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A listing of news sources that report on clean energy developments.


PES Network Sites

  • - Stories, more rough and tumble than PESN, but not as much as Free Energy Blog.
  • Free Energy Now™ - Weekly 1-hour live interview with inventors and company executives of leading energy technologies.
  • Featured: News > PES Network, Inc. >
    Free Energy News on Twitter - We at PES Network finally have a Twitter feed, where we'll post our features, along with hot news from other sources, as well as interesting developments in the raw. Try it out. (Aug. 14, 2009)

Other Free Energy News Coverage

  • ZPEnergy - Zero Point Energy emphasis.
  • (Russian) - Slogan: "Free Energy in Every Home"
  • - Daily smattering of cutting-edge energy news and other 'pushing-the-envelope' developments.
  • - "A web portal for the ecology and for revelations about environmental war on the environment such as HAARP-chemtrails, Fukushima global nuclear false flag, and depleted uranium weapons."
  • - Daily Energy News, pulling from energy feeds, Discussion Replications Links Videos Free Energy Systems Conventional Energy Solar Windcraft Other

Renewable Energy News

  • - News aggregating service established by Alex Ramon, covers conventional renewable energy developments in the fields of Biodiesel, Geothermal, Hybrid Cars, Hydrogen, Nuclear, Pedal Power, Solar, Tidal, Wind. Volume: dozen+ per day. (Launched Jan. 2006)
  • Alternative Energy News by IDP Group - Aggregates alternative energy news from feeds around the planet. The Internet Product Development Group, Inc. (IPD Group) provides Internet data mining and search services to organizations and professional users who need current news about specific topics.
  • Alternative Energy Technology from NewsVine - Green news source feed allows link items to be submitted.
  • Energy Planet - A visual and interactive web directory of information resources about renewable energy technology.
  • pv magazine - photovoltaic news site - pv magazine - A monthly trade journal for the international photovoltaics (PV) industry. Covers the latest news, as well as topical technological trends and worldwide market developments.
  • Cheaper Greener Energy UK - A blog bringing you information on cheaper and greener energy in the UK. Offers information on energy providers, green electricity and dual energy.
  • Endependence
  • - Daily blog and news site about renewable energy.
  • - covers hydrogen, fuel cells, solar, bioenergy, geothermal, wind, hydro, conservation, cogeneration
  • EnergyRefuge(.com) Blog - Environmental and alternative energy blog, featuring mainstream alternative energy news.
  • Greener World Media Network - Aims to provide clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that supports profitable business practices.
  • Grist Environmental News and Commentary.
  • Industrial Power Generation Blog - "We're interested in just about every facet of power generation: Coal-burning to green power; the political aspects of the world's largest industry; industrial generator repair; news and current events."
  • Reducing Energy Blog
  • - The new "social bookmarking" site is designed for the renewable energy community, especially professionals and academics. All the content is submitted, rated, and shared by its users. We believe that the more discussion there is on renewables, the better it is for the industry.
  • Eco 20/20 - Eco20/20 hopes to lead the way with providing safe, clean, environmentally friendly alternative-renewable energy articles, videos and products.
  • Solar >
    Solar Power Blog - Hot news and articles related to solar energy. "We try to agitate people to use power of sun in all spheres of their life."

Other Mainstream Energy News

  • - "The news source for the global energy industry . . . keeps executives and key decision makers informed of the latest news and developments in the energy industry".
  • Energy Business Review - Energy Business Review is a one-stop resource for latest energy industry news and developments. Its network serves the sectors like oil & gas, solar, wind, nuclear, hydro and carbon.

Other Cool News


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