  • Cold Fusion Live, July 22, 2013 the experiment Streaming - Cold Fusion Cold Fusion Live: Monday, July 22, 2013 the 'lab experiment Defkalion Europe, in Milan, will be streamed at 12 am and will be visible to all through Curiosity is huge and not only in Italy is the first time that the machine and the process becomes directly visible to the general public. (Ecologiae; July 18, 2013)

July 17, 2013: In the News

  • Cold Fusion: July 22 live streaming 12 hours - Monday, July 22, 2013 at 12 will be visible online streaming on Triwù, web TV Innovation ( ), a direct from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe, in Milan, where he set up what can be called the experiment most advanced cold fusion. (22Passi; July 17, 2013)
  • The Cold Fusion live streaming - Monday, July 22, at 12, streaming on , cold fusion laboratories of Milan Defkalion Europe. If everything worked, the cold fusion energy revolution would change the everyday life of all of us, and fairly quickly (; July 17, 2013)
  • Defkalion Public Demonstration - Hello Everybody, Next week is the International Conference on Cold Fusion 2013 (ICCF 18) We wanted to participate but do not have the time to go to Missouri. Fortunately www.ColdFusionNow.Org will cover the event on site. (DrBoblog; July 17, 2013)

July 16, 2013: In the News

  • The most recent experiment of cold fusion will be streamed on Triwù. Monday 22 (12:00 pm) - Triwù in collaboration with Moebius , transmission of Radio Science 24, Il Sole 24 Ore., offers direct from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe, in Milan, where you set up what can be called the experiment most advanced cold fusion. (A side of this article you will find some insights drawn from Moebius audio and Smart City, Radio 24). The event will be streamed conducted by Federico Pedrocchi and Maurizio Melis. (; July 16, 2013)
  • Cold Fusion: E-cat of Defkalion officially announced at the end of the month? - While the 'E-cat by Andrea Rossi continues its march with updates from the U.S., the Defkalion seems to be on the starting grid for the market. Technology Greek, in fact, should be officially announced later this month, in the course of '18-ICCF (International Conference Fusion 18 Cold), which will be held July 21 to 27 at the University of Missouri. (; July 16, 2013)

July 15, 2013: In the News

  • Defkalion Demo During ICCF-18 Rumor - I thought people here might be interested in this post by Akira Shirakawa on the vortex-l list. He writes: Akira Shirakawa Mon, 15 Jul 2013 07:16:12 -0700 This is unconfirmed news, but it seems there will be a Defkalion GT demo in Milan, Italy on July 22nd which will be live streamed on... (E-CatWorld; July 15, 2013)


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