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Byron New Energy participant posts a method for harnessing radio frequency energy. The eventual objective would be to discriminate ambient space energy versus man-made radio waves, and to adequately amplify the energy to useful levels.



Rectifier picture
Rectifier picture
Voltage picture
Voltage picture

From Byron New Energy

Here's a project sent in by one of our members. It's amazingly simple.

Make a 300' antenna constructed out of THHN #12 wire about 14' above the ground. Connect one end of this feed of the Antenna down into a four 1N4007 diodes and built a full wave recitifier. (see circuit diagram below). Connect up the antenna feed to the a/c side of the rectifier and the an Earth ground (15' horizontal pipe buried 6') to the other side of the AC input of the recifier. On the dc side (Pos & Neg) of the recifier, connect up to 2, 330 volt, 25uF, AC capacitors (Can type). Check the a/c voltage on the antenna antenna which should be in the region of a standing voltage of 20 - 21 volts a/c continually.

You should be able to continually collect or charge the capacitors to the standing voltage and above i.e. 300 volts. (see movie]) (youtube: ambient energy collection device.

You should be able to discharge the capacitors, displaying quite an arc, so the current level is high. The key to this circuit is the full wave bridge and not to large capacitors.

Apparently, this one works every time, provided one has a voltage on the antenna.

Wow! How simple is this!

Further experimentation may be to coil the wire to make it more practical and also place it higher off of the ground.


Ok, the 300' of #12 THHN is what I had around, so use I it. I had tried #16 and it worked from a while but broke in two in time. The #12 has worked out very well due to the weather we have here i.e. Snow, high wind at time, etc. Also the larger diameter helped with the standing voltage on the antenna (20 volts AC).

I do not feel that the device is receiving static charge, but RF (radio frequency) energy. Also as far as power I have been able to draw a 1/4" - 3/8" arc when shorting the caps. There is power in the current setup, but really needs additional work to improve it.

One option I am going to try is to make a air coil out of the wire and elevate it 20' - 30' . If i did the math correctly the coil antenna should be about 6' in length. Planned on using 4" diameter PVC pipe to wrap the coil on. Picture a T section with 3' of pipe on each side of the T. The long leg of the T would be the mast. The mast was also going to be made out of the same stock. The larger section of the mast will allow for more stability. Another option is that this concept could be rotated for tuning purposes.


  • 1x 300feet of THHN #12 Copper Wire
  • 4x 1n4007 diodes
  • 2x 330volt AC 25uF motor capacitor
  • 1x 9feet steel rod

Comments Forum

Misc. Tips

On November 23, 2006, Pese wrote:

"...I built one, saw very small voltage and no current with a 200' antenna.

I also remove the tops from metal power transistor, same deal.. On them I have fair voltage but again no current.

You can build on, but I was very disappointed...."

"chose smaller on condensors

like 1-5 uF (mF) 500-2000V polyester mylar condensor (blocs) like they are used. also old metal-paper condensors can be used. do NOT use electrolydt condensors , because the leackage is tOO high

TV-Sets. That wil be "store" the voltages for short use the currents .

if so "higher" the antenna , so higher the voltage.

i will look to find out some lists and pictures GDP"

NEC Remarks

It's RF Energy Coming from Radio Stations

On Dec. 15, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Ken Rauen wrote:

This is RF energy coming from radio stations, powered by fossil fuels. It is not naturally occurring!

Objective is to discriminate ambient space energy

On Dec. 17, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Robert A. Patterson wrote:

It is only manmade RF energy if the antenna and tuning systems are designed to intercept manmade radio broadcast energy, however it is quit another matter to design an antenna technology that discriminates between ambient space energy, e.g. photon or microwave energy and that of manmade RF broadcast.

What this means is there is a distinct difference between the ambient EM spectrum of space and that of manmade RF broadcasted energy, in other words all we are doing is imitating the EM spectrum. In the case of ambient EM spectrum the stars are the imputes that pump energy into the spectrum and because this energy is a frequency based energy form, an antenna comprising selective design parameters is the only means of tapping into the environmental stores of energy.

Tapping into the ambient spectrum of energy is no different than drilling into the ground for oil or taping into geothermal pockets, you still require the proper equipment e.g. drilling rig, refinery and all of the appropriate infrastructure to process the crude into a useable form.

Tapping into the ambient EM spectrum must also have the appropriate infrastructure and undergo processing in a similar fashion to crude oil. What this means is that for manmade RF or ambient energy to be used as an alternative energy source the primary energy must be treated and processed (converted) into a higher level of energy via chain reaction prior to consumption e.g. doing useful work.

Tapping directly into the source energy and asking it to do useful work prior to the appropriate processing (conversion) chain reaction is not only incorrect but it is an incomplete energy process, as well as an incomplete mechanical process i.e. tapping directly into a primary energy source without proper energy form processing e.g. RF converted into its magnetic counterpart then the magnetic component converted into high voltage then the HV converted to do useful work.

YouTube Video

As of 2007/12/06 this video was not available supposedly 'Due to Terms of Use Violations'... As of 2011/7/26 Link displayed "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

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