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Review: Free Energy World - Get Ready For the Change

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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
November 29, 2010

Craig B. over at FreeEnergyTruth (Facebook) has produced an outstanding 2-minute teaser video for the Free Energy movement. It features music from the soundtrack "Never Give Up" by Beverly Staunton.


Free Energy – Get Ready for the Coming Changes

How will FREE ENERGY change your world?

  • No more oil wars in dust bowl dictatorships.
  • Dismantle the creaking power grid for scrap metal.
  • Game Over for the criminal oil cartel and an end to their greed and outrageous profiteering.
  • Massive desalination programs turning desert into habitable and fertile land.
  • New products without cables or power cords.
  • Establishment science given a lesson in humility.
  • An evolution of human consciousness.
  • A new industrial revolution to lift economies.
  • Energy abundance and freedom.
  • Infinite energy to explore the universe and to travel through space indefinitely.
  • Localized off-grid energy supply for housing.
  • No storm blackouts and grid power failures.
  • Increasing scientific progress and more discoveries.
  • Water harvesting from air at little or no cost.
  • Highly portable go-anywhere energy generators.
  • Huge reduction in the cost of food and transport.
  • Cheap irrigation to boost global food production and to eradicate hunger and poverty.

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