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OS:Doug Konzen (Konehead) on Self-Looped Generators

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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
December 5, 2012

Douglas L. Konzen (goes by Konehead in the forums) is a respected researcher in the world of exotic free energy.

In response to the story I posted yesterday about OS:Motor-Alternator Self-Looped System by Joe Tomicki, which most likely turns out to be bogus, someone sent me the following by email:

If you want a looper that works, why don’t you talk to Doug.
I know he knows how to loop and I know he knows how to build a unit that can power a home. (doesn’t mean that it is easy or cheap to build)
(And I know he’s been screwed around by lots of jackasses, bad contracts, broken promises and money that didn’t show up.)

I sent that to Doug, who then replied with the following. (Note: This info is aimed towards the gearheads out there who are deep into the electronics tinkering subjects. Maybe this might help you get some of the answers you've been looking for. I've done a little editing, and added some hyperlinks.)

Hi Sterling

Yes I know HOW...but I do not have any "motor-generator" looper in my possession. But [I] do have some test-models...

What you need is a generator that doesn't slow [down] when it makes power, in fact, one that SPEEDS UP when it makes power is even better [than one that just self-sustains].


For the output, put it into CAPS ONLY.

Only CAPS hit resistive load.   CAPS will be DISCONNECTED from coils/phases that feed them, whenever CAPS do hit load! THAT SIMPLE.

The generator coils NEVER see a load, they only fill caps, and caps are only thing that ever hits the load.

DO NOT do a "lump resistive load" on the power output - put the resistive load ONLY ON THE CAP DISCHARGE OUTPUT.

This is called a "TWO-STAGE" output....ISMAEL DOES fact, HE MUST, since if he puts the resistive load on the caps as they fill, everything will be snuffed put resistive load on caps AFTER THEY FILL - and DISCONNECT CAPS FROM "SOURCE"" WHEN THEY FILL.

OR,  split-up the output into two halves - the pos phases going into CAP A and neg phases going into CAP B and CAP A discharges when CAP B fills and vice versa. This is called a DIODE PLUG OUTPUT - it is also in category of a two-stage output, too.

Look at the circuit in the diagram below. This is a very important thing for everyone to know, because when you have engineers who put "lump resistive load" all the time on output, it KILLS any overunity effects in the FILLING OF THE let the caps fill UNLOADED.


LOOK at the third circuit in the link [directly] above, for a "two stage" output circuit...the first circuit is something to find sine wave peaks, the 2nd circuit is a coil-shorting at peak circuit that also has pulse width adjust, too.

Here is simple shorting-coils-at-peaks circuit - this shows how TO FILL caps:

LOOK at the diode-plug circuit in the diagram above. This should make perfect logical sense to you, and anyone else, if you follow the circuit. Note that the generator coil only FILLS CAPS. That's all it does. It NEVER sees the load. This eliminates Lenz-law lugging to a generator, for example, whenever a load is put on the system. THE ONLY lugging will occur when CAPS FILL UP...So fill caps via a method that does not lug the system when filling caps!!

One method is to SHORT COILS AT PEAKS, which fills up caps so fast you wouldn't believe, and outputting caps to load is simple as pie. Just use the two-stage or "diode plug" circuit. Another method to fill caps without lugging is the ROPMEROUK type Muller generator with magnets behind coil-cores. Another is the THANE type generators.

My website:

Have some fun, eh, on that radio show - "lump resistive load" without any sort of two-stage or diode plug cap-discharge output is how they HIDE OU! Whether intentionally or not...

[Remember that] Eugene Mallove was murdered the day after he was on Coast to Coast, so don't mention anything that might upset them, whoever they might be.


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    Doug Konzen (Konehead) on Self-Looped Generators - "Yes, I know HOW...but I do not have any "motor-generator" looper in my possession. But [I] do have some test-models... What you need is a generator that doesn't slow [down] when it makes power, in fact, one that SPEEDS UP when it makes power is even better [than one that just self-sustains]. (PESWiki; December 5, 2012)


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