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Review: The Day Before Disclosure

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Oct. 12, 2010

This excellent film by award winning Norwegian directory, Terje Toftenes, covers the topic of UFS over the years from a global perspective. It is a great compilation of a myriad of photos, videos, testimonials, witnesses, news articles; and is presented very well. Part 3 covers the reasons behind the truth embargo, and ramifications of disclosure.

The ~1.5-hour documentary is now available to watch online for free via the official website.

"We here at New Paradigm Films are among the millions of people across the world who have a strong notion that humanity is on the verge of major change on both a social, biological and spiritual level. But we also recognize the need for widespread information on the key subjects of this transformation. Our goal is to produce films covering several of these subjects, and make them available for as many people as possible across the globe."

New Energy Congress member, Joel Garbon, who brought this to my attention and who is included in the documentary, wrote: "Producer Terje Toftenes is a supporter of our new energy initiatives, and has interviewed Jeane Manning, Tom Valone, Steve Greer, and others among our colleagues."

Here's a statement that ties this into free energy, quoting a person I had the privilege of meeting at the Earth Transformation Conference last January.

"It will be changing the paradigm of science as we know it. We know that these craft are not traveling by fossil fuel gas, that there is a technology behind them, that maybe this technology could help the earth. If we could get scientists just to use that motivation – to look at the technology behind the craft…" – Paola Harris, US Journalist

The film also features unique footage for this documentary from: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Dolan, Robert Hastings, Stephen Bassett, Robert Dean, Nick Pope, Peter Robbins, Larry Warren, Wendelle Stevens, Dr. Milton Torres, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Michael Salla, Erling Strand, Bill Kirkland, Barbara Lamb, Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. Roger Leir, Paul Stonehill, Gary Hasseltine, Bob VanDerClock, Bjorn Gitle Hauge, Nadine Lalich, Miriam Delicado, Haktan Aktogan, A.J. Geveard, Jamie Maussan, Leonard Pretko, Bruce Maccabee, Emma Salerno, Bjarne Lillevold, Ruth-Marry Moe, Stephen Lovekin, Dr. Richard Haines, Franklin Carter, Harry Allen Jordan, Enrique Kolbeck, John Callahan, Chuck Sorrels, Daniel Salter, Fredrik Fox, Merle Shane McDow, Prof. Robert Jacobs, John Weygandt, Carl Wolfe, Cliford Stone, Robert Salas.


Official Teaser

  • This is the official teaser for the documentary The Day Before Disclosure by New Paradigm Films. The feature film will shed new light on the UFO phenomena and the ET presence and premieres in May 2010. (YouTube / NewParadigmFilms; Apr. 16, 2010)

Official Websites

  • - We also have a video archive called "Voices of the New Paradigm", which features full length interviews with people on the forefront of the transformation.

In the News

  • Feature: UFOs >
    The Day Before Disclosure - This outstanding documentary film is now available for free viewing online. It is a great compilation of a myriad of photos, videos, testimonials, witnesses, news articles; and is presented very well. Covers the reasons behind the truth embargo, and ramifications of disclosure. (PESWiki; Oct. 12, 2010)
  • Is UFO disclosure happening? The Day before disclosure, now free to watch! - Everyday more information on UFO disclosure is being released through interviews with high-ranking military officials, air control traffic employees, astronauts, etc. Terje Toftenes, an award winning documentary film director from Norway has just released his film: The Day Before Disclosure for a free screening. (Examiner; October 6th, 2010)
  • The Day before Disclosure - A documentary about the UFO/Extra Terrestrial presence on earth. Evidence gathered the last 60 years, from all over the globe, and in numbers by hundred thousands, point to the undeniable fact that we are not alone and never have been alone. (TopDocumentaryFilms; Aug. 12, 2010)




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