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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
February 7, 2011

Nick Kovacevic (36nick4truth) of Wisconsin has combined two free energy approaches. He uses a Bedini coil to pulse the pendulum of a Milkovic 2 stage mechanical oscillator as a way to introduce torque to the Bedini set-up, which usually lacks torque. He's open to suggestions about how to harness a net energy gain.

Bedini Coil Background

Back in 2005, we (PES) launched the Bedini School Girl (SG) motor open source project. It's called "school girl" because of its simplicity. The device is purportedly able to harness inexhaustible radiant energy from the environment. I got the plans after traveling to visit John Bedini and Peter Lindemann up in Idaho. I was the first to build the device, and my mother-in-law was the second. Though I wasn't able to clearly prove more energy coming out than was put into the system, thousands have replicated/built the device or variants since then; and some claim to have achieved clear overunity.

Rick Friedrich became a leader of such a group, and he ended up working for Bedini and has helped organize the Bedini conferences that have featured products and research along these lines. The most recent conference in November, 2010 saw an overflow, international crowd with a high interest in the technologies discussed and demonstrated. The next conference in July 2011. The unspoken promise is that eventually, working, commercial overunity devices of increasing quality and capability will emerge.

Milkovic Oscillator Background

In April of 2007, we began a feature page on Serbian inventor, Veljko Milković, who alleges that secondary lever oscillations exhibit more energy than the input energy supplied to the primary pendulum motion. We've posted regular updates of that phenomenon.

In August of 2010, a commercial variation of this was announced by the Gravitational Energy Corporation of Ohio, USA. Their Feltenberger Pendulum Pump, is a commercially available device that is manually operated and uses "gravity-assisted power" (GAP), coupled to a piston pump, capable of pumping and filtering 1,000 gallons of clean drinking water per hour. It is human-powered, with no fuel required, and little fatigue to the operator – like pushing a child on a swing. (I see they have a new video released February 2, 2011, and are ready for an update story, announcing a power plant variation of their technology. I'll be doing an update report on this hopefully in the next couple of days at

Bedini-Milkovic Hybrid by Nick Kovacevic

Here's the video that 36nick4truth posted today (February 7, 2011), showing his work so far in combining the Bedini coil and Milkovic pendulum effects:

It's too early to tell whether he is achieving excess energy harvesting in this configuration, but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention, given the reputation that Bedini and Milkovic have achieved, and the resulting promise that a combination of their technologies could hold.

PESWiki is a publicly editable page, so feel free to update this page (or create sub-pages) with plans, replications, data, characterization, improvements, and eventually commercial versions of this approach.


Official Websites

We offer this PESWiki page as the home page for this Bedini-Milkovic hybrid project, suggesting that sub-pages be named [[Bedini-Milkovic_Hybrid:…]]


Quoting from the description by 36nick4truth at

The Bedini coil pushes on the pendulum of the Milkovic 2 stage mechanical oscillator. The Bedini coil was first used on a "standard" Bedini setup. It was found to start very easily which lead me to think this might work. We have apparently combined two so called free energy devices. The coil is 20awg & 21awg approx 1200 turns 400ohms added resistance on the trigger coil, solid bar iron core. I am running the SSG circuit, the one that's red and blue illustrated when you Google Bedini diagram/images. Pendulum 22lbs, front counter weight 4.4lbs


list here


  • "Milkovic/Bedini two stage oscillator" (YouTube / 50LbHeat; march 3, 2011)

In the News

  • Featured / OS: Radiant Energy > Bedini SG / Gravity Motors > Milkovic >
    Bedini-powered Milkovic two-stage oscillator - Nick Kovacevic has thought to combine two approaches. He uses a Bedini coil to pulse the pendulum of a Milkovic two-stage mechanical oscillator as a way to introduce torque to the Bedini set-up, which usually lacks torque. He's open to suggestions about how to harness a net energy gain. (PESWiki and BeforeItsNews; February 7, 2011)


  • - A discussion list for the Bedini-Milkovic Hybrid open source project, to share plans, replications, data, characterization, improvements, and eventually come up with commercial versions of this approach. (Commenced February 7, 2011)


Feel free to view post comments further below. Here are some that came in by other means.

Did This in 2007; Good Idea

On February 07, 2011 9:44 PM MST; Rick Friedrich wrote:

Yes, I did this in 2007. It is interesting to explore. I'm glad someone finally took me up on it.

I May Be On to Something

On February 08, 2011 6:01 AM MST; Nick Kovacevic wrote:

I was reading your article about my experiment and I realized this could be the solution to the apparent weaknesses of both of these technologies, I think your right: combining them could be big. Hybrid technologies make 100 year old technologies look good. Hybrid free energy tech?? lets think about a theoretical question. I've heard Bedini say up 18 to 1 power output and Milkovic say up to 12 to 1 then combining the two would give you a theoretical output limit of 216 to 1. Over-unity Hybrids. This could be the start of something.

Idea for Harnessing Power

On Monday, February 07, 2011 2:29 PM MST, Zane from Melbourne wrote:

Dear Sterling,

I possibly have a cheap way for many to harness the power. I have done a quick drawing. It has it limitations but should work with reasonable ease and low cost.

I have a push-pull bike that works like this without the rotary pedaling


PS we had 200mm of rain in 2 hours on the weekend, it was quite interesting witnessing the flash flooding everywhere.


Nick Kovacevic
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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