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(The reason I'm calling this an "open source" project is because the information seems to have gone public. However, in a spirit of honor, I recommend that any commercial ventures that arise from this open source information should remit a royalty [e.g. 5% of retail price] to the inventor, Tariel Kapanadze of the Georgia Republic.)

Photo from demo in which the Kapagen "box" is powering a 2 kilowatt heater.
Photo from demo in which the Kapagen "box" is powering a 2 kilowatt heater.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 12, 2013

A few nights ago I was talking to an acquaintance, Morrie Cloward on the phone (I had gone to his place to help him sort through some food storage), and he told me about a free energy device he was going to try and replicate.

It's called "Kapagen", and he said he came across it about half a year ago, and at that time he found around seven independent replications of it on YouTube. He couldn't find any clear plans about how to build it, but had cobbled together enough info that he thought he could give it a try when he had enough money to buy the parts.

He said it's maybe 18 inches long by 6 inches wide, solid state, involving windings of coils. "Except for the circuitry, it's something my 15 year old boy could build." And it is shown lighting up a bank of twelve 100-watt bulbs (~1.2 kilowatts).

"When I get it working, I'm going to make an instructional video and send it out to everyone I know," he said.

I knew I had heard of "Kapagen" before, but couldn't place it as I was driving down the road from his place.

When I got home, I did a search of <PESWiki Kapagen> and found this bullet I had put up back in 2010:

  • Feature: Electromagnetic > Kapanadze > Replications >
    Kapagen power output measurements by JL Naudin - Using a luxmeter and calibrating the lumens generated versus the watts required, French replicator, JL Naudin estimates the net output of 14 halogen bulbs to be around 1017 Watts for his 3.3 version replication of the Kapadnaze generator, while the input was measured at 1089 Watts, for a total efficiency of 98%. (JNaudin; July 1, 2010) (Thanks Mark Spowage)

Then, I remembered that "Kapagen" is an abbreviated version for the Kapanadze generator by Tariel Kapanadze of the Georgia Republic. And as far as I know, it's not open source. They are a serious company pursuing the technology, and likely to have an interest in keeping the design.

Also that news bullet above said that JL Naudin's replication was not overunity.

But Morrie did make me curious about what information might be floating around about how to build one of these; and how many replications might have been built and if anyone has achieved something practical with this.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos under a search for "Kapagen". As of the time of this writing, the Overunity YouTube channel has a playlist of 100 videos about Kapanadze free energy devices.

The second video (spoken English) on in the list, appears to be a demonstration of a system, posted (could be a repost by another YouTube channel) August 8, 2012. It shows a see-through box including a coil and what looks like two head-to-head spark plugs rhythmically sparking together.

A resistive load (2000-watt heater) is being powered from that box. The only wire going into the box is connected to ground. They lift the box and the resistive load so that you can see that there are no hidden wires. And they say that the box is capable of producing 2.5 kilowatts.

A commenter to the video asks if they will post their plans, to which the poster replies: "The inventor has a patent and does not share the information. But there is a link to my blog where there is some information."

Their video links to their kapagen page in Spanish (see [Google translation to English) which is populated with videos, photos, instructions, schematics, links; so it seems that this would be a good place to start in trying to get enough info to replicate this device.

If you know of a set of plans that result in a working (preferably practical) device, please let us know so we can pass it on to our audience, with the caveat mentioned at the top of this page, that all commercial roll-outs of this technology should remit a royalty (e.g. 5%) to the inventor.

I asked Stefan Hartmann of what he knew about the status of replicating the Kapagen, and if there are any plans, and he wrote: (slightly edited)

From: "Stefan Hartmann"
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 3:12 PM
Subject: Re: Kapagen?

Hi Sterling.
Well, have a look at these threads:
This is the main thread.
Many have tried, but so far only have stated self-running, but the ones who have it self-running don't yet show it publically...
Jean Louis Naudin also tried it, but failed.
But here are a few fellows who also tried:
Fabrice André is said to have replicated the Kapanadze device.
Here is a thread about it:
Especially, have a look at this video:
And this one with English subtitles:

Hope this helps.
Regards, Stefan.


Kapagen Official Websites

list here

For now, you can consider this PESWiki page a destination of choice for open sourcing this design. It is a publicly editable site (send us a username request if you want one; we had to turn off new user sign-up due to spam).


At, on May 16, 2012, 03:35:09 AM, a user, yfree, wrote me a private message:

I just read two articles by William J. McFreey that appeared in PJKBook on page 3-107:
The articles explain the working principles of Kapanadze devices. It appears that the same working principles apply to Tesla, Hubbard, Meyer, Mark and SR193.
In my opinion, this is a perfect explanation and the only correct explanation. I would even say more, this is the only "overunity" that we can get in our part of the universe. : This "overunity" is called... nuclear energy, no matter how disguised it is.
I thought, you may be interested in this development.

On 2013/3/12 Detollenaere Patrick wrote:

According to a French free energy website a friend of Fabrice André made a copy of his documentation. A friend of that friend made a copy of that copy and put it on the net. I uploaded the file so you guys can download it

And Stefan Hartman then wrote:

Okay, many thanks Patdet,
I have reuploaded it to several other mirrors over here:


List here

Fabrice Andre

See Directory:Fabrice Andre - separate page

Ismael 342

Mentioned above, from Spain. Actually, apparently this video may not be of a replication by the Spanish group, but was a demonstration to them by Kapanadze.


In the News

  • Featured / OS: Electromagnetic > Kapanadze >
    Kapagen Open Source? - A number of researchers around the world have been attempting to replicate Kapanadze's generator. See the video of a device powering a 2 kilowatt heater, as a sampling of the hundreds of videos that have been posted. Do you know where a clear set of plans can be found? All commercial applications should remit a royalty to the inventor. (PESWiki; March 12, 2013)



Tariel Kapanadze of the Georgia Republic
If you know his contact info, please advise, so we can tell people where to send their royalty payments. Thanks.

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