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Page first featured January 8, 2010

ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference • Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 29-August 1, 2010


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Featured: John Searl

John Searl to Address the 2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque!!!

"John Searl claims he has the solution to our global energy crisis. What's more, he says he's had it for over 60 years. Regarded by many as The Godfather of free energy science, John Searl believes his magnetic generator, the Searl Effect Generator, can save our planet from environmental disaster. Meet one who is arguably the most controversial inventor of the last hundred years. Learn about the childhood dreams that led to his theorem The Law of the Squares, to the mystery tests of his UFO-like levity discs. See the analysis of Searl Effect technology, investigate today's effort to reconstruct John Searl's contentious generator. So, is he telling the truth? Come, listen? then you decide."

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Speakers and Topics Listing

Speakers/Topics Include:

  • John Searl - SEG Replication .... Past Present & Future
  • Dr. Robyn Benson - Magnetic Resonance Stimulation
  • Steve Haltiwanger MD - LifeWave's Blood Glutathione Patch
  • Warren Starnes - Introducing the Photon-Genius
  • Moray King - Water Electrolyzers and Zero-Point Energy
  • Richard Motzer - Over Unity via the Starship Coil
  • Paul Pantone - Its Time Has Come... The GEET Solution!
  • David Schmidt - From Invention to Market!
  • Greg Volk - Toroids, Vortices, Knots, Topology and Quanta
  • Alex Petty - Aetheric Drive Motor
  • Jack Scholze - "Ace-O-Clubs" Motor
  • Randy Powell - An ExtraOrdinary Application of Vortex Based Mathematics
  • Jamie Buturff - Health & Biological Effects of the Rodin Coil
  • Marko Rodin - The Rodin Solution Overview
  • Joe Blankenship - Purple Plates and Other ExtraOrdinary Technology
  • Steve Bridgers - Y-Pod Morphing Architecture
  • Dan Davidson - Aetheric Science - The Next Frontier

For abstracts check out


If you are a speaker at the conference and would like to post your PowerPoint presentation, let us know. We'd be glad to.

Venue: Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North

"We have selected the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North for the July 29-Aug 1, 2010 conference site! In addition to luxurious accommodations, the hotel has an outstanding staff dedicated to making YOU? the guest? comfortable. I spent an evening there, and was very pleased with the extraordinary service. When making hotel reservations, be sure to mention the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference to get the special room rate ($79) with the complimentary breakfast!"


"Last Chance to Save 25% on Conference PreRegistration Fees? PreRegister Today! \"

"Preregistration for the 2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 29?Aug 1 / Albuquerque, NM) is ongoing. However, in order to receive the 25% discount, members must sign up before April 30, 2010!!! Call (520) 463-1994!

"Download the program pdf at


Call for Papers; Preregistration

On January 03, 2010, event organizer, Steve Elswick wrote:

Moe Joe Cell display at the 2008 conference by Moshe Daniel Block, N.D..
Moe Joe Cell display at the 2008 conference by Moshe Daniel Block, N.D..

Coming to the 2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque New Mexico? July 29-August 1???

SAVE 35% Now! Pre-Register Today!

Preregistration for the 2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 29?Aug 1 / Albuquerque, NM) has begun. However, in order to receive the 35% discount, members must sign up before Jan 31, 2010 and have an active membership through conference time. Negotiations are still ongoing with a hotel to secure a group rate, as well as adequate meeting space.

Those wishing to save and preregister now, please call 520-463-1994 or go to:

Photo from 2009 TeslaTech conference.
Photo from 2009 TeslaTech conference.

Bring the family as well! It is a great time to share your ideas with those you love? who knows, you may be opening a door into their lives you never knew existed! Even if the Conference is not their cup of tea, Albuquerque itself is an interesting place to visit. Old Town is just down the street from the conference and gives you the flavor of the Old West. There?s the famous tramway up Sandia Mountain, and other attractions nearby. You can stay a few extra days and make Albuquerque your hub to explore New Mexico. It?s a great opportunity to expand your personal horizons? just beware of aliens if you travel to Roswell!

Save an additional 5% during the month of January with our Companion Special. Simply pre-register TWO people at once to qualify. It can be yourself and your spouse, family member or a just a friend. Instead of a 35% discount? you will receive a 40% discount on both!

Speaker selection is ongoing ... If you know anyone who would be a good candidate for speaking, have them contact Steve immediately. (520-463-1904), those wishing to be a speaker, please note: a call for papers is now in full gear! Call Steve, 520-463-1904

Last year was a great conference and this one promises to be even better!! See you in July! Bring a friend or two... or three! Thanks


Steve Elswick at 2008 conference
Steve Elswick at 2008 conference


Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
TeslaTech,Inc, 296 East Donna Drive, Queen Valley, AZ 85218
Order Hotline: (520) 463-1994


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