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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 14, 2012

In November of 2009 we published a story:

"A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. What makes this remarkable is that the energy is not drawn from the wall but from the environment somehow. He's done this around 35 times now and knows of three replications of the effect by others."

Back then, he was going by his YouTube username: watkykjy1; but now he's okay with letting his name and intentions be known.

Johan wants to open source a version of this technology that doesn't impinge on Bob Boyce's circuit.

Johan had obtained one of Bob's hex controllers for electrolysis. But Johan got the idea of using it instead to recharge a battery, and it worked, with some modifications and programming.

Two years ago when we ran this story, we launched a private discussion group with the expectation that Bob would share his knowledge and permission with that group to replicate and improve on the phenomenon Johan had developed. But Bob never followed through on that, and the group has been dormant.

Also, Johan had some tough family issues come up that preoccupied him until recently; so the entire project has basically lain dormant, with no additional replications that we know of.

I was able to meet Johan in person this past February 10 when I visited the South African Fuel Free Generator in Johannesburg (which is immersed in alpha testing, by the way, making progress). He was one of three people who joined the PES contingent to observe that technology. He's a very intelligent and likeable person that I've been communicating with occasionally, ever since we ran that story about his accomplishment two+ years ago.

For him, watching the S. African generator made total sense and was completely consistent with what he personally had done many times, though his was solid state and not nearly as much power.

Motivated by what he saw that day, Johan told me that despite how busy he was in his job that he was going to have to pull his stuff out of boxes and start working on it again.

Then, this past Monday night, Johan sent me a private video he had shot with his phone, to test out its image quality, not with the intention of filming a convincing demonstration. He showed a battery being drained as it ran a window wiper motor, but when he connected up his circuit, the voltage on the battery began climbing as the battery was being recharged, in part from the back EMF from the motor, even though nothing else was hooked up to the circuit. The rotation speed of the motor can also be heard increasing proportional to the increasing voltage of the battery, as well as the increase in frequency that he was playing with at the time. His circuit enabled the battery to power the motor, even as the circuit recharged the battery from ambient energy from the environment somehow, with no plug.

That's pretty incredible.

I don't have to tell you to imagine that scaled up, in which the batteries in your electric vehicle would INCREASE in charge as you drive down the road, rather than DECREASE. Of course for it to be practical, you'd need a way to stop the charging process at a certain point so the batteries don't explode from being overcharged, but that's just a simple control circuit issue.

As for those who might be wondering if this effect is coming at cost of the battery being damaged, Johan told me that this is the same battery he was using two years ago for his girl's electric vehicle toy. He said:

"The battery I used in that little video is the exact same battery as I've used for my daughter's play toy, charging, discharging, etc etc... and even after draining it, it still accepts a charge and keeps it as well. So in my experiments thus far, I am not harming the battery after continuous use."

Roll-out Plan

Please be patient as this emerges.

Johan has a very demanding day job as a Technical Architect that he has to keep satisfied in order to make two mortgages, etc. He doesn't have much spare time or funds.

Though he would like to be able to work on this stuff full-time; until it takes off, he is under the necessity of keeping his day job (which he likes, but he likes this stuff much better).

He is of the view, as I am, that open sourcing can be a great way to get the technology out rapidly to a large number of people who can start up cottage industries in towns all over the world, deploying the technology, creating jobs, making distributed energy available to the people, almost overnight; while benefitting financially from all the people who will do the right thing in paying a royalty for any commercial ventures that arise from the distribution of these plans.

Johan is teaming up with us at PES Network, Inc. to help him with the administration of this open source project. Donations and royalty payments (5% royalty recommended for all commercial ventures, including plans, kits, finished units, licensing, etc.) should be directed to PES, and we will disperse the funds according to our agreement with Johan and others working on the project. At first, Johan will be receiving 80% of the revenue. As the project proceeds and succeeds, with more people being involved in helping out, that ratio will probably be adjusted.

For those among you who are not familiar with the notion of open sourcing a free energy technology, I invite you to review our introductory documents at . They describe the rationale behind it, the various revenue centers that can provide income to the inventor and those working with him.

The sooner we can help Johan refine this technology "to the point that basically anyone smart enough to change a light bulb can built it," as Johan envisions, the sooner we can help the earth along with so many others who will be able to make a living in the various facets involved in rolling this out to the planet.

Here is how we envision this happening:

Step 1: Johan will produce a clear video(s) and have local witnesses attest to the function of his presently-working design based on Bob Boyce model. This one is not the one that will be open sourced, but illustrates what is possible.

Step 2: Johan will come up with a way to use off-the-shelf components in the place of Bob Boyce circuit; and this will be posted openly for others to replicate and begin open sourcing. He is quite sure he already knows how to do this. He just needs the time and money to do it. This step might take about a month and cost possibly around $5k USD.

Step 3: Johan will scale up the solid state technology to work in the low kilowatt range. This will take maybe a couple of months and will cost around $17k USD.

Step 4: The world will no longer be like it is now. The peaceful free energy revolution will have gone viral.


Official Websites


March 26, 2012

  • Featured / OS: Electromagnetic > Solid State > Johan's Charger >
    Johan's Charger Powers Motor While Charging Battery - Johan has posted a couple of videos. One shows two motors being powered while the Hex controller keeps the battery from depleting as rapidly as without, and then recharging the battery once the load is removed. The other shows one motor running while the battery voltage increases, apparently pulling energy from the surroundings, in addition to the back EMF from the motor. (PESWiki; March 26, 2012)

March 19, 2012

March 18, 2012

March 17, 2012

  • Atmega48 chip blew - Johan writes: "I was just busy reprogramming the hex controller, when the Atmega48 chip I was using blew.. This was the code I was going to load now and then make a video about it, so apologies for that, but now it's back to the shop to order (a few more) new chips..."

March 16, 2012

  • progress report Johan wrote by Skype: "tomorrow will be dedicated to testing, making a video and developing a similar circuit to the hex controller"

March 14, 2012

This project commenced.

November 12, 2009

The phenomenon is first announced.


March 26, 2012 Videos

Johan has posted a couple of videos. One shows two motors being powered while the Hex controller keeps the battery from depleting as rapidly as without, and then recharging the battery once the load is removed. The other shows one motor running while the battery voltage increases, apparently pulling energy from the surroundings, in addition to the back EMF from the motor.

(See #Donate link down below, for this open source project.)

Powering Two Motors Using Boyce' Hex Controller

Hex controller still running 3 years later ;)

  • "Just a very short video showing that my hex controller is still running and still charging the battery I used way back in 2009. In this video I run the battery down with two motors, and while having the hex controller connected, I show how it starts charging itself back the moment I remove the motors... Enjoy" (YouTube / watkykjy1; Mar 26, 2012)
  • Back-up at PESNetwork - Received from Johan on March 26, 2012, 11:05 am MST.

Powering One Motor Using Boyce' Hex Controller While Voltage Increases

  • "Received from Johan around March 14, 2012. Shows the modified Hex Controller from Bob Boyce charging a battery, apparently from the surroundings, even as the battery is powering one motor." (YouTube / PESNetwork; Mar 26, 2012)

2009 Four-Part Series

Below is a four-part series from 2009. "It's quite a long watch, because I was showing everything as I did it step by step. Part 4 actually shows the charging."

Battery charging with the hex controller (1 of 4)

- - - -

Battery charging with the hex controller (2 of 4)

- - - -

Battery charging with the hex controller (3 of 4)

- - - -

Battery charging with the hex controller (4 of 4)


Not available yet. The next step is to come up with off-the-shelf circuit components that don't impinge on Bob Boyce's design. For some relevant info, see Directory:Bob Boyce Hex Controller and OS:Bob Boyce Electrolyzer Plans.


list here


list here


list here

In the News




Johan can be reached by email at

Project Coordinator

None yet. Volunteers welcome.

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