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Peterman Magnet Motor Open Source Project

Brad Peterman has been working on a magnet motor design via computer modeling. He says that a crude prototype he built ran for 5 1/2 minutes. He says that he has been working on precision blueprints for the past six months and is now ready to take it to a machine shop. Seeks donations to cover prototype expenses. Says he will open source the design if the prototype proves successful.




See: Latest (last updated Jan. 22, 2005)

Jan. 10, 2006 -- Initial Announcement

The following was posted to the HJ_Motor discussion list, a public list for individuals pursuing replication of the Howard Johnson magnet motor or variants thereof. (lightly edited)

From: brad peterman 
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 12:40 PM 
Subject: Re: [HJ_Motor] Digest Number 91 

Hello Everyone,

I have an exciting new blue print/plan I designed an
has worked in all my software generated tested.  My
first model ran for 5 minutes and 39 seconds.  I think
some of that was due to craftsmanship.  I have spent
the past 6 months testing the design and specing the
model out to 1/64 of an inch in tolerance.  I am now
ready to build a working model.  Once this design is
proven I plan to share it with the world.  That is
right, i don't plan to patent the design, i want to
share free energy.  Not to mention i dint want to
mysterious die a few months after the patent, i
wouldn't mind want the recognition though.  Imagine a
world powered by magnets, it sounds odd doesn't it. 
As most of you know building a model to an exact
mathematical design requires money, and the use of a
machine shop.  I am asking for donation of any amount
to help fund this project so i can complete my model
and not go broke and lose my house at the same time. 
If you know of a donation source please forward this
email and if not wish me luck!  Donations can be sent
via PayPal to: just put a
subject of Free Energy.  This group will be the first
to know the progress of the project and when i expect
to finish.

Thanks So Much
Bradley James Peterman

The following are excerpts from subsequent correspondence (lightly edited):

From: "brad peterman" 
To: "Sterling D. Allan" 
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 3:04 PM
Subject: Re: Peterman's Magnet Motor project page created

Wow, this is incredible.  I will definitely send
updates.  [...] I have made
it a practice of recycling material from previous
models.  I will try to piece the previous model back
together this weekend so I can take a quick snap shot.
 I am a little reluctant to give away to much of the
new design until i can prove it [...]



See: Fundraising page for target of fundraiser, and progress toward meeting that target.

"I am asking for donation of any amount to help fund this project so i can complete my model and not go broke and lose my house at the same time." -- Brad Peterman (Jan. 10, 2006) - the recipient email should be designated as "". Subject line should be "Free Energy -- Peterman Magnet Motor".

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