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Review:Jesse Ventura:Global Warming Conspiracy Theory

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Maurice Strong, credited with launching the environmental movement, has made billions from related transactions. Episode 3 premiered on December 16, 2009
Maurice Strong, credited with launching the environmental movement, has made billions from related transactions. Episode 3 premiered on December 16, 2009

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Dec. 26, 2009

In his "Conspiracy Theory" series, movie star, professional wrestler, former Navy SEAL and former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura and his team take on Global Warming.

His group of researchers appear to start out as "believers" in man-caused global warming, but in the course of investigating the topic they come to a very different conclusion – one they would have abhorred at the outset.

First, they point out that there is a significant scientific body of evidence that global mean temperatures have actually been decreasing in recent years. Second, the primary driver by far for earth temperatures is the sun and sun spot cycles.

The most chilling aspect is that the earliest pioneers of the global warming argument have been promoting it for political purposes of having a reason to push the world toward a global dictatorship by the name of the New World Order. Some of the key proponents of global warming, such as Maurice Strong (and Al Gore), have profited hugely (multi-billions of dollars) from their involvement in economic kickbacks from things such as cap and trade.

Back in the early 1990's, I interviewed George Hunt, who is featured in Ventura's segment. He is a fellow Boulder Coloradoan, and he snuck into a globalist meeting in Denver, and caught the conspirators on tape planning to use global warming pitted against industry, out of which would come their "synthesis" of a New World Order. I heard a recording of Maurice Strong referring to the common people of the world as mere "cannon fodder." I think I still have that audio tape in a box in my basement somewhere.

I would take exception with Jesse when it comes to Al Gore. I do not believe Al doesn't know what he's doing; but I see him as a very knowledgeable insider promoting the agenda of the New World Order, becoming the darling poster child for pushing the global warming perception and painting humans as enemies of the planet.

Jesse has been friends with Al, and seemed loath to come to the conclusion that Al might be part of the NWO cabal that he unveiled in this segment.

"A lot of people who preach the global warming gospel are not out to save the world, they're out to run it." -- Jesse Ventura



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Cap & Trade Conspiracy

On Dec. 27, 2009, Matt Imber wrote:

Good write-up you have on the Ventura conspiracy on lobal Warming. This subject (of the conspriacy) is extrremely confusing, and I fear that Jesse's segment muddies the water a lot more and will cause inaction unless the proper solutions are talked about - such as the mass release of ZPE technology to the world.

I always thought cap & trade was a bad idea, but this policy is exactly what the conspiracy is centered around - -how to posture industry to maintain the status quo of fossil fuel-driven industry and their monopoly/hegamony upon the world and look like they are doing something about the problem, while they rake in trillions and continue to pollute, limit resources and supress ZPE technology.


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