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Dr. Kiril B. Chukanov
Dr. Kiril B. Chukanov
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Professor Kiril Borissov Chukanov, a Bulgarian scientist, is the founder of Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC., formerly known as General Energy International. World famous for his research on ball lightning, Dr. Chukanov has conducted numerous experiments with ball lightning and successfully produced it in artificial environment.

After an invitation in 1990 to conduct his research in the United States, Kiril Chukanov and his family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Dr. Chukanov and his associates continued the study in the field of quantum limitations.

Given time and opportunity to work, Kiril Chukanov spent a great deal of time in Sunnyvale, CA, where several demonstrational prototype generators were developed. He then spent about a decade running experiments in a small, private laboratory in Salt Lake City, UT.

Presently he is in Canada, in a well-funded laboratory, preparing for the commercial roll-out of his Quantum Free Energy generator technology.

While being brilliant, he appears to be afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder, which causes him to unrealistically overinflate the value of his work, and under-rate the value of the work being done by others.

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