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Events:2011:June 25-26:Teslanet Global Energy Xpo in Vegas

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More info coming about cancellation; May 2, 2011

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James Turner is pulling together an expo, conference, and new show genre to go on tour, featuring the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla -- old and new -- which will include a first-time-ever combination of high-definition 2-D screen with 3-D holographic projection in front of it, in sync with live performers = 4-D.

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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
February 16, 2011

James Turner, CEO of Teslanet Entertainment Network and 10 years an exhibit specialist, is pulling together an expo and show featuring the life and inventions of Nikola Tesla -- old and new -- which will include a first-time-ever combination of high-definition 2-D screen with holographic projection in front of it, in sync with live performers who will interact in real time with the images on the screen and the holographic images, to be held June 24-26 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

There will also be exhibits, lectures, and literature tables during the two-day event, which will be preceded by an awards ceremony, at which the Nikola Tesla Scientific Achievement Gold Medallion will be awarded to honor the achievements of scientific inventors and new energy pioneers globally.

Turner is drawing from top talent for every facet of the show. When I asked him if we should not mention what they are doing to prevent the possibility that someone else might take his 4-D idea and beat him to it, he said that the AV Concepts company that is doing this part of the show are the only ones able to do these effects. Bruce Heyning and his wife, Evonne from Toy Shoppe Systems in Los Angeles, California, have joined the project as executive producers for the show. Bruce has been credited for the technical features utilized for uniforms in the movie Tron and this year's Super Bowl halftime show. He plans to bring to the stage his technical wizardry in the show. Michael Bearden who was the musical director for Michael Jackson's This Is It show, is the top choice Turner is seeking for music director of the show. Michael Wood of SkyFire will be the lead performer and choreographer for the Tesla coil lightning bolts show. William Terbo, the nearest living relative of Tesla, his grand nephew, and founder of the Nikola Tesla Society, Inc., will also be present. They're pitching to Sting to do a live performance. The event is being coordinated by GES (Global Experience Specialists), who in 2010 brought seven of the best face-to-face marketing companies under the GES brand to create the largest single-source provider of exhibition and event services. "I've learned how to plan big then narrow down," said Turner.

The accomplishments of the first half of Nikola Tesla's life have become the foundation of the 20th century, bringing us AC power, induction motors, and radio. But the inventions he produced in the second half of his life were so far ahead of his time that they are only now beginning to emerge into reality and are likely to serve as the foundation for the 21st century. Among his 700 patents, he devised ways to harness radiant energy from the environment through electromagnetic arrangements. He allegedly ran a car on aetheric energy. His Wardenclyffe Tower was meant to be the start of a global system for wireless telecommunications and a national (and later global) system of towers broadcasting power to users as radio waves. Instead of supplying electricity through a current grid system, users would simply "receive" power through antennas on their roofs.

So it is only fitting that the prodigy of free energy, Nikola Tesla, will be the theme of what J.W. McGinnis is calling "The greatest scientific show on Earth." McGinnis is the President of the International Tesla Society, and is involved in the planning of this event.


Official Website

Extravaganza Elements

4-D Tesla Show


High-end, deep budget companies like Mazda have used holographics with HD combined, but no one has ever combined all three mediums. The holographs are like what is shown in Star Wars, but full-size, and are able to interact in real time. "It's like a 3-D movie but without the glasses," said Turner. The 2-D high-definition screen will be 100 feet wide and 26 feet high, with a stage in front that will have 30-40 live actors performing. They're calling it "4-D – The next level of entertainment." This will be the first venue ever. And what better subject to do it with than the Father of the 20th and 21st centuries!

Turner said that the plot of the show has a boy wanting to do a Tesla coil for his science fair. In his quest of how to learn how to build one, he meets various inventors and scientists to provide him with various keys. He goes from the real world, into the holographic, then into the 2-D screen, then back again in the process, leaving the real world with his quest, going into an imaginary world, and coming back with new technology, bringing it to the real world. "We want to take this man and connect him with the next generation of new creative technology seekers," said Turner. The script should be done in 1-2 weeks.

Tesla Medallion Awards Ceremony

The Nikola Tesla Scientific Achievement Gold Medallion were designed by McGinnis and Turner and will be engraved and minted by world renown coil sculpture David Carr from Designs Computed. Maybe I'm biased toward Tesla, but I think the coins have tremendous appeal and could even become a pattern for an actual coin in a new world currency based on precious metals, gold in this instance.



Extreme Free Energy Technology Demos

See also Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies

Cutting Edge Renewable Energy Demos



The various exhibits accompanying the venue will showcase technologies that are now available or soon to be available, which demonstrate how these new clean, affordable energy modalities are not just in people's imagination any more. If you have such a technology, you should consider exhibiting in one of more than a dozen Tesla Tour Zones and themed areas featuring hot products, technologies and solutions such as green technologies, and other emerging markets.





  • Yoshiro Nakamatsu, the prolific and exotic free energy technology developer from Japan, will be the keynote speaker. My friend and New Energy Congress advisor, Chris Patton, has visited Nakamatsu at his home in Japan, and had told me extensively about the many astonishing technologies implemented in his home, including walls that gather energy from the surroundings day and night.
  • Peter Lindemann - Peter Lindemann is one of the world's foremost experts on explaining how radiant energy works. He is a foremost spokesman for Tesla's radiant energy, as well as the follow-up work by EV Gray and Moray.
  • Nassim Haramein from the Resonance Project, will be talking about "Crossing The Event Horizon"
  • J.W. McGinnes
  • Sterling D. Allan – the best extreme free energy technologies, in process of emerging.
  • Jeff Behary – Tesla museum
  • Bob Boyce - Hydroxy expert, as well as toroid coil.
  • Eddie Sines


Image:110227 Teslanet Entertainment Network team 600.jpg
The Teslanet team on February 26, 2011 following training.


After the debut show in Vegas, Turner plans for the Telsa Expo to go on tour of various cities around the world -- like rock stars -- and sees income opportunities for managers to help secure exhibitors and sponsors in the various places they go, including this first one.



In the News


Tesla Entertainment Network
4508 Atlantic Ave. #194
Long Beach, CA 90807

James Turner
Teslanet, CEO
562 313-3254

Carmen Johnson
Teslanet, COO
714 658-7014

J.W. McGinnis
Guest Host
719 505-3859

Sterling D. Allan, Technology
New Energy Congress, CEO

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