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Hydro Power News

As of Nov. 2009, we've started compiling all Hydro-related news here.



  • Water > Hydro > Ocean Wave Energy >
    Searaser aquatic power generator takes to the sea - The Searaser system, unlike other wave power technologies, does not generate the electricity in the hostile environment of the ocean but rather pumps saltwater to an onshore generator. "Water and electricity don't mix -- and sea water is particularly corrosive -- so most other devices are very expensive to manufacture and maintain." (Energy Daily; January 23, 2012)


  • Hydro > Wave > Buoys >
    Intentium: Wave Power Development - Intentium AS is a Norwegian based wave power developing company whose concept differs from most other buoy absorbers, with a new focus on the dominant wave direction and wave crest length. The patented concept has a relatively wide float stabilized up against the dominating wave direction, combined with a double acting pump and a buoyancy controlled water anchor. ([Website]; July, 2011)
  • Hydro > Tidal >
    Minesto Kite to Harness Tidal Energy - The underwater kite by Minesto move 10 times faster than the tidal flow at any given time. Speed and energy have a cubic relationship, whereby a kite moving 10 times the speed of the surrounding water yields 1,000 times the energy of the flow on the kites. (Forbidden Knowledge / YouTube; December 2009)
  • Featured: Events > COFE >
    4th International Conference on Future Energy (COFE) - Upcoming SPESIF conference at the University of Maryland on March 15-17, 2011 includes plenary session organized by Tom Valone. Topics include: emerging energy, field propulsion, fission & fusion, space tech, energy medicine, tidal, hydrogen, solar power, magnetic motor, zero-point energy, space power, astrosociology, space settlement topics. (PESWiki; February 6, 2011)


  • Hydro > Wave > Buoys >
    Rock n Roll wave energy device - A patent pending mechanical device by T. Sampath Kumar convert energy from the waves into electricity via two buoys with a pivoting arm between them that it turned into rotational force with a flywheel to even out the input. The waves can come from any direction. The device can be positioned near shore and in the deep seas. (; 2010)
  • Hydrokinetic > Run-of-the-River >
    Turbines Could Tap the Mississippi's Power - Tens of thousands of turbines anchored to the bottom of the Mississippi River could someday provide more than a gigawatt of renewable energy, enough to power a quarter of a million homes. That's the vision of Free Flow Power, a startup based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. (MIT Technology Review; Nov. 5, 2010)
  • Hydro > Tide >
    New horizontal design for harnessing tidal energy - A new company, Kepler Energy Ltd., has been formed to develop a tidal turbine which has the potential to harness tidal energy more efficiently and cheaply, using a device which is simpler, more robust and more scaleable than current designs. The turbine is the result of research at Oxford University's Department of Engineering and thermofluids laboratory. (PhysOrg; Oct. 26, 2010)
  • Hydro > Tidal > Largest >
    Largest tidal power device unveiled - A device thought to be the largest tidal turbine of its type to be built in the world has been described by its developer as "simple and robust". The AK1000 by Atlantis Resources stands 22.5m (73ft) tall and weighs 1,300 tonnes and is capable of generating 1 megawatt. Its blades, turning at six to eight revolutions per minute pose no threat to marine life. (BBC; Aug. 12 2010)
  • Water > Hydro > Wave > Buoys >
    Mechanical transfer of wave energy to shore via steel cable - Wave Energy Co proposes a simple and inexpensive method for transferring mechanical wave energy to shore. "Using a simple underwater teeter-totter and a 1/8 inch steel cable coming to shore, we were able to cause a 170 pound weight on shore to bob up and down with each sea wave" with materials cost of less than $2000. (
  • Top 100 / Feature: Hydro > Ocean Wave > Buoys >
    Spindrift Hydrokinetic Energy Device - This ocean wave harnessing technology takes advantage of the difference between wave height on the surface versus water stability deeper down. It is a buoy system that locates the alternator in the surface buoy, with a turbine down deep, by which water is accelerated via a venture shape through which the water flows. (PESWiki; Sept. 13, 2010)
  • Biomimicry >
    Design Inspiration from Nature – Biomimicry for a Better Planet - From buildings and bridges to materials and medicine – examining the design of nature has aided in the development of almost every aspect of our lives, and most of us – often without realizing – benefit from these inspired revelations several times a day. A overview, including energy applications. (Inhabitat; July 16, 2010)
  • Hydro / Cold Fusion / Magazines > Infinite Energy Magazine >
    Infinite Energy: Issue 91: The Power of Water - A Heuristic Approach to the Particle Physics Implicit in Theosophical “Occult Chemistry” • ACS Session Summary • A Cold Fusion Fable • Hydroelectric Water Turbine Explosion in Russia • The Pivotal Point of the Science of Physics • Appearance of Potassium in a Li-S Matrix • A Model of Gravity by Stubbs • The Wave Structure of the Electric Field • Hydrogen Bonds at the Bottom of a Waterfall • Ether Space-Time & Cosmology • Eclectic Observer (May/June 2010)
  • Top 100: Hydro > Wave >
    Huge swell sinks wave energy generator - A 170-tonne wave energy generator which was launched off the New South Wales south coast in March, has sunk in rough seas. Breaking free from its pylons on Friday afternoon it sank on Saturday. Early efforts to tow the barge to safety were abandoned due to rough conditions. Attempts to retrieve the barge will be made this week. (ABC; AU; May 17, 2010) (Thanks Tedd)
  • Hydro > Tidal >
    Underwater Ocean kites to harvest tidal energy - A Swedish startup has acquired funding for beginning scale model trials of underwater kites, which would be secured to a turbine to harness tidal energy for power, allegedly at 10 times the speed of the actual tidal current. With a 12-meter wingspan on the kite, the company says one unit could harvest 500 kilowatts while it's operational. (Good; May 13, 2010)
  • Secondary Oscillations / Water > Pumps >
    Matos de Matos Pendulum Hydro Pump - Angolan inventor proposes to use the swinging motion of a heavy pendulum to cause cylinders and pistons in the supporting legs to provide pumping action with relatively low energy input to keep the pendulum swinging. (Blogspot; May 6, 2010) SDA Comment: The Milkovic design is probably better suited, creating less of a dampening action of the pendulum swing.
  • Wave > Buoys // Wind > Offshore > Floating >
    Poseidon: A Power Plant for Wind and Waves - A Danish company says it has designed a platform that can house wind turbines as well as harvest energy from the surrounding waves, having built a small prototype. They are in the midst of completing a larger one, and ultimately hope to build a commercial version that will sport three 1.5-megawatt to 2-megawatt wind turbines or a single 5-megawatt turbine. (Green Tech Media; Apr. 26, 2010)
  • Hydro > Tidal >
    Re-Purposing the Netherlands' Dike System for Power Generation - The Dutch system of dikes, sluices, surge barriers, and dams has been dubbed 'one of the seven wonders of the modern world' by the American Society of Engineers. Now there are proposals to use the system differently, e.g. as tidal power plants, by punching holes in them. (NRC Handelsblad; Apr. 21, 2010)
  • Hydro > Wave > Propulsion >
    Homemade wave-powered boat to cross Atlantic - Gus,a traveler and adventurer, is sharing in his blog the device he will use in his homemade boat to cross the Atlantic. This device uses fins to convert the vertical motion of the waves into horizontal propulsion. Gus thinks he'll be able to achieve speeds of 10 knots or more. (See also is donations page description)
  • Hydro > Ocean Wave > Buoys >
    America’s First Wave Power Farm Coming to Oregon Coast - Each buoy will measure about 150 feet tall by 40 feet wide and weigh in at about 200 tons. A float on each craft rises and falls with the rolling of the waves, driving an attached plunger’s up-and-down movement. A hydraulic pump then converts that movement into a spinning motion, which drives an electric generator. (Inhabitat; Feb. 23, 2010)


  • Hydro > Wave > Buoys > Ocean Power Technologies, Inc >
    Oregon Wave Project Under Way - A project to build the US' first wave power station off the coast of Oregon is finally moving forward. Ocean Power Technologies signed a contract with Oregon Iron Works to start building 10 buoys, the first one to be deployed in a year to test the capabilities of the buoys before going forward with a 200-buoy project. (EcoGeek; Dec. 4, 2009)
  • Wave >
    Oyster - the world's largest working hydro-electric wave energy device - Aquamarine Power has launched the world’s largest working hydro-electric wave energy device in Scotland. Per its mode of action, the near-shore "oyster" produces power by pumping high pressure water to its onshore hydro-electric turbine which feeds into the national grid. A potential farm of 20 Oysters provide enough energy to power 9,000 three bedroom family home.s (GizMag; November 26, 2009)
  • Hydro > Tidal > Atlantis >
    Atlantis To Test World's Biggest Tidal Turbine - Atlantis Resources Corp is to test the world's biggest tidal turbine in the rough waters off the Orkney Islands next year in preparation for Scotland's plan to use ocean energy for half a million homes by 2020. The AK-1000 turbine has rotors that are 18 meters in diameter, the height of five storey building and has a capacity of 1 megawatt. (Planet Ark; Dec. 1, 2009)
  • Mixing Sea and River Water >
    Osmotic Power Plant Set To Open - Norway has announced the opening of the world’s first osmotic power plant, due to begin operations on November 24, 2009. This prototype plant by Statkraft will demonstrate the potential commercial feasibility of the technology the uses the differential between the incoming fresh water and the salt water to cause water to climb against an osmotic gradiant then turn a turbine.. (Alt Energy News; Nov. 4, 2009)
  • Mandates driving surge to the river for hydropower - There is mounting political pressure to get more energy from alternative sources and developers are pushing ambitious projects to exploit America's biggest rivers for power. Jeff Hawk, spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Pittsburgh district said; "We've seen a spurt of applications; we're busier now than ever." (PhysOrg; Dec. 1, 2008)

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