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To those of you who have a 'free energy' technology project that is presently being open sourced, or that you would like to open source.

We (Pure Energy Systems) have exciting news for you.

We now have this wiki up and running where you can actually build and maintain your own OS site with the help of those in your project. An "edit" button that appears on each page enables you and others to update, repair, clarify and add relevant content. Adding new pages is easy.

What we ask of you as the inventor or technology originator is to:

  1. Review and agree to the terms of service, which basically amount to you certifying that to the best of your due diligence knowledge, there are no encumbrances on the technology, and that once you open source, you will not revoke your permission to open source, and that all users take their own liability for any problems they might have or injuries they might incur in the process of replicating the designs presented. The main ramification to you as an inventor is that you agree to not file for patent on your design, but to leave the technology in the public domain. If you already have a patent, then you agree to sign a waiver of rights. Otherwise it is not appropriate for an open source project. You also agree to give as complete information sufficient to enable others to build a working device based on your instructions.
  2. Use our file naming guidelines to keep the site organized.
  3. Be respectable in how you present your material.

As a sample of someone who has a project and has used this PESWiki infrastructure to build an open source site for his project, take a look at Richard Timko's project on a magnetic motor with articulating superconductor shielding

The PESWiki > OS site is designed to compliment what we are doing at , enabling it to progress on a more broad scale. Before, if content appeared on the site it was because one person was putting there. The project's web presence depended on mainly one person. Now all the project participants can help build the site to go along with their discussion group.

PESWiki uses mediawiki software (open source), which is the same used and developed by Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedia - built by input, large and small, from millions of contributors world wide, with hundreds of dedicated volunteer participants actively building and monitoring its development. As you may recall, back in December 2003, we tried to use Wikipedia's service for our 'free energy' listings, but they deleted them because they are not "tried science." So now we have or own website (, where we can pursue 'free energy' to our heart's content.

While you are at the site, you will notice that there are many other departments besides the open sourcing. We have an encyclopedia, a directory of topics, nascent academy, and other features to help support the free energy community.

Please note also that we have a format briefing document that gives you a list of editing tools at a glance. You will want to bookmark that or even have it open in one browser while working in another browser to post content.

I also recommend that you keep a copy of your content on your own computer so that it is easy to restore it. PESWiki has a "page history" feature that enables you to restore an earlier version.

The Help link on the site should help you resolve most questions, but if you get stumped, feel free to drop me a line.


Sterling D. Allan
Executive Director

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