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Viktor Schauberger's Klimator
The Klimator. Please help animate this.
The Klimator. Please help animate this.
"I can generate suctional forces, which act indirectly and are entirely undetectable. No current of air can be noticed; only an almost imperceptible cooling, as occurs when air is sucked in strongly with the back of the hand held in front of the mouth. It is therefore incorrect to say that I have copied the cyclones and typhoons of the tropics."

— Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Magazine, No. 83, p. 17

Viktor Schauberger wrote articles on the Klimator, or, naturalesque air-conditioning in 1945 and 1946.

excerpts from Implosion Magazine, No. 77 written in Leonstein 25:8:1945 - these excerpts are from the Callum Coats book Energy Evolution.

  • "People should send me a few sheets of copper (Cu) (Diamagnetic),
    • brass (cu5 Zn8, Cu9 Al4, Cu3Sn8) (Diamagnetic)
    • or Aluminium (Al) (Paramagnetic), which should be 0.8-1.0mm (0.0315-0.0394 in.) thick.
    • Steel sheet (iron(ferromagnetic)+carbon(diamagnetic) is hard to bend, although it is also very suitable."

"What is a Klimator? It is merely a type of 'dynamo' that generates natural forms of temperature, or more accurately, falling and concentrating heat rays as well as naturally rising and expanding forms of cold. The latter are health-promoting and lethal to bacteria." (ED: copper and aluminum are listed on Wikipedia as being anti-microbial)

Schauberger was keen to follow Nature, where he observed heat collecting in valleys, and colder air the higher up you go on a mountain. In contrast, the usual expectation people have when producing heat by combustion in a house is that heat rises. Conversely, in typical home heating systems, cold air descends and is vented back to the furnace in the basement to be re-heated. This often means that feet feel chilled while the head is warm or too warm. Much greater comfort would result from having warm feet and a cooler head!

"The Klimator essentially consists of three special components and:

  • 1. Is a small, conventional heating element, which is incorporated in the middle of a sort of selenium cell, which is surrounded by a material mass. As in a natural living cell, all major and secondary basic elements are present in an allotropic state. Herein are contained all stocks of allotropic fructigens and seminal substances, oligodynamic (decay-promoting) and catalytic (growth-accelerating), exciting substances.
  • 2. Is a diminutive, but faithful copy of the Earth itself, within which an agitator rotates, which is attached to the end of the vertical shaft. In addition, the Klimator consists of a series of nested, rilled, calyx-like vanes, which are so constructed that the through-flowing masses, such as water and air, can be 'bio-centrifugated'. Through the increase in centripetating and centrifugating velocities, which have hitherto never been achieved anywhere, increases in pressure and suction are produced, which reciprocally amplify each other exponentially. This results in the decomposition of the water and air (much like the lungs breathe in, atomizing air) due to the thorough trituration of the smallest molecules of sediment, leading to the development of a hitherto unknown process of synthesis. This gives rise to two longitudinally oriented types of inward flowing, spiral-like currents, one flowing upwards and the other downwards.
  • 3. A small generator is also incorporated in the Klimator, whose armature is fixed and about which the stator rotates."

This machine first appeared (in 2004) to be the least complicated of Schauberger's machines - but as Schauberger was working on building living machines that would respond to the in-breathed materials and their frequencies and resonate with them due to spinning action of the wavy-plate, the Klimator is a far more complex device than many have laid out (or, to that point, understood). The idea is to get this machine working proving that Schauberger's method of (balance between) implosion(/explosion) is achievable. Following that, we will not be far away from creating small energy modules that sit in the corner of your home. This is a community effort, so please do not hesitate to contribute constructively.



Klimator Overview

The Klimator is one of many machines the Viktor Schauberger created. This particular machine is designed to cool and warm living spaces. It is a metal donut shaped machine that can vary in size from about the size of a fist to 60 cm across(even larger). This

  • contains a variable speed motor motor (4000 ~ 9000 rpm) that is powered by the mains.
  • Within is a rilled shape (wavy-plate), much like in his further invention the Repulsine, which is caused to rotate by the motor.
  • The air is sucked in by this shape (wavy-plate), transformed by the shape's inherent flow (caused by the wavy-plate spinning), and then forced into a pressure chamber, from which it is then released as either warm, or cold air.
  • Additionally, the wavy plates both compress and expand the air, whilst disassociating it.

Klimator Overview from

Translated and clarified by admin

  • Klimator was primarily conceived as a space-heating device, similar design can also be used for cooling purposes.
  • Most important component of the Klimator is the wave-diaphragm (wavy-plate) with air throughput.
  • Directly above the waves-diaphragm (wavy-plate), is a firm mass of minerals and catalyctic substances, this portion is only partially known.
    • Within this mass, "a weak electro-resistance heating"/"a weak electrical resistance heating" gives the necessary impulse warmth.
    • Together with the special movement-formation of the air in the wave diaphragm (wavy-plate), and in the exchange with the surrounding area/room and the reaction mass, a kind of/type of heat reaction apparently results, which seems to be the primary heating source. (Heizquelle)
  • Existence/availability of functioning prototypes: unknown. Must trust completely on Viktor Schauberger's statements.

Coanda connection?

from (energy21):

What if there is a relation between the Klimator's inner wavy-plate mathematics and the Coanda effect which is used within the chassis of this device, with the curves? Klimator was designed to replicate nature - and Coanda seems to have been working at replicating nature also.

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