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by Leslie R. Pastor

Simplification: Tom Bearden - John Bedini on 'Free Energy'

It is interesting how few people within the United States know who Nikola Tesla was, and how his significant contributions enabled a quantum leap from the pre-horse-and-buggy era to the Second American Industrial Revolution, complete with modern electrification, manufacturing, lighting, and a massive technological leap unparalleled before or since. For without Tesla, none of this would have transpired, regardless of what you may think or believe. I suggest that those of you who do not know or recognize the name, "Nikola Tesla," get cracking and study this man, and his significant contributions, for they are enormous, in their grandeur, beauty and scope.

Tesla envisioned a world of limitless 'energy,' demonstrating the practicality and viability of such a system, first via electrification and transmission of alternating current throughout the United States, via Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and then Shoreham, Long Island. Tesla’s goal was to provide 'energy' throughout the entire planet, so that all could benefit, rich and poor alike without distinction.

Prevented and ultimately stopped by powerful Influences, who intervened, robbing him of his final accomplishment, Tesla knew that ultimately, he would prevail, for he stated before his death, "The present is theirs, but the future, for which I really work, is mine." What did Tesla work toward and what fantastic future did he envision for all humanity?

Tesla discovered an energy source without limit as abundant and measureless as ‘space-time’ itself. He discovered the ultimate ‘wheelwork of nature’ fashioned by the very Creation that contained it, hidden deep within a dimension of time, known as 4-Space. Tesla called this energy source, RADIANT ENERGY, acquiring a significant patent demonstrating the feasibility of capturing and utilizing it as a significant source directly. Today we now know that Radiant Energy is Negative Energy

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Energy From The Vacuum -- Video Documentary Trailer

Rick Friedrich Demonstrating Actual "Radiant Energy" Technology [Video]

John Bedini Has Rediscovered Tesla's 'Radiant Energy'

"The Attractions of Magnetism" by Jeane Manning

With respect to the phenomenology regarding "Energy From The Vacuum" systems, of which John Bedini is a major player, I will defer to Thomas Eugene Bearden who is THE expert in this field.

In a recent email dated [October 27, 2007] Tom Bearden explains:
Hi Les,

Great work and hang in there. It’s a little more complicated than just whopping a superbly working prototype system into a production line and into production.

That assumption is based on the present APPLIED EE approach, which – for its symmetrized systems with no excess input and use of extra vacuum energy – has been fitted over the last 100 years to millions of experiments, phenomenology tests, etc. Together with an overall mathematical model (also fitted to those experiments and parts) to describe it. Thus the EEs have reached, and practice, an APPLIED engineering art. Just doing more of what has already been established, fitted, and accurately modeled (within the limitations imposed, such as symmetrized systems only).

The moment you violate all that, you are in a new ball game. One does NOT have an overall math model that has been fitted to millions of experiments all over the world. The standard electrical and electronic parts also HAVE NOT been fitted to decades of asymmetric system performance behavior, etc.

So one has to go at a very deliberate and fairly slow pace. Otherwise, you might pick up a capacitor from China, and it performs well in your circuit. Then pick up the "same" capacitor but made in India, and suddenly it behaves differently IN THE NEW CIRCUITRY AND DYNAMIC CONDITIONS, WHERE ADDITIONAL VACUUM ENERGY IS OCCURRING.

When one looks at it with the proper perspective, the Bedinis are making remarkably fast progress – simply because John has personally performed (over the last 35 years) many thousands of phenomenology experiments, slowly and painfully accumulating an unparalleled knowledge of what "new effects" occur on the bench or are likely to occur, and how one controls or adapts each one.

Without that body of painfully accumulated "bench behavior" knowledge in the "new area of asymmetric EFTV systems", John would not be able to reliably go into production either.

Most inventors in this area have not explored such a vast array of phenomenologies as has John. Hence the usual overunity inventor, if he tries to go into production, runs into all sorts of things completely unexpected in the normal EE’s knowledge base. E.g., quantum field theory already tells us that the ongoing intense interaction of the local vacuum with the charges in one’s circuit are there and cannot be assumed away. Quoting Aitchison:

"...the concept of a 'single particle' actually breaks down in relativistic quantum field theory with interactions, because the interactions between 'the particle' and the vacuum fluctuations (or virtual quanta) cannot be ignored." [I. J. R. Aitchison, "Nothing's Plenty: The Vacuum in Modern Quantum Field Theory," Contemporary Physics, 26(4), 1985, p. 357.].

"Forces, in quantum field theory, are understood as being due to the exchange of virtual quanta..." [Ibid, p. 372].

Note that in any overunity EE system, the excess energy being output is being input by the active vacuum environment, separately from the operator’s input from the power company. This means a priori that one is in a general relativistic situation, anytime one is doing overunity with his asymmetrical EE system. Note also that normal EE is totally SPECIAL relativistic, and does not even include this primary situation being utilized by the overunity inventor.

Well, this means that in any locality, where the arrangement of matter differs because physical locations differ in their mass constituents, the "pattern" of the ongoing vacuum interaction with charged matter in that local area has unique forms of dynamics in it. If one has not widely explored the phenomenology with a certain type overunity unit, then he does not actually know what could be "new reactions" occurring in a different local environment, in addition to the overunity interactions in the specific location where he has developed the unit over a period of time.

As you recall, Steorn ran headlong into that effect when they moved some working units to a distant location for some intended important demonstrations. Suddenly the units would not work at that new location.

I encountered that problem decades ago when I was working with Frank Golden outside Nashville, Tennessee. Frank had successfully built several prototype overunity systems. One in particular was interesting and working well, and was working (over about three years) at COP = 2.0 approximately.

So then Frank moved that unit from its development site in Tennessee to outside Washington D.C. Whereupon to our absolute astonishment, at the new location the unit suddenly was performing at COP<1.0 and was no longer an "overunity" device there!

Fortunately we were also working with Professor William Tiller, a most excellent scientist and the former head of the Materials Sciences Department at Stanford. In his own work at Stanford, Tiller had "grown" the performance of a special detector over some years, with it increasing its performance slowly but steadily. In short, the detector was gradually "conditioning" its local vacuum environment interactions with a new "archetype" of vacuum/charge interaction pattern that fitted the machine’s structure and dynamics (i.e., the machine was conditioning its local environment at Stanford with its own special little "archetype" in the local vacuum/charge interaction. As this "charging" or "conditioning" pattern (machine archetype) grew in the environmental archetype, the performance of the detector grew.

So Tiller was able to advise us of this "conditioning of your own local vacuum environment’s interaction" effect, that had (unknown to us) grown a deeper "archetype" for Golden’s system there in Tennessee over a period of about three years. But then when the machine was suddenly moved to a new location outside Washington D.C., its conditioned local archetype was absent. So suddenly it was operating with a fairly different "local vacuum archetype" in its new surroundings. Since the new "local vacuum interaction" archetype was quite a bit different in the new location, the machine’s performance in the new area (i.e., in that altered new vacuum interaction environment) was also different. Hence it suddenly ceased its overunity functioning, in the new location.

Tiller explains it beautifully. Quoting Tiller:

"Let us suppose that some inventor has worked for years in his garage to construct and perfect a subtle energy conversion device of extremely high efficiency and eventually, to his satisfaction, he is successful in achieving his goal. He then calls his close friends in and demonstrates his achievement to them. They see the experimental data with their own eyes and, in their excitement, plan to mount a business venture on the work. However, as part of the deal, this prototype equipment needs to be moved to an independent testing laboratory in a nearby city for rigorous evaluation by others. This is done and the tests are carried out carefully in this new location but, 'surprise, surprise,' the high conversion efficiencies of the original garage tests are not substantiated. Only normal behavior is observed in the device."

"Most people concluded from this that the inventor was either (1) not a careful investigator, (2) was imagining his earlier results, or (3) was practicing fraud. In this, everybody makes the implicit assumption that one space for this experiment is the same as another, that one collection of equipment is the same as a set of physically identical equipment and that one careful experimenter is the same as another careful experimenter. Our accumulated data of the past seven years shows, unequivocally, that this assumption is false." [William Tiller in Vol. 10, issue 58 of Infinite Energy magazine].

So now one also sees the importance of the dedicated group of serious Bedini system researchers scattered worldwide, who are independently replicating some of John’s patented overunity systems. This replication activity is showing that these particular systems are using an archetype that is already widely available just about everywhere. Hence John is avoiding the "Golden effect" or "Tiller effect" or "too different a local vacuum interaction archetype" effect.

That is all part of being able to place an overunity system into production and sales, and sell it around the world with the knowledge that it is going to work everywhere. But in general, electrical engineers have absolutely no knowledge of this, because they are unaware that their own "universal fitting" of parts, circuits, and systems has been occurring worldwide for the last century. So Mother Earth is already quite conditioned for the standard EE approach and parts to work anywhere on earth, in space from it, etc.

As can be seen, the use of a new vacuum/charge interaction archetype in an overunity (asymmetric) system is vastly different from normal electrical engineering and its applied production and sales. There the EEs are using parts and systems whose "basic archetypes" already exist worldwide, and have been so demonstrated over the last 100 years. In addition, the EE systems have played their own part in conditioning the archetype most everywhere, so that their "archetypes" already exist locally everywhere.

Anyway, the Bedini effort is very, very encouraging because (1) he has an archetype or archetypes already being widely demonstrated by wide system replication, and (2) this means that his production line will and does produce units that will work almost anywhere on earth, without any "new problem" because of local archetype variation.

In our own case (the five MEG inventors) of the MEG, we know that the basic effect (and its archetype) of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect has also been demonstrated and replicated worldwide since 1959. It works everywhere, as attested by more than 20,000 papers in the hard physics literature in the AB effect, its extension to the Berry phase, and the further extension to the geometric phase.

In other words, the local archetypes worldwide already contain John Bedini’s system archetype quite sufficiently to insure its success.

Best wishes, Tom

Simplification: Tom Bearden and 'Free Energy'

John Bedini's Monopole Mechanical Oscillator

John Bedini's Energy Collector

John Bedini and Energenx are working very hard to provide planet Earth with a significant alternative energy source, and I believe he will succeed. He would appreciate your prayers and encouragement. He is an incredible genius, who has ultimately, re-engineered Nikola Tesla’s ‘Radiant Energy’ system, which we know today as ‘NEGATIVE ENERGY.’ Please take the time to review my research regarding his valuable contributions. For my own part I have purchased stock in his company, because I believe that he has developed significant breakthroughs thus far. He just might be the significant alternative, that we have been waiting for. I believe he is. His company’s products ‘seeded’ throughout our country and planet Earth will establish what Nikola Tesla promised and hoped for before his death, when he stated: "Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine."

In my humble opinion, I believe John Bedini and Energenx are currently working very hard to accomplish just that.





SEC Report: 2008 [Filed]

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