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Large rota cola sola engine

Open source project.


Proposed Project

From: "timwilly2002"
To: <>
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:02 PM
Subject: [pes_stirling] Hello Everybody Large rota cola sola engine?

How about a large engine based on the nice simple Rota Cola Sola liquid piston Stirling?

Perhaps such an engine could be constructed with junk or relatively easy to find waste items, How about a salvaged bearing shaft from a scrap yard with a couple of nice big bearings, say maybe 40-50 mm dia ??? feel free to argue! maybe about 3 Metres diameter with 9 200 litre barrels and nine plumbing pressure vessel bladders (any bladder ideas guys?) all barrels bladders sealed, bladders inside connected in a ring with plumbing pipe tee's. a spoked vertical wheel arrangment facing due South, (perhaps reflectors eitherside would help) Ideas on wheel construction? Perhaps an axial flux alternator with say 90 to 120 rare earth magnets and triple that number of coils for three phases, 100 magnets at 1/2 rev per second would give 50Hz three phase?

Anybody prepared to do some sums?
Wanna help build one?
How about a small one based on 20 litre drums?

The wheel is the hard part I imagine Balance, Free rotation, how much water? Bladder volume to drum size ratio? Drum spacing? wheel dia to water volume ideal? internal pressures?

I'm tim from Tang,
Drive on Veg oil, Heat on Veg oil, This engine could also perhaps run on a veg oil burner??
I use the Turk Design powered with a surplus computer case fan, gravity feed design, but that's a story for another [project].


  • timwilly{at}eircom{dot}net


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