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An overview with research links regarding the control paradigm, which entails a secret, ruling elite who have risen to power within the U.S. and world-wide.

The Control Paradigm by Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009

The primacy of the Control Paradigm is demonstrated by the published works of Dr. Antony C. Sutton exemplified by his thorough scholarship in detailing the actual creation of the Soviet Union, complete with diplomatic intervention by significant personages belonging to the ultimate in ‘secrecy’ and ‘conspiracy,’ the Russell Trust Association ( RTA Inc.) at Yale University founded by key members of its elite corps, members of the Russell and Taft families.

The enigmatic aspect of secrecy, is that most never recognize the enigma of secrecy, nor the obscuration of secret acts and actions of secret groups and societies, who secrete their secret actions behind secret veils and secret agendas, until that secrecy is broken from within, and revealed without, and thus throughout the open world, via their actions and activity overtly, and thus no longer surreptitiously obscured.
Henry Makow and His Observation
What Every Jew and Non-Jew Should Know - Henry Makow
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Terminated: Freemasonry's Final End Revealed - Henry Makow
The Conspiracy Against God - Henry Makow
The Satanist Banker Conspiracy - Henry Makow

Saul of Tarsus, who became, Paul of Ephesus, stated it succinctly: "For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against the powers, the rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places." [Ephesians 6:12]

America’s Secret Establishment, Antony C. Sutton’s magnum opus, explains fully, Yale’s ‘Skull & Bones’ intervention in controlling every fabric and facet of our American way of life, from education [1] to politics, and ultimately via social engineering, to the actual manufacturing base of our corporations including our significant ‘monetary’ system [Pierre Jay]. They controlled it all, ‘lock, stock and barrel,’ accomplishing their objectives through ‘secrecy, conspiracy, and collusion’ among themselves and key members of other ‘secret organizations’ as a group. They have succeeded in accomplishing their objectives within the United States of America.

Dr. Antony C. Sutton detailed how ‘secret societies’ and the ‘banking fraternities’ together ‘conspired’ to create ‘wars’ and ‘revolutions’ throughout the planet. His publications, including his significant Wall Street & Hitler; FDR; and Bolshevik Revolution; books, [demonstrated the ‘novel’ creation of three (3) socialist governments] not to mention, his The Federal Reserve Conspiracy; [which reveals that it was Philadelphia bankers who funded the actual printing of Das Kapital, plagiarized by Karl Marx, from an earlier work written by V. Considerant] demonstrated an ultimate planned INTENT to change, then alter and solidify, the free governments of the world into one giant socialist-feudalism based on the totalitarian leadership of a world dictator.

Antony C. Sutton explained to me that several of the books circulated by the ‘secret groups’ actually were either written in ‘code’ or were blueprints, describing what was to actually take place. He was referring to Das Kapital plagiarized by Karl Marx and Philip Dru Administrator, written anonymously by Edward Mandel House. Dr. Sutton explained to me that he had worked briefly for British Intelligence and worked during the second World War on 'Operation Fortitude South.’ True to his oath of secrecy, he never revealed the nature of his work.

I had the distinct advantage of first discovering Antony C. Sutton’s initial publications [Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930; 1930-1945;] in the library stacks at Seton Hall University back in 1972 (one year before I completed my degree in Government). This was fortuitous—because he was at that point in time, still at the Hoover Institution writing his third (3rd) and final volume (1945-65). After reading the first (2) volumes, I went to SUNY [Stony Brook] and read his third and final volume in 1977. The SUNY Library is extraordinary for those who might consider verifying/falsifying my factual statements. It is a veritable depository of ‘historical’ documentation regarding ‘conspiracy.’ In fact, in the SUNY Library is an actual demonstration of ‘hidden’ objectives actually fulfilled. There exists a shelf containing the treaty volumes of the League of Nations which ultimately changes to the treaty volumes of the United Nations in lockstep, showing that even though the people of the United States objected to joining the League, they were forced to join by treaty, ultimately, joining after a ‘created’ world war, necessitating enforced participation.

With the death of Antony C. Sutton in 2002, there is no academic scholarship to show, the continuation of the ‘control’ paradigm, by the Russell Trust Association via the creation of Modern Red China, complete with a ‘new’ industrial base, far surpassing the earlier endeavor in creating the ‘Soviet’ Union. A recent ‘documentary’ film shows that the modern marvel of Red China’s development exists primarily for an elite corps of 300 million Chinese, who are the embodiment of Red China’s public ‘nomenclatura.’ Ultimately, the rest of Red China, the population of one billion impoverished Chinese, will ultimately sustain and support this ‘nomenclatura,’ in their continued poverty. State ‘capitalism’ garners ‘wealth’ only for itself and its favored elite.

The American people were forced to first ‘finance’ the Russian Revolution, then, its first, second and third five (5) year plans as demonstrated by Dr. Sutton’s West Tech books, with their ‘dollars.’ Now they are being forced to finance the Chinese Economic Revolution with their ‘credit,’ ultimately bankrupting our nation. The Federal Reserve is hiding this fact by not revealing the M3 Funds activity of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve will attempt to hide this fact by massively printing Federal Reserve Notes to the tune of trillions of dollars and then dumping them upon our economy. This may ultimately create hyperinflation wiping out our pensions, savings and our currency.

The obvious ‘in your face’ fact is that, our ‘dollars’ and ‘credit’ were used to build and finance ‘communist’ governments. When these same ‘dollars’ and ‘credit’ should have been used to rebuild OUR OWN COUNTRY and its INFRASTRUCTURE. These ‘conspirators’ STOLE our labors and our wealth and gave it to those who hate and despise us, without our consent, without our knowledge, and in complete ‘secrecy.’ They are now telling us to ‘invest’ in the new modern Red China, that they are the future. These ‘conspirators’ have moved our entire industrial base from the United States and have given it to Red China, lock, stock and barrel. Now they want us to invest in their deception.

We will either ‘collapse’ as a nation-state, or find an alternative approach to survive as an independent adjacent country with newer technologies and a new economic and financial base, independent of the totalitarian world. We will need to reassess who we really are. Do we wish to belong to a ‘controlled’ elite, who continually abuse and rob us, or are we willing to regain our lawful and proper roles as ‘the inherent holders of the political power?’ You decide. Members of the Russell Trust are the problem, for it was they who created our past and current difficulties. Every time they ascend to power within our government, they effectively destroy a piece of us, via the abuse of our ‘credit,’ and our ‘labors,’ and by sending us to useless ‘no win wars,’ killing off our youth.

The Anomalous nature of the Control Paradigm

Saul of Tarsus [who became St. Paul] stated succinctly: "For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against the powers, the rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places." [Ephesians 6:12]

Lecture Given By Antony C. Sutton (1976)

Books by Antony C. Sutton [online]

Trilaterals Over America [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required]

America’s Secret Establishment [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required]

An Interview with Antony C. Sutton – Video

Interesting Videos of the RTA Inc

A Second Interview with Antony C. Sutton - Antony C. Sutton
(Discusses The Order of Skull & Bones - RTA Inc.)[Video Interview]

Dutch Production - Inverview - Antony C. Sutton - Video

The Published Works of Antony C. Sutton D. Sc.

Significant [Former] Members of the Russell Trust Association
[Currently known as members of the RTA Inc., or Skull & Bones]

Henry L. Stimson Secretary of War For Five (5) Presidents

The Russell Trust [A Kris Millegan Perspective] (Significant documentation)

Video of Skull & Bones [from Loose Change]

BBC Radio 4 Report on Skull & Bones [Voice/Vocal Report]

William Boyce Thompson was a copper magnate (worth $400 million in 1917) who became a Class "B" director of the Federal Reserve System (the central bank of the United States), who went to Russia and conspired with the Bolsheviks giving them one (1) million dollars helping them gain control of the communication process in Russia. His intent was to solidify control of Russia and make of it a ‘captive’ technical colony for the vested special interests on Wall Street. He did this on December 8, 1917, while still a member of the Federal Reserve System. He worked in concert with Raymond Robbins, and in association with the American International Corporation. [Antony C. Sutton]. He and his associates were eminently and profusely successful, ultimately profiting from this arrangement at the ultimate expense of the Russian people. [I've always been fascinated by these types of individuals who accomplish much, create massive wealth, industry, mayhem, build significant homes for themselves, and then simply die off into the sunset.......leaving it all behind. And in the case of William Boyce Thompson, his life was relatively short, some 61, 62 years].

The Power Elite's Use of Wars and Crisis

Voline: The Unknown Revolution

Dr. Antony C. Sutton detailed this relationship between the Bolsheviks and the Bankers, when he discovered the arrangement developed in his investigation of Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930; 1930-1945; 1945-1965; These books were published at the Hoover Institution [Stanford University, California]. Alan Belmont [FBI] reviewed the first book and allowed it to be published. Belmont took a personal interest, when he discovered their veracity, notifying J. Edgar Hoover. Belmont had been the Assistant Director For Domestic Intelligence while at the FBI, and FBI subsequently, initiated Operation Solo.


William Boyce Thompson - Class B Director [Federal Reserve System] 1917

William Boyce Thompson - Consolidated & Exported Russian Revolution [1917]

William Boyce Thompson's American Red Cross Mission To Russia [1917]

Raymond Robin's Own Story

Skull & Bones Fostered Russian Communism

G. (Gary) Richard Arnold - Video

The Muckraker Report by G. Richard Arnold

NeoCons: first Exposed By G. Richard Arnold

G. Richard Arnold Told By former President Reagan to "Shut Up!"

News - Gary Richard Arnold

Back in 1915, National City Bank, under the auspices of Frank A. Vanderlip, created one of the most powerful ‘investment’ Trusts funded by some of the most powerful financial families in the United States. Known as the American International Corporation, it was a vehicle for investing in a significant ‘military industrial complex.’ In essence it profited handsomely off of the misery of humanity. By the time it was finished with its business by 1946, it had controlled 177 companies worldwide, and it made stupendous profits for its powerful investors. It was a vehicle for the rich and famous, for only they could afford its stock, priced back in 1915 at $100 per share. In 1946 it was quietly merged into the Adams Express Company. [The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, Volume 163 Number 4465, p. 893; New York, N.Y., Monday, February 18, 1946] Adams Express Co.--Annual Report--

Clarence W. Barron called Frank A. Vanderlip a Bolshevist In Chapter (1) One of Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Clarence W. Barron is noted for having called Frank A. Vanderlip a bolshevist. This is important, because, of not only who he was, but also of those that he represented. Mr. Vanderlip was the originator and creator of the American International Corporation, [the largest trust ever established to guaranty 'pure' profit for its 'owners' and 'directors'. The Trust was both vertical and horizontal in nature, and was a 'closed system' of absolute 'intent' and was created for National City Bank and its directors for 'special' and 'specific' purposes, which have been significantly revealed by Dr. Antony C. Sutton, and verified by my own personal research. [ Monopoly Power, World Socialism, World Economic Interdependence (Part 1) ] And while the stock for AIC was readily available for open purchase on the open market of the New York Stock Exchange, its initial price of $100 in 1915 precluded all but the very special interests from being able to purchase it. Thus AIC was entirely in the hands of a 'special interest' for a 'specific intent'. having a unique purpose.....with guaranteed profits.....and more importantly.....guaranteed 'results'.

The Bolshevization of Wall Street was known among well informed circles as early as 1919. The financial journalist Barron recorded a conversation with oil magnate E. H. Doheny in 1919 and specifically named three prominent financiers, William Boyce Thompson, (Federal Reserve Bank Director) Thomas Lamont (J. P. Morgan Company) and Charles R. Crane (American International Corporation):

Aboard S.S. Aquitania, Friday Evening, February 1, 1919.

Spent the evening with the Dohenys in their suite. Mr. Doheny said: If you believe in democracy you cannot believe in Socialism. Socialism is the poison that destroys democracy. Democracy means opportunity for all. Socialism holds out the hope that a man can quit work and be better off. Bolshevism is the true fruit of socialism and if you will read the interesting testimony before the Senate Committee about the middle of January that showed up all these pacifists and peace-makers as German sympathizers, Socialists, and Bolsheviks, you will see that a majority of the college professors in the United States are teaching socialism and Bolshevism and that fifty-two college professors were on so-called peace committees in 1914. President Eliot of Harvard is teaching Bolshevism. The worst Bolshevists in the United States are not only college professors, of whom President Wilson is one, but capitalists and the wives of capitalists and neither seem to know what they are talking about. William Boyce Thompson is teaching Bolshevism and he may yet convert Lamont of J.P. Morgan & Company. Vanderlip is a Bolshevist, so is Charles R. Crane. Many women are joining the movement and neither they, nor their husbands, know what it is, or what it leads to. Henry Ford is another and so are most of those one hundred historians Wilson took abroad with him in the foolish idea that history can teach youth proper demarcations of races, peoples, and nations geographically.

Clarence W. Barron [publisher of the Wall Street Journal] in a book: THEY TOLD BARRON [CONVERSATIONS AND REVELATIONS OF AN AMERICAN PEPYS IN WALL STREET] edited and arranged by Arthur Pound and Samuel Taylor Moore, Harper & Brothers Publishers (New York) MDCCCCXXX :

There are significant parallels between the American International Corporation and The Carlyle Group, for both companies were created for very significant purposes that are identical and are essentially linked by both 'bloodlines' and 'worldview.' Their objectives are identical and show significant orientation.

American International Corporation

The Carlyle Group

The Aids CoverUp by Antony C. Sutton [Pheonix Letter]

What IS AIDS - Opening Up A Dialog - View The Video (Gary Null)

The Military Medical Complex - Aids Cures That Don't Work

Dr. Sue Ann Arrigo


Research Links

Research: Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.

Antony C. Sutton & His Discovery of the Anomaly

Research: The Control Paradigm

America's Secret Establishment - Antony C. Sutton

082409RobertMinorDeeLighted1911.gif creatu11.gif


[An excerpt from the book: America's Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton]

Between 1917 and 1921 the Soviets pushed their control of Russia into Siberia and the Caucuses. As we have noted, the United States intervened in Siberia along the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Histories of U.S. intervention by George Kennan and the Soviets maintain this was an anti-Soviet intervention. In fact, it was nothing of the kind. The U.S. spread troops along the Siberian railroad only to keep out the Japanese, not to keep out the Soviets. When they left through Vladivostok, the Soviet authorities gave American forces a resounding send-off. But this is yet another untold story, not in the textbooks. The immediate problem facing the Soviets was to restore silent Russian factories. This needed raw materials, technical skills and working capital. The key to Russian reconstruction was the oil fields of the Caucasus.

The Caucasus oil fields are a major segment of Russian natural resource wealth. Baku, the most important field, was developed in the 1870s. In 1900 it was producing more crude oil than the United States, and in 1902. more than half of the total world crude output. The Caucasus oil fields survived Revolution and Intervention without major structural damage and became a significant factor in Soviet economic recovery, generating about 20 percent of all exports by value; the largest single source of foreign exchange. The Bolsheviks took over the Caucasus in 1920-1, but until 1923 oil field drilling almost ceased. During the first year of Soviet rule ". . . not one single new well has started giving oil"(1) and even two years after Soviet occupation, no new oil-field properties had been developed. In addition, deepening of old wells virtually ceased.

As a result, water percolated into the wells, and the flow of crude oil became a mixture of oil and water. Drilling records are an excellent indicator of the state of oil field maintenance, development, and production. The complete collapse after the Soviet takeover is clearly suggested by the statistics. In 1900, Russia had been the world's largest producer and exporter of crude oil; almost 50,000 feet of drilling per month had been required in Baku alone to maintain this production. By early 1921, the average monthly drilling in Baku had declined to an insignificant 370 feet or so (0.7 percent of the 1900 rate), although 162 rigs were in working order. Then, Serebrovsky, Chairman of Azneft (the Soviet oil production trust) , put forward a program for recovery in a Pravda article.

The plan for 1923 was to increase oil well drilling to 35,000 sazhens per year (245,000 feet). This would require 35 rotary drills (to drill 77,000 feet) and 157 percussion drills (to drill 130,000 feet). Serebrovsky pointed out that Azneft had no rotary drills, and that Russian enterprise could (1)U. S. State Dept. Decimal File. 316-137-221. -149- not supply them. Rotary drilling, however, was essential for the success of the plan. He then announced: "But just here American capital is Going to support us. The American firm International Barnsdall Corporation has submitted a plan . . . lack of equipment prevents us from increasing the production of the oil industry of Baku by ourselves.

"The American firm . . . will provide the equipment, start drilling in the oil fields and organize the technical production of oil with deep pumps." (1) During the next few years International Barnsdall, together with the Lucey Manufacturing Company and other major foreign oil well equipment firms, fulfilled Serebrovsky's program. Massive imports of equipment came from the United States. International Barnsdall inaugurated the rotary drilling program, initiated Azneft drilling crews into its operational problems, and reorganized oil well pumping with deep well electrical pumps. The first International Barnsdall concession was signed in October 1921, and was followed in September of 1922 by two further agreements. There is no doubt that Barnsdall did work under the agreements. Pravda reported groups of American oil field workers on their way to the oil fields, and a couple of months previously the United States, Constantinople Consulate, had reported that Philip Chadbourn, the Barnsdall Caucasus representative, had passed through on his way out of Russia.

The U.S. State Department Archives Contain an intriguing quotation from Rykov, dated October 1922: "The one comparatively bright spot in Russia is the petroleum industry, and this is due largely to the fact that a number of American workers have been brought into the oil fields to superin- tend their operation." (2) Who, or what, was International Barnsdall Corporation? The Chairman of International Barnsdall Corporation was Matthew C. Brush whom we previously identified as The Order's "front man." Guaranty Trust, Lee, Higginson Company and W.A. Harriman owned Barnsdall Corporation, and International Barnsdall Corporation was owned 75% by the Barnsdall Corporation and 25% by H. Mason Day. The Guaranty Trust interest was represented by Eugene W. Stet- son (also a Vice President of Guaranty Trust), whose son, Eugene W. Stetson Jr., was initiated into The Order in 1934. The Lee Higginson interest was represented by Frederick Winthrop Allen (The Order'00) (1) Pravda, September 21. 1922. (2) U.S. State Department Decimal File. Microcopy 316. Roll 107. Frame 1167.

In brief, The Order controlled International Barnsdall Corporation. The second potentially largest source of Soviet foreign exchange in the 1920s was the large Russian manganese deposits. In 1913, tsarist Russia supplied 52 percent of world manganese, of which about 76 per- cent, or one million tons, was mined from the Chiaturi deposits in the Caucasus. Production in 1920 was zero, and by 1924 had risen only to about 320,000 tons per year. The basic problem was: ' "that further development- was seriously retarded by the primitive equipment, which was considered grossly inadequate even according to prewar standards." The Chiaturi deposits, situated on high plateaus some distance from Batum, were mined in a primitive manner, and the ore was brought on donkeys from the plateaus to the railroads. There was a change of gauge en route, and the manganese had to be transshipped between the original loading point and the port. When at the port, the ore was transferred by bucket: a slow, expensive process.

The Soviets acquired modern mining and transportation facilities for their manganese deposits, acquired foreign exchange, and finally shattered American foreign policy concerning loans to the U.S.S.R., in a series of business agreements with W.A. Harriman Company and Guaranty Trust.' On July 12, 1925, a concession agreement was made between the W.A. Harriman Company at New York and the U.S.S.R. for exploita- tion of the Chiaturi manganese deposits and extensive introduction of modern mining and transportation methods. Under the Harriman concession agreement, $4 million was spent on mechanizing the mines and converting them from hand to mechanical operation. A washer and reduction plant were built; and a loading elevator at Poti, with a two-million ton capacity and a railroad system were constructed, together with an aerial tramway for the transfer of manganese ore. The expenditure was approximately $2 million for the railroad system and $1 million for mechanization of the mines. The Chairman of the Georgian Manganese Company, the Harriman operating company on the site in Russia, was none other than The Order's "front man Matthew C. Brush.

(1) The interested reader is referred to over 300 pages of documents in the U.S. State Dept. Decimal File 316-138-12/331, and the German Foreign Ministry Archives. Walter Durant described the Harriman contract as "utterly inept" and von Dirksen of the German Foreign Office as "a rubber contract" The full contract was published (Vysshii sovet nardnogo khoziaistva, Concession Agreement Between The Government Of The U.S.S.R and W.A. Harriman Co. Inc. Of New York (Moscow, 1925) -149- [State Department Letter To U.S. Embassy In London (861.637/ 1)]

Carroll Quigley (Georgetown University) Mentor To Former President William Jefferson Clinton.
Carroll Quigley explains in his own words, the suppression of his book, Tragedy and Hope: He reveals significant details of secret societies incorporated within historical revolutions. Carroll Quigley is probably, the most important proponent of hidden/referenced documentation pertaining to The New World Order. He reveals in the following audio/private discussion how a significant attempt was made to suppress the publication of his book: Tragedy & Hope. "Our Tragedy, Their Hope."

There is another aspect of the secret takeover of Russia, that has recently surfaced from Russian Archives:

The Control Paradigm completed their intent and their direction via the placement of a member of their fellowship at the head of the Federal Reserve System, the Central Bank of the United States. Pierre Jay, an obscure member of the Russell Trust was made the head of the New York Fed, which is the link pin, to the entire Fed Organization. They thus controlled the financial fabric of the United States. The US Congress is currently challenging the operations of the Federal Reserve.

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The Food Safety Modernization Act - S510 will Effectively Create Food Shortages & Raise Food Prices. You can thank the US Congress for this, because they passed this legislation without reading it. Who is Writing Our Legislation? Members of the US Congress are certainly Not. Former S. Dakota Senator George McGovern finally gets it....but it is too late for him. He passed legislation that has adversely affected him in business after he retired from the US Congress....And he wishes he had known what would have happened before he enacted the legislation [16]

farmer_brad.jpg [17]



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Kucinich: the Federal Reserve is paying banks NOT to make loans to struggling Americans!
(Watch the Video - above)

21 July 2009

U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio, 10th District) questions Neil M. Barofsky, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, about interest payments made to banks that keep their TARP funds and other government (taxpayer) bailout money with the Federal Reserve, instead of making loans to struggling Americans (the original intent of the TARP, remember?) The Fed makes generous interest payments to the banks for "parking" their "excess reserves" at the Fed.

And guess who will end up paying for this "interest" given to the banks, and everything else? That's right, you and me, John and Jane Q. Suckers!! The dumb, fat sheep!

By the way, Neil M. Barofsky is a good guy here -- don't beat up on him. He's in immediate danger of losing his job (if not his life) because he's revealing too many of the Temple's dark secrets. Barofsky deserves our full support.

You can download Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) reports,testimonies and audits at The July 20th, 2009 report, "SIGTARP Survey Demonstrates That Banks Can Provide Meaningful Information On Their Use Of TARP Funds," is especially interesting and can be downloaded at:

This video explains why banks aren't lending - the Fed is paying them higher interest rates to park their government bailout/taxpayer money at the Fed instead of the interest rate they would get from making loans.

The Federal Reserve Is Paying Banks NOT To Make Loans. . .

Louis McFadden said, "We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it”. (R-Pa.)

Thomas Jefferson said, "I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs".

Charles Lindberg said, “The financial system has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board. That board administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money”.

James Madison said, "History records that the moneychangers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling it’s money and it’s issuance".

Barry Goldwater said, "Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the International Moneylenders. The Federal Reserve System has never been audited. It operates outside of the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States". (R-Az.)

Napoleon said that "Money has no motherland. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency. Their sole object is gain". Charles Lindberg said, per the Federal Reserve Act; "This Act establishes the most gigantic Trust on Earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill". (R-Mn.)

Thomas Edison said, "If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%, where the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way. It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30 million in bonds and not $30 million in currency. Both are promises to pay, but one promise fattens the usurers and the other helps the people".

All quotes from Bill Still's video "Capital Crimes - How the Federal Reserve Robs Us Blind" (Provided by Janet Lee Meisinger)



Alan Greenspan - I'm Shocked (Video) (October 23, 2008)

Sub-Prime Mortgage Derivatives - What are they? (View The Video)

How & Why The Federal Government Created The Mortgage Meltdown

Imminent Financial Crisis?

Is Our Future Argentina? Can Bankers Bankrupt & Impoverish A Rich Country?

Argentina's Economic Collapse (Video)

In Case The Bailout Doesn't Work: Plan B

The Financial Collapse: What Will Happen Next?

Are The States Really Broke, Or Hiding Assets? (Devvy Kidd)

How The Crooked Bailout Was Passed By Congress (Video)

U.S. Stocks Tumble in Market's Worst Two-Day Slump Since 1987

Russian Professor Predicts US Will NOT EXIST in 2010 (Let's Prove Him Wrong)

Madoff Tipster Harry Markopolos Assails SEC

Congressman Gary Ackerman has hit the nail on the head regarding the SEC. And inadvertently, has shed light on, not only the Madoff Ponzi scheme, but if you take particular note of his questions, you might easily apply the same reasoning regarding the Federal Reserve, and its own monetary policies. The Federal Reserve creates (book entry) money out of thin air, loans you that thin air, and then expects you to pay back the (thin air) with real value (assets) plus interest (which you have to work for, thus created with the sweat of your brow), and in addition, the Federal Reserve, levies taxes (IRS), which you have to submit, under regulatory controls, exposing your personal finances, to their scrutiny. They thus enslave the entire American citizenry, via their scheme. They, the Federal Reserve, themselves are exempt from scrutiny, regulation, or oversight, in essence, they are the slave masters.

Why does the US Government allow this? Why do the citizens of the United States allow this? In fact why doesn't the US Government just abolish the Federal Reserve System, and then institute new money (debt free) and merely call it US Treasury Notes, circulating it debt free, instead of US Federal Reserve Notes? Are we as a people insane, or are we just gullible patsy morons, who love the status of slavery? We should act like the 'inherent holders of the political power,' legislating the laws, according to the 'law of the land.' Why don't we apply what our Founding Fathers instituted?

Whistleblower Mark Markopolos

Victim of Madoff Fraud: Mr. Goldstein

Congressman Gary Ackerman

Congressman Ron Paul

Let's Hear It For The GOP

When Rule Makers Become Rule Breakers

League of Women Voters: ACTION ALERT: Stand Up Against Administration Fear Tactics

The Real McCain - Idiot or Shill - You Decide (View The Video)

McCain Has Not Delivered On His Promises To Veterans

Devvy Kidd: Why John McCain must not become Commander in Chief

Larry Becraft: Economic Liberty

Larry Becraft Speaks On Freedoms Lost [Video]

Utah To Host $19 Billion NSA SPY Center

The Truth About Facebook

Former Governor Jesse Ventura - Minnesota (CIA Embedded In State Government)

Libby Trial Exposes Shadow US Government

Scott Ritter: "Who Stands Up For Real American Values"

Scott Ritter: "Take Off Those Yellow Ribbons"

Illegal Alien Drug Smugglers Hiding In Plain Sight (Michael Cutler)

Is This President Nuts Or What: National Suicide imminent -- Frosty Wooldridge

Kris Milligan: (Fleshing Out Skull & Bones)

H. Ross Perot - Drug Smuggling

FOIA: H. Ross Perot - Customs Documents: His Investigation - Court Decision

History of Drug Trafficing

Mike Ruppert On 9-11 War Games

The Presidential Hit Squad - Chip Tatum

H. Ross Perot - Chip Tatum - The Pegasus File

The Pegasus File

The Octopus (Drug Smuggling)

Chip Tatum (Video) Speaks Out

The Neutralization of Ross Perot

The Goals & Agenda: The New World Order

Chip Tatum - Briefing Transcripts

The Chip Tatum Chronicles

Chip Tatum - Documentation

In Memorium of Joan Lodato

Mrs Nancy "Chip" Tatum - Interview With Ted Gunderson

Barry Seal

Michael Ruppert on ZBignieuw Brezinski

Under A "Dictatorship" There are NO "Bill of Rights"

Rex 84


The Fed Who Blew The Whistle - Thomas Tamm

Now We Know What The Battle Was About

The Fifth Amendment Must Be Exercised To Remain Effective (Watch Videos)
(Why You Should Never Talk To The Police - Without a Lawyer)
(Regent University Law School - Lawyer/Police Say Why This Is True)

US Army Troops To Serve As Policeman (Bush Signing Statement)

Gang Members While In Iraq Learn Military Tactics And Take It To The Streets
They use these tactics against the police effectively
(View Video For Details)

Elected Officials From Both Parties Unwilling To Protect Our Borders

The Cover Up of Sonny Bono's Murder?

Was Sonny Bono Killed By Hired Ruthless Assassins?

Globe: Special Report: Sonny Bono Was Murdered!

Who Are The Oath Keepers

Chuck Baldwin On Lou Dobbs Tonight

Lou Dobbs Mulls Run For (NJ) Governorship


Lou Dobbs (Obama) North American Union


NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY (This has only been reported by Lou Dobbs on CNN). It is the most significant story of the century, and yet it has not been reported by the mainstream media or the Press. Indeed, were it not for the superb reporting by CNN's Lou Dobbs, we would probably not know very much about this at all.

Lou Dobbs and His Wife Shot At! [38] [39]

Lou Dobb's Wife - Mexican-American

The Heritage Foundation Proven Incorrect on NAFTA - H. Ross Perot was Right

Individual States Declaring Sovereignty

Oklahoma Reclaims its Sovereignty

National ID - The Conundrum of Inforcement

A Soldier's View

The Road To Tyranny - Alex Jones (Video)

The Bush - Hitler Connection? [Watch The Video]

Railroad Box Cars With Shackles Manufactured by Gunderson Steel Facbrication

Gunderson Inc.

Prison & Prisoner Transport

The Greenbrier Companies

Insider Purchase of Steel Companies

The Phil Schneider Story (Fact or Fiction - You Decide)

Source: America's Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton

Currency (Money) Of The United States (1896)

A Preacher Explains Money, Debt, Interest and Depression

Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips

US Government (FDA) Approved (RFID) Implants - Suspected Of Being Deadly

US Government (FDA) Has Banned Vitamin B6 As A Drug -- Absolute Insanity

American Governance: One Country - Two Systems

Interesting Episode: Attorney General Ashcroft and Bush on Continuation of Government

President Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts Consent

President Bush Pardons Drug Dealer - Sends Border Patrol Agents To Prison

Two Brave Border Patrol Agents Headed To Prison

President Bush Commutes The Sentence of Two Brave Border Patrol Agents

President Bush Booed At Washington National Baseball Park

President Bush Booed At Citizenship Ceremony

An Author Argues: Indict Bush For Murder (Video)

There were no WMD in Iraq: How Did Scott Ritter Know? [Fraud In Iraq]

The Bush Family & The Saudi Family

Are The Bush Family NAZIs? (Video Documentation)

Was Katrina A Controlled Weather System - As In ENGINEERED?

Government Gangsters Silence Science

Sandy Rosenthal ( Delivers To Times-Picayune editor Jim Amoss (Hard Copy Letter)

Army Corp of Engineers Attacks In New Orleans??? (Video)

From Big Easy To Big Empty (What Really Happened In New Orleans)

FEMA Ignored Or Buried Formaldehyde Research - Katrina & Rita Victims

New Orleans - Left for dead (Video)
(Senator Edward's Parting Speech As He Leaves Presidential Campaign)

What Really Happened In New Orleans (Firemen Were Told To ShutUp)

What Does The Right To Property Mean?

Grand Jury Power - Take It Back (The Right Of Presentment)



Presidential Elections: Think You Have A Choice?

DNC Detention Centers Prepared For Protestors


The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve

Oswald In New Orleans

More Faked Evidence of Kennedy Assassination (Video)

Kennedy Assassinations - Possibly Revealed = By Insider

National Intelligence Examiner: Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up

Retired FBI Agent Says Oswald Did Not Kill Kennedy

Canadian Free Press: J B Williams Articles

Liquidity Is Gone From The StockMarket

Trends Research Institute - Celeste

CNBC: Jim Rogers: "Abolish the Fed [March 13, 2008]

Roger Holdings: Jim Rogers: On The Investment Banker "Give-Away"

Aaron Russo (Trading Places - Eddie Murphy) Documentary on Federal Reserve System

The Coming Collapse Of The Middle Class (Elizabeth Warren)

A Culture of Surveillence

Government to Regulate the Internet & Social Networking

Jay Rockefeller Discusses Closing Down Of The Internet


Corporations Plan To Pull Plug On Free Internet

Corporations Plan To Control (Death of) The Internet

Who Owns The Federal Reserve - Let's Cut To The Chase

Royal Bank of Scotland Issues Global Stock and Credit Crash Alert (June 16, 2008)



The Bilderberg Group (Daniel Estulin)

The Money Masters

Video - The Money Masters - Part 1

Video - The Money Masters - Part 2

Federal Obligations Exceed World GDP -- $65.5 Trillion Dollars (February 15, 2009)

The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside View of International Banking [Video: G. Edward Griffen]

Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve - Ludwig Von Mises - Video

Roots Of The Savings & Loan Scandal (Government Corruption)

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) The Unknown Company

Ford's Brazilian Plant In Brazil - View The Video

Ford Won't Sell 65-MPG Fiesta in US

Why GM & Ford Need And Deserve Your Support

US: Government Sued: Seizure: Privately Issued Money: Liberty Dollar

Silver, Gold, And The IRS

Democracy vs. Republic: Most aren't taught the difference [Video]

We Can Return To Constitutional Governance: Write in Ron Paul For President

Who Predicted US Economic Collapse A Year Ago? - (Ron Paul Did)

Ron Paul Talks About "Conspiracy" - "North American Union" - "Sovereignty" [Video]

North American Union - VCHIP Truth (Zeitgeist) [Video]

Cheney Laughs About North American Union Agenda Deception

Cheney and Gonzales Indicted - (Private Prisons)

John McCain in "Missing, Presumed Dead

More McCain Mendacity

Conservatives Protest Obama's AIDS Bill

Feisty Lady Lawyer Tells Chief Justice:Investigate Obama

Obama - Think Again! [Video]

Allegation: Obama, Limo, Sex & Drug Party (Video Challenge)

What Does It Mean To Be A Citizen Of The United States - Scott Ritter Explains

Save The Planet? How About Saving The Republic

The Death of the Free Internet IS Imminent

For Those Who Want To Know

Media News Articles - For Those Who Want To Know

The Anatomy of Election Fraud in 2008 (Greg Palast) [Video]

Discovery Backs Theory Oil Not 'Fossil Fuel
[New evidence supports premise that Earth produces endless supply]

Oil IS NOT A Fossil

Fuel - It is Abiotic

The Story About Oil You Need To Hear

Oil and War (A Stage Show by Robert Newman)

Why The Recent RunUp On Oil Prices?

Believers Begin Drilling For Oil In Israel

The Twilight of Irredeemable Debt by Antal E. Fekete

Conned Again - Paul Craig Roberts

The Collapse of American Power - Paul Craig Roberts

Rising Oil Prices Are Obliterating America's Super Power Status

Is The Oil Crisis Being Manufactured?

Fuel Tax Could Be Replaced By Milage Use Tax

North American Union & Its INTENT

New World Order For Dummies (Video)

The Beginners Guide To The New World Order -- Video


Educating Fred Thompson on The North American Union

CNN - The Real Fred Thompson


More Censored Impeachment News - Rep. Robert Wexler

Congressman Wexler Wants To Hold Hearings

Censored: Kucinich Calls For Impeachment Of Bush

The Other Censored Presidential Candidate (Democrat) Dennis Kucinich
(Watch The Video and Learn Why)

Kucinich Throws Reps From Nancy Pelosi to AIPAC Out of His Office

Is Dennis Kucinich Getting McKinneyed (Democratic Opposition to Kucinich Reelection)

Reelect Dennis Kucinich To Congress Campaign



The Truth About Fiat Money And GOLD COINS

Gary North's Comments Regarding GOLD

Gary North's Comments in General

Jury Acquits Wesley Snipes of Tax Fraud

This Is Common Treatment For US Women In Jails (Woman Forcefully Strip Searched: Hope Steffi)

What is Money....Or The Greatest Robbery Of America

The Secret Behind the United States Dollar & Diplomacy


Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency (View The Video)

US Dollar To Be Replaced by The AMERO Very Soon (2009)[View The Video] This is serious business regarding the planned destruction of the US Dollar, to be replaced by the Amero.

The People Spoke: And The House Came Down

Emergency Stabilization Economic Act of 2008

Emergency Stabilization Economic Act of 2008 - Summary

The August Review (Patrick Wood)


$2.3 Trillion Missing (Pentagon) AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE

Abu Dhabi bails out CITIGROUP - Mideast oil state now top shareholder of largest U.S. bank

The Power Elite Playbook: Burn All, Steal All, Kill All

The Republican Choice: A Raving Madman? [Video]

Mideast Commander Retires After Irking Bosses

Feds Raid Liberty Dollar And Seize And Freeze Everything

Judge Orders Google to Turn Over YouTube Records


One Dollar DVD Project

Resume: George W. Bush

George Bush: War Criminal - It's not a wild theory any more (Video)



Jane Mayer "The Dark Side" 7/23/08 [VIDEO]


WALTER CRONKITE Project Censored - The News You're Not Getting (Walter Cronkite)

Meet The Real Walter Cronkite

The Terrible Truth About Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite: "Im Glad To Sit At The Right Hand Of Satan"


The Real News Network

The Scripps News


Processed People - Processed Food

Reorganizing The Americas For Big Business



BIG BROTHER On The FARM (It's called NAIS)

Glen Beck: Exposes Cash For Clunkers Website

Glen Beck: The Bubba Effect

Glen Beck Reveals: The Federal Reserve is Private, NOT Part of US Government (Watch Video)

Glen Beck Reveals: Relationship Between Goldman Sacks & Hank Paulson
Interesting revelation that explains why former Sec. of Treasury Paulson made the decisions that he did.

Glen Beck: (Exposed) America Broke

The Federal Reserve Creates Inflation (It's been a long time since a US Congressman [Ron Paul] spoke intelligently about the Fed's role in impoverishing Americans through its currency manipulations)

Will Congress Disclose - What Everybody Knows (Sibel Edmonds)

Sibel Edmonds (Who Worked For The FBI) - Finally Testifies

Zeitgeist: Charles Lindbergh - Propaganda - Media Manipulation

Storms On The Horizon (Speech: Dallas Fed)

Global Analysis & International Intelligence

The Leo Wanta Story

Agenda 21 For Dummies

White House Tightens Publishing Rules for USGS Scientists


Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Global Climate Debate


John Stossel Rips Apart Global Warming


The Problem Isn't Carbon

Roger Revelle & Al Gore: The Global Warming Scam

US Senate Report: Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

Global Warming Inc.

Forget Global Warming - Try Global Freezing

Socialists Demand Trillions In Climate Debt

CAFR - "EXPOSED" (Important Info for every Community in USA)

Homeland (Chicanery)


Food Supplies

A Time Bomb For World Wheat Crop (Los Angeles Times, Karen Kaplan, June 14, 2009)

THE POWER OF CONFORMITY (Candid Camera - Interesting Revelation)

Burning Down The House: Root Cause Of US Economic Crisis (Video)
This Video is so explosive....that they are banning soon as it is posted. View this video to learn why the Mortgage Crisis Developed, who started it, and How it was enabled to continue, leading to our current meltdown, necessitating a $700 Billion Bailout. The Bailout only protected the Bankers, not the homeowners or the Pension funds. Our monetary system is a debt system, every time new money (debt) is introduced into our economy, it cheapens (lessens) the value of all the money in circulation. Extinguish the debt, and you will extinguish the 'money supply' and eliminate all currency in circulation. (Federal Reserve Notes: US Money: Is a debt instrument).

Predatory Lenders - Deeper in Debt

Remember The Real Estate Boom? (Eliot Spitzer Tried To Warn US)

Why Eliot Spitzer (former Gov. of New York) Was (Politically) Assassinated

  • For those who are interested in knowing why Eliot Spitzer was politically assassinated, this video is a must see. This needs appropriate investigation by all of the States within the Union.

Predatory Lenders: Partner In Crime (Eliot Spitzer: Washington Post)

Roger Stone Tipped FBI on Spitzer

Additional data:

Escort Agency Business & The Death of the Call Girls (Video)

They've Got Your Number

Electronic Tagging of Organic Food AND PEOPLE?!?

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal of Micro-Chipped Population - RFID

President Bush Commutes Sentence of US Border Agents - Campean & Ramos

Former Presidential Candidate Chuck Balwin Comments About Bush Commutation

Public Demands Justice For US Border Guards Imprisoned For Doing Their Jobs

Judicial Watch Sues US Government on Behalf of Imprisoned Border Patrol Agents

Judicial Watch: Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians of 2007

Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Thousands of Patriot Act Abuse Documents

Federal Approval Will be Required to Travel within the US Soon - Homeland Security

This is what is next for Homeland Security: F.A.S.T. Technology

Embarrassingly Stupid Americans -- One in Five Believes Sun Revolves Around Earth [Article]

The Syndrome Of Control - Lindsay Williams

Conservatives Offer No Hope

America's Family Prison


FEMA: Sources Confirm: Martical Law COMING: Wayne Madsen (Videos)

FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders

US Has been preparing to turn America into a military dictatorship

Former President Jimmy Carter -- Calls for New Investigation of 9-11 (WTC)

Former NFL Star Latest To Question/911 Official Story

Willie Nelson: I Question Official Sept. 11 Story

MSNBC News Calls George W. Bush A Liar - Unfit to be President (Keith Olbermann)

Forty-five (45) Republican Pedophiles?

Daniel Hopsicker: Who Will Guard the Guards: Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus [Video]

Disinformation and Conspiracies

9-11 Insider Trading Exposed (by Michael C. Ruppert)

9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush

The 9/11 Solution - Restored

Michael Ruppert: The Truth & Lies of 911 [Video]

911 Was A Hoax - John Kaminski

Oklahoma: Controlled Demolition [Video]

Welcome to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

Faked Evidence - 911 (Loose Change Video)

The Official Story of 911 Doesn't Add Up [Video]

Loose Change: 911 Forums

THE NEW OFFICIAL "Loose Change Final Cut" (NOT A TRAILER NOT 2nd Edition)

Private Investigation of 911 (Loose Change - Final Cut)

Bill Maher Confronts Audience Member Regarding Building 7 Colapse

The Challenge To Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberty

New Mother's Mental Health Test Just Passed The House (April 15, 2009)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - How The News Media Have Failed Us (Video)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - They Are Destroying the Constitution (Video)

US: Congress Passed, Senate Considers Bill To Criminalize Blogs, Books, Speech, Thoughts Critical Of Government [News Target 2007 Nov 28] - Senate Bill 1959 to Criminalize Thoughts, Blogs, Books and Free Speech Across America ["The end of Free Speech in America has arrived at our doorstep. It's a new law called the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and it is worded in a clever way that could allow the U.S. government to arrest and incarcerate any individual who speaks out against the Bush Administration, the war on Iraq, the Department of Homeland Security or any government agency (including the FDA). The law has already passed the House on a traitorous vote of 405 to 6, and it is now being considered in the Senate where a vote is imminent. All over the internet, intelligent people who care about freedom are speaking out against this extremely dangerous law" (Wednesday, November 28, 2007 by: Mike Adams)]Source:

Urgent Call To Action: Senate Bill 1959

Firefighters Asked To Report People Who Express Discontent With The Government

McCann Double-Talk (Presidential Candidate)

The Blueprint For Closing Down An Open Society - Video

What Really Happened At Minot Air Force Base

Ron Paul vs Huckabee - A Soldier's Point of View

"Hook em Horns" (Ron Paul) Hand Gesture - Watch the Video

Knowledge is Key: Understanding How to Prevent Ending of America

The People's United Community -- British Analysis

Terrorists Embed Themselves In Countries They Attack - Michael Cutler

Ministry of Homeland Security’s "LED Incapacitator" [Video]

Shift Happens
Knowledge is indeed Power:
Know that:

What Young Americans Think of the Bush Presidency
[Watch the Video)

Jailing Kids For Cash

General Motors: There are Air Cars That Can Run on Hot Air (Literally)

MDI (French) Air Car Company - Air Car Technology HERE TO STAY

General Motors Shareholder Wipe Out

Hawaii Endorses Plan For Electric Cars

The Suppression of Inconvient Facts In Physics

Oil - Oil - Oil - It's All About OIL
Pogue, Hydrogen - Stories of Suppression (Sepp Hasslberger)

Original Blue Prints For The Pogue Carburator Found (Sepp Hasslberger)

Is This Why CNN Sells WAR?

Bullies, Cowards And Something Else

Since Gulf War 1 - 73,846 US Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled

U. S. Sovereignty vs UN Globalism - Abolition of US Constitution vs Totalitarian Police State

Kurt Vonnegut - A Man Without A Country

Who Killed 9/11 Hero John O'Neill? (FBI)

Obstruction, Cover Up? You Decide!

John O'Neill Murdered?

In Memory of John O'Neill - Dedicated FBI Investigator

Paul Bremer and 9/11 [VIDEO]

Paul Bremer: "What I Really Said About Iraq"

FBI Informant Exposed - Resigns [NeoCon Nuttery]

Is This 20-Year CIA Vet Crazy For Saying 9/11 Is a Probable Inside Job?

Former CIA Officer Robert Baer Questions Torture and 911

Sec of State Condoleezza Rice - Lying About Torture [Video]

Suzie Q Word Press

Replacing Controlled Newspapers With Real Ones (Devvy Kidd)




Man Stabs and Beheads Copassenger on Bus (Canada)

Dangerous Tires Are Being Sold In The United States To Consumers (ABC News Video)

Mad Cow Morning News

OpEd News OpEds

Stan Deyo News

OUT THERE TV (Truth is out there) VIDEO


News By Jon Christian Ryter

The Idaho Observer

Blimp TV

Information Clearinghouse - Info

Alan Stang - A Perspective

Free Energy - A Reality Not A Conspiracy

Why The Price Of "Peak Oil" is Famine

Pickens: U.S. Faces Disaster over Oil Wealth Exodus

The Bush Administration - EPA - Senator Barbara Boxer [Video]


Death Of Liberty: The Final Scene Unfolds

How To Create An Angry American [Video]

Lies, Lies and More Lies: As The "Cookie" Crumbles

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Calls For Impeachmeent of VP Cheney

Rep. Wexler Calls For Impeachment of VP Cheney

Ron Paul Dreamer: Hardly: His Intent: To Restore The Republic

Daniel Estulin (The Consummate Insider)

The Internet is in Serious Trouble


Australia: Senator Ludlam questions Minister Conroy: Regarding Filtering The Internet

Michael Moore Breaks His Silence

Top Secret That Government Doesn't Want You To Know

Right to Gun Ownership Protected.....Think Again
Gun Owners in Great Brittain & Australia Lost Their Right (Overnight)

Visions From A Crystal Ball: The Second Amendment & The Right To Bare Arms

What the Second Amendment is For ( Dr. Susan Gratia )

History of Concealed Carry


Montana Has It Right On Second Amendment (Chuck Baldwin)

Saucy George Carlin: Who Controls America



Michael Parenti: Political Commentary

How George Bush Supports Our Troops - Michael Parenti


American Free Press

We The People vs The U. S. Government

The Right To Petition Lawsuit vs The U. S. Government

Is The U. S. Government Losing on Substantive Issues?

Hauert v. IRS 2007

The Real McCain - Lost in Space


Supreme Court Strikes Down FDA Preemption

Big Pharma & The FDA: Suppress The Science & Ban The Natural

Pushing Drugs - Big Pharma



Corporations: Walmart: Treatment of its Employees (Video)

A Salt-Water Powered Vehicle is NOW POSSIBLE - Thanks to John Kanzius

Judge Jones Slapped By Ninth Circuit In The Kahre/Loglia Trial

Paperwork Reduction Act Compliance

Criminal Tax Manual: DOJ

Petition For Redress of Grievance - Bob Schulz

Paper: Truth About The Income Tax

You Are A Slave To The Goverment

60 Minute Piece: Justice Department Selective Prosecution

New York Times: Two (2) Ex-I.R.S. Lawyers' Licenses Suspended for Misconduct'


This Friday, Feb. 22nd, 2008: SCOTUS To Reconsider Landmark WTP v. US

Judges Order Stifles A Basic Right

Articles of Impeachment


This Bill has already passed the House as H.R. 1955, known as: Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. Brasscheck TV has present a video regarding the interpretation of this ACT. Currently, it is in the Senate (Contact your Senators and Tell Them How You Want Them To Vote on S.1959).

Paul Craig Roberts on H.R. 1955 [Video]


Kucinich on HR 1955 ("I Think It's Unconstitutional")

AE911Truth.Org Equated with Terrorism - Research = Terrorism
Architects and Engineers are equated with Terrorism - because they are demanding an investigation into 911. Take a look at the Video:

Russia, Georgia & The US (Gorbachov Explains) (Video Interview) [Larry King Interview]

Take-Over of the United States (Selected Videos)

Blackwater: The Private "Mercenary" Army

CORPORATIONS are rarely held accountable for their actions, specifically the negative aspects of their corporate decisions. The Love Canal (Occidental Petroleum) comes readily to mind. The mistakes that they create never go away, leaving destruction and ruin in their paths. Rarely do they pay the price, or fully compensate, or restore what they have destroyed. They are protected in the United States, by the Fourth Amendment. They are given absolute US Constitutional protections, that most Americans are DENIED themselves. Recently Shell Oil Company created a significant problem in Ireland, that destroyed an entire community. When that community protested, they were viewed and treated as 'criminals.' View the VIDEO:
[ ]

Halliburton, Oil Companies, And All Significant Corporations Have Left The United States -- They know something YOU don't know. (And They Are Not Taking ANY Chances)

Rep. Maxine Waters (Dem) Threatens To Nationalize (Socialize) The Oil Companies
She Reveals The Democrat Agenda of Socializing the US Energy Policy

Dick Cheney Admits CIA GOVERNMENT Coverup

Vice President Dick Cheney Knew IRAQ War would be a Quagmire

Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Penny Coleman - Flashback'

The Rogue Government - Alternative News

Chip Tatum: What Happens To Independant Candidates (License To Kill)

American Dementia (Benzine in Soft Drinks) [Video]

60 minutes (Mike Wallace) Negative Effects Of Swine Flu Vaccination

Million TIMES More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!

Davd Icke: "Do Not Take/Get Shots/Vaccination"

How To Legally Say NO To All Vaccines

How To Legally Avoid Immunizations of ALL Kinds

The Truth About The Flu Shot

[Expect Dangerous Reactions When Children Are Treated Like Cattle]

Children Herded Like Cattle For Forced Vaccinations

Journal of Pediatrics Makes Dangerous & Idiotic Claim: "Mercury is Good For You" {Video)

Suicide Link To Acne Drug Officially Established - FDA

FDA Approved the Wrong Drug Plant

Cathy O'Brien Discusses "State's Rights" and "Mind Control" [Video]

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

The Credit River Decision

Who Controls The Black Bloc Anarchists?

Illuminati: The Hidden Agenda For World Government - Video (Norman Dodd Interview)

The Faustian Of Modern Science (Philip D. Collins)

Read It Before It Is Banned:
Documentation Exists Regarding Our Present Version Of The Illuminati.


Mexican UCLA Teacher Planning Revolution in USA

MEXICAN MILITARY CROSSING INTO USA - HELPING DRUG SMUGLERS {And the Bush Administration is doing nothing to stop this - watch the online video)

The Signing Statements Of President George W. Bush [FRONTLINE - VIDEOs]

American Veteran Cuts Down The U.S. Flag Raised Illegally [Video]

Homeland Security: Prove your Citizenship on Demand or Face Deportation


US Congress Debate Begins On North American Union

The Ron Paul Story

Interview with Romney pushes Mark Larsen to support Ron Paul

Barry Goldwater Jr Endorses Ron Paul For President in 2008

National Presidential Caucus Announces Results From First-Ever National Caucus

CNN DEBATE: Ron Paul Shines at Republican Presidential Debate: [Nov. 28,2007]

Were It Not For the Internet - Ron Paul Would Simply Disappear

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul And What He Stands For

Europeans Express Their Support For Ron Paul - VIDEO

Ron Paul On "Face The Nation" (November 11, 2007) [VIDEO]

ABC News Covers Ron Paul's Phenomenal One Day $4.2 Million Cash From Public

Ron Paul Explains Why A Debased Monetary System Is Harmful

Ron Paul Questions Fed Chairman Ben Bernake Regarding, Inflation & Devalued Dollar

All The News You Are Not Getting From The Controlled Media

Chemtrail Plane Photographed On The Ground

CHEMTRAILS: Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails [VIDEO]

Founder of Weather Channel Says Global Warming Is The Greatest Scam in History [VIDEO]

Are Elections Free in America? [Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy Jr.]

Computerized Election Fraud

Blackbox Voting: Bev Harris

Fifty (50) States Sued to Block Computerized Vote Counting

Rudy Giuliani Received Pat Robertson's Endorsement & David Rockefeller's Blessing [VIDEO]

Rudy Giuliani's Secret Testimony [VIDEO]

Pat Robertson's Endorsement of Rudy Giuliani Angers Christians

Ron Paul Breaks Single Day On-Line Fund Raising Record

Good Cop/Bad Cop Provocateurs Try To Incite Riot At Peaceful Rally
(Necessitating Intervention of Riot Police - But is Quickly Stopped by Rally)

Yahoo Officials Help The Red Chinese Jail A Journalist

Communism Alive & Well in Russia

Scott Ritter Critical of the Bush Administration and AIPAC

Donald Trump: Bush Is The Worst President In US History

Bush Video Ten (10) Years Ago

Buried 60 MINUTES Interview Reveals Bush Planned Iraq War Before 911 [Video]

Bush Admits Iraq Had Nothing To Do with 9/11 - Video

Bush Caught Lying About September 11, 2001

Bush Administration Caught Contradicting Itself Six (6) Times

Is Bush An Idiot? [MSNBC News Report]

Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud

National Lawyers Guild Unanimously Passes Impeachment Resolution
(Launches National Impeachment Committee & Campaign)

House Resolution: H. Res. 333 (Listed in House Resolution: H. Res. 635)

Kucinich Will Introduce Privileged Resolution To Force Vote On Impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney TODAY

Serious Push to Impeach V. P. Cheney

The Downing Street Memos

Is A Presidential Coup Underway?

Bush Given Dictatorial Powers

What An Attack In Iran Will Look Like (Scott Ritter)

A Second Look At The War On Terrorism - G. Edward Griffin

Terror Storm - Alex Jones (Video)

The Detention Camps ARE REAL

Bush Administration Pushes Bill Granting Themselves Immunity For War Crimes

Chavez of Venezuela - Back In Power By The Venezuelean People - They Love Him
Chavez Elected According To Their Constitution - They Placed Him Back In Power

Former Fed Chairman Greenspan Admits Iraq Was About OIL

Soldier Faces Threats From Military For Failure To Take Anthrax Vaccine

Anthrax Suspect's Suicide: Who Benefits? (Devvy Kidd)

The Greening by Larry H. Abraham

Fuel From Algae vs Ethenol From Corn (Much Greater Return)

US Food Riots Much Closer Than You Think

The Most Astonishing Health Disaster Of The Twentieth (20th) Century [ Video ]


US House of Representatives Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill
Patriots To Be Defined as Terrorists

Ron Paul: 2008 Presidential Candidate: His Story [ Video ]

Ron Paul Mops The Floor With CNN [ Video ]

Ron Paul Questions the Federal Reserve With Critical Analysis - Fed Chairman Bernanke Responds (Video)

Ron Paul Fights Powerful Plutocracy

Is Ron Paul Right About Iraq? [Video]

Ron Paul Describes Potential "Gulf of Tonkin" Type Resolution

--- Ron Paul: "Dollar Could Collapse To Absolute Zero"

Patriot Act - In Action

Federal judge blasts Congress, strikes down part of Patriot Act

Saudi's Dump Dollar (US Bonds)In Anticipation of US Dollar Collapse


Honda Creating Home System For Drivers To Make Hydrogen

A Price To Pay For Alternative Fuels

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Documentation

What Exactly Is MSG?

MSG - Slowly Poisoning America

Hidden Sources of MSG in Foods

Truth in Labling - The Evidence

Hidden In Processed Foods

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Toxicity Webpage

NYTimes Article: Yes, MSG, The Secret Behind The Savor

Where Is MSG Hidden?

MSG Being Sprayed On Fruits; Nuts; Seeds; Grains & Vegetables - As They Grow

FDA Tyranny To Become Law: HR2900 - The Great CONGRESSIONAL Sellout!

FDA Announces Plans To Eliminate Vitamin Companies

X-FILES - LONE GUNMAN - 9-11 (Video Interview - Actor)


FAST FOOD - Improved: Think Again

The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods

Have you ever heard of "Morgellon’s Disease?"
This Company May Be The Biggest Threat To Your Health

[Possible Cure: Alfalfa Seeds. Have a Bath with Sun powdered laundry detergent with Colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa tablets].

DOCTORS WARN: AVOID GM (Genetically Modified) FOODS

GM "Food" linked to the nightmare condition called Morgellon’s Disease

Monsanto, Morgellon’s Disease, and GM Foods

Fox News Kills Monsanto "MIlk" Story

Monsanto Moves To Control Water Resources & Fish Farming

Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa (April 2nd, 2009)

Genetic Foods - Monsanto Revealed (Part 1) [Video]

Genetic Foods - Monsanto Revealed (Part 2) [Video]

Genetic Foods - Monsanto Revealed (Part 3) [Video]

The Genetic Conspiracy - About Monsanto (Part 1) [Video]

The Genetic Conspiracy - About Monsanto (Part 2) [Video]

The Genetic Conspiracy - About Monsanto (Part 3) [Video]

Donald Rumsfeld - The Aspartame Poisoner

Aspartame: What It Does To You & Your Children

Aspartame - Part 1 of 2 -- 60 Minutes Segment -- 12/29/1996

Aspartame - Part 2 of 2 -- 60 Minutes Segment -- 12/29/1996

Donald Rumsfeld Makes $5 Million On Bird Flu Drug

One Woman's Astonishing Experiment With Aspartame

How Aspartame Became Legal

Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy

Sick From Aspartame - Meet Donald Rumsfeld

Aspartame Gate - When Donald Rumsfeld Was CEO Of Searle

Donald Rumsfeld - In Bed With Aspartame

FDA Targets Herbal Tea Products (Censorship Against Nutritional Products?)

The Great Federal Water Grab

Mother Jailed For Curing Her Son and Put On Trial

Happy Holidays - Lawrenceburg, Indiana Police Dept' (Police raid
wrong house, destroy it, leaving young mother & child homeless).

VW To Build 258MPG Car For $600 Per Car In China Next Year (2010)

(Refusing to be Muzzled by LA Auto Show, AFS Trinity Pulls 150 MPG SUV out of Show; Will Exhibit Elsewhere in LA During Show)

The Electric Auto Association

Fast Electric Car - Video [Who Killed The Electric Car?]

Drag Racing -- Fast Electric Car -- Lithium Batteries -- Make It Lighter

Who Killed The Electric Car?

Electric Hybrids & Cars - Tesla's Pierce Arrow

Hybrids Converting & Plugging In

Mercedes to Cut Petroleum Out of Lineup of New Cars by 2015

The World's First Air-Powered Car (India)

The Car That RUNS ON WATER - Why Haven't YOU Heard About IT?

The Russians Verified John Searl's Work & Invention - Jeane Manning

Meetings & Events - ( Trilateral Commission )

We The People Foundation - Epic Unfolding

We The People Foundation - LATEST NEWS

U.S. Supreme Court Dockets Landmark Right to Petition Case

Bill Benson Litigation - The Sixteenth Amendment

Jeffrey Dickstein (Attorney At Law) in Defense of Bill Benson
author of the book:

For further information regarding "The Law That Never Was" go to [92]

2004 Ballots Not Preserved - Presidential Election - In Violation of Court Order

Is This Why Karl Rove Suddenly Resigned? VIDEO: (Bobby Kennedy Jr & Greg Palast)

Judicial Watch Uncovers 2005 Chertoff Implementation Memo on Security and Prosperity Partnership


The Cause of Bankruptcy: Private US Health Insurance

Blue Blood Kerry Is Related To King Harrold

Debt Relief & Vulture Funds (Greg Palast) Video

Do You Know The Truth About The European Union?

China is Quietly Dropping U. S. Treasuries - Massive Inflation Follows

China To Spy On Olympic Visitors

US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property - Beyond Treason

Obama Sells U.S. To China Inc.

What Is Money?

Rule By Secrecy - Jim Marrs

Rule By Secrecy - On Line Book by Jim Marrs

Etheric Rain Engineering

Fifty (50) Things You're Not Supposed To Know

The Rockefeller File - On Line Book by Gary Allen

The Black Swan

Unfiltered News From The Reality Zone (G. Edward Griffin)

Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates


Two (2) Acts of Tyranny Committed on The Same Day

The JPM Derivatives Monster

The Truth, The Bad, The Ugly [T. E. Lang]

Corporate Media Censor Ron Paul's Debate Success

ABC Told Rosie Not To Talk About Dead US Troops

Lee Iacocca: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Forbidden Topics: As Long As You Don't Question 911, You Can Question Anything

Debunking 911 Debunking



911 VIDEOs (Destruction of World Trade Center - New York City)

NEW 911 Video - TWIN Towers NYC

911 Impossible Plane Speed With Boeing Aircraft

Total Proof: Bombs Were Planted In The Building (9-11) - (Video)

Military Leaders Question 9-11

Pilot who flew 2 planes used on 9/11 doesn't believe official story

According to the Recently Murdered Benazir Bhutto - Osama bin Laden is dead [Video]

Tension Grows Between U. S. Soldiers and Mercenaries In Iraq

Iraq corruption whistleblowers face penalties

The Eighth Estate

Who's Profiting From The Iraq War?


Ron Paul For President 2008

Ron Paul - Personal Information

Ron Paul Odds Slashed Dramatically: 15 to 1 from 200 to 1

Ron Paul: A Message To Tyrants

Ron Paul - Video - When In The Course Of Human Events

Our American Common Law - Dale Pond

Green Lies & Amazing Truths (Global Warming Detractor)

WorldNetDaily: "Angry Truckers To Encircle DC With Blockade"

WorldNetDaily: Consumers In Dark Over New Lightbulbs: Compact Flurescent Lightbulbs: CFLs - [Mecury Danger Inside: If They Break....Mercury is released into your Home Environment]

Trashing America By Endless Immigration

Nancy Levant - Archive

Benjamin Fulford

George Taylor Fulford

Letters To David Rockefeller From G. T. Fulford

The AnteChamber - V. K. Durham

Interesting News Not Mentioned On Mainstream Press

Virginia Tech Killer Identified


The Treatment of Children as 'Criminals'

We The People Organization - To Protect the Constitution of the United States

We The People Organization: US, Israel & AIPAC

Federally Funded Boffins Want to Scrap the Internet

Americans With Head In Sand - New Currency - The AMERO OnLine Video

YouTube - The Amero - North American Currency The Amero is being looked at as the defacto currency of the North American Union ...Click for more information] Watch video - 2 min 15 sec - Rated 4.9 out of 5.0

Fatal Fallout (Gary Null) - Martin Sheen [Video]

Treasury To See 450 Billion of Trash Per Month

Struggling US Dollar Triggers Currency Concerns - China

The British Are Calling For A New Currency "The Amero" For The US Canada and Mexico - Eliminating the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency

China To Drop One Trillion In US Reserves

China Shifts To Euro's For Iran Oil

Iran Turns From Dollars To Euros in Oil Sales

Iran dumps U.S. dollars in oil transactions

Price of Crude Oil Surges To New Record

The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran - Henry Makow

US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Has Been Arrested In Europe

US Troops Exposed to Danger & Death in Iraq - Video

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict [Video]

Israel Seizes (former US Congresswoman) Cynthia McKinney

If Americans Knew How Israel Treats Palestinian Christians - They Would Be Appalled

If Americans Knew How Israel Treats Palestinians

The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy

Behind The Headlines: The Lobby Strikes Back

John Mearsheimer

The Israel Lobby Targets Tax Honesty Movement

Israeli Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq?

Loss of Liberty: The Israeli Attack on The USS Liberty

USS Liberty Memorial

What Motivated the 911 Hijackers - A Viewpoint [Video]

Film: US Uses Depleted Uranium In Iraq

Depleted Uranium Alert

The Result of Exposure to Depleted Uranium - Video

Film: Depleted Uranium Affecting Iraqi People & US Troops

Film: Major Rudy (Caricature) on Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium Blamed For Cancer Clusters Among Iraqi War Vets

US Government Spying: Total Information Awareness Is Back!

Navy, Marine Bases Blocking World Net Daily Site by Bob Unruh

Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud - Video

Foreign Corporations Agree To Buy Newspapers In US To Silence Opposition to Mexico-to-Canada Toll Road

US Generals and Admirals Will Quit If Bush Orders Attack On Iran

Bush Fulfills His Dad's Dream of A New World Order [Video]

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Bush & The War in Iraq

A History of Iraq & Kuwait


Medicine & Orthodoxy (The Cure OR The Killer) (Historical Reference)

Germ Theory of Disease

The AMA At Its Worse: Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes A Crime

The Deliberate (Chemical) Dumbing Down Of America

Deeper Down The Rabit Hole(Online Radio Interview)

Cheap Safe Drug That Kills Most Cancers

FDA Attempting To Regulate Supplements, Herbs & Juices As Drugs

Chimera Embryros Have Right to Life, Bishop Says

Scientists Allow Experiment on Hybrid Embryos

Control The Energy To Control The People - Video

The Water Car

Conspiracy Against Renewable Energy By John F. Miglio

High Fructose Corn Syrup [Hearts Enlarged Until They Exploded]

Study -- High Fructose Corn Syrup Contains MERCURY


Paul Craig Roberts on HR 1955

US Hypocracy Reaches All-Time High Paul Craig Roberts

Bill O'Reilly gets his ass kicked by Phil Donahue!!

Brzezinski: Time For The Congress To Assert Itself Against Bush Bullying Paul Craig Roberts

The World Can Halt Bush's Crimes By Dumping The Dollar Paul Craig Roberts

Americans Have Lost Their Country by Paul Craig Roberts

Who Killed JFK Jr? [ Video ]

Doctors Condemn "Threatening" Taser Court Ruling

Vancouver Media Covers World Reaction to Taser Death

Man Tasered, Sprayed & Beaten by Chilliwack RCMP [Video]

Vancouver Airport Taser Killing of Dziekanski by Police [Video]

News Account: Taser Death by RCMP at Vancouver Airport

Driver Tased Asking Officer Why He's Stopped While Wife/Baby Scream For Help

Florida Student Tasered for Asking Kerry if He is a Member of Skull & Bones (Sept 17, 2007)

War On Terror Raiding World's Gold Treasure

Assassination of Martin Luther King

Is This Why They Killed Martin Luther King?

UnCelebrate Martin Luther King Day - Commentary by Alan Stang

Inflation & War Finance [Congressman Ron Paul - Texas]

Devvy Kidd on The Non-Necessity of Income Taxes

Beardsley Ruml - The Father of Income Tax Withholding

Beardsley Ruml's Road to Ruin

Beardsley Ruml - The Greedy Hand In The Velvet Glove - Hoover Institution

Beardsley Ruml - The Rise of Commodity Education

Guide to Beardsley Ruml Papers - University of Chicago

What is Taxed, Or Taxable Income?


An Attorney Challenges Tax Law & US History In The Making

Tom Cryer JD, - The Lie Free Zone

Tom Cryer, the Shreveport Lawyer who has taken on the IRS, explains why most Americans are not liable for the income tax: There Is No Law Making Them Liable!

Tom Cryer: ".....people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever," lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts.
IRS Loses Challenge & Cannot Prove Tax Liability

Truth Attack Downloads - Tom Cryer - Radio & Court Transcripts

The Peter Mack Radio Show - Tom Cryer

The Constitutional Conspiracy: Courts Colluding With White House To Avoid Accountability

Judge Orders a Web Site Selling Tax-Evasion Advice to Close
NY Times Article: Bob Schulz: We The People Foundation

Debt To The Penny & Who Holds It

Democrats Beef Police State With 9-11 Commission Bill

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal of Microchipped Population

America's Secret Establishment

On Line Video Interview With Dr. Antony C. Sutton

A Second Interview with Antony C. Sutton - Antony C. Sutton
(Discusses The Order of Skull & Bones - RTA Inc.)[Video Interview]

Documents Reveal Shaddow Government

US Army Documents Reveal Zionist/US Complicity in Bolshevik Revolution

The Minuteman Project

The Freedom Force International

Thirty-three (33) Senators Who Voted Against America?

Bella V. Dodd

Bella and The Union

Letter To The Editor

Bella V. Dodd – School of Darkness

A Brief Chronology of Collectivism

W. Cleon Skousen & Bella V. Dodd

The Secret Societies – The Unseen Hand

Interesting Parallel

Lines of Credit - Ropes of Bondage

Speaker Pelosi's Controversial Marxist Connections

Math Education - An Inconvenient Truth - Video

And for those who still find it difficult to understand how the RTA is able to incorporate the ‘Hegelian dialectic’ as a conflict creation tool and thereby structure ‘history’ to their desires and goals should examine Stranger than Fiction by Albert D. Pastore


Additional Sources:


Albert D. Pastore author of Stranger Than Fiction makes a very strong and compelling case that Mossad Agents have been running rampant throughout the United States, performing espionage and causing mayhem and destruction [WTC-911]. He essentially charges them [Mossad] with the responsibility for the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC. His conclusions are frightening and compelling. You be the judge as to the veracity of his findings.

What Really Happened on 9-11

Hacking Democracy

Diebold Demands HBO Cancel 'Hacking Democracy' -- Interesting

Diebold Voting Machine Contractor Executive Has Criminal Background

Hacking Democracy -- HBO Special - Video

Lou Dobbs Speaks Of 'Hacking Democracy' New Documentary

Further Research on Hacking Democracy

County prepares to sue Diebold

Can You Trust The Mainstream Media To Tell You The Truth?

The Suppression of Inventions

The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics

Suppressed Medical Cures - Dr. Robert Beck - Video

US Secrecy Order Regarding Inventions

Patents DO NOT Guaranty Protection or Success

More Inventor Lives Threatened [ Ken Rasmussen ]

Murder By Remote Control?

Whistleblower Dies In Suspicious Circumstances

Alan Russo - America - Freedom To Fascism - Video

Al Gore Rejects George W. Bush & Military Commissions Act

Supreme Court Restores Habeas Corpus, Strikes Down Key Part Of Military Commissions Act (June 12, 2008)

The Military Commissions Act - (The Law)

The Military Commissions Act

The Military Commissions Act - Questions & Answers

Democracy Under Attack in the U.S.

The Enemy Combatant Law Nullifys Habeas Corpus - U.S. Constitution

Military Commissions Act of 2006

Why The Military Commissions Act Is Flagrantly Unconstitutional by Senator Patrick Leahy

Four (4) Versions of the Bill

American Prison Camps Are Underway

The Military Commissions Act 2006 (S3930) ALLEGEDLY Signed into law 10/17/2006 According to the US Constitution, if Congress has adjourned, a bill MUST be signed within 10 days or it is automatically pocket vetoed. Congress adjourned September 30, 2006. George W. Bush signed the bill on October 17, 2006, seventeen days (12 business days) later. 10/20/2006

Video - Vote Fraud - Devvy Kidd

E-Voting Glitch Turns Up in Texas

Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws [Video about Voting Machines]

Federal Judge Rules Bush Terrorist Blacklist is Unconstitutional

Bush Signing May Change Mail Laws

Social Security Billions Could Go To Mexico

Codex & Nutricide - Video

Other Aspects of the Control Paradigm
The Peter Zimmerman Affair

Antony C. Sutton wrote about Peter Zimmerman

The Suppression of a Book: As Easy As: Mergers & Acquisition

Myron C. Fagan - 1887-1973

Myron C. Fagan Exposes Illuminati

Congressman Louis T. McFadden

Louis T. McFadden's Speech In The House of Representatives - 10 June 1932

Death of Congressman Louis T. McFadden [1936]

Congressman Ron Paul

Texas Straight Talk - Ron Paul

Rep. Ron Paul Files For Republican Presidential Bid

Ron Paul - U-Tube Interview

Ezra Pound the Poet of the Pisan Cantos, who influenced such notables as Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost and T. S. Eliot requested of a young Eustace Mullins, that he investigate the Federal Reserve System. Pound, the originator of the Social Credit theory, became suspicious of the actual Federal Reserve System, and paid Mullins to research the Federal Reserve at the Library of Congress. Mullins wrote a book, shortly thereafter, detailing his findings.
The Influence of Ezra Pound on Western Thought - Commentary

Ezra Pound - Eustace Mullins - Secrets of the Federal Reserve

Documentation: Ezra Pound

Commentary on Ezra Pound

The Great Housing Crunch of 2007 - Fed Engineered Housing Depression

Was The 2004 Election Stolen?

How The United States Received George W. Bush As President

1040 Checkmate: Is The IRS Complicit in Tax Fraud?

Robert Lawrence - The Dept of Justice

Robert Lawrence - Indicted By The Grand Jury - March 2006

Robert Lawrence - IRS Begs For Petition of Dismissal

Robert Lawrence - UpDates

Ed Brown IRS Stand-Off Video

The Brown's Property Now In Government Hands

Ed Brown Speaks From Prison [Prison Phone Interview]

An Observation of the Control Paradigm - Tom Valone - Integrity Research

Tom Valone Has Been Vindicated

Video - Tom Valone - Zero Point Energy Extraction From The Vacuum


Energy By Motion - Budapest, Hungary - U-Tube Video

Free Energy Videos

Steven Mark - Free Energy - Solid State Generator - Video

Steve Jobs (Apple Computer) - An Uncoventional Inventor - Breaks The Paradigm Barrier

Video - KGB Brainwashing Process - G. Edward Griffin

LeakGate: The Whitehouse Scandal: Finally Tips The Scale

The Case Against Secretary Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld Charged With Torture During Trip To France

Bush Link To Kennedy Assassination?

The Bush - Hitler Connnection [Video]

Skull & Bones: The Bush China Connection

The Bush Family & Red China

United States of America & China Chamber of Commerce

Neil Bush Contract With China Chip Maker

American Manufacturers Speak Out Against China Policy

Seventy Seven Year-Old Christian Lady Near Death After Torture in Jail

Red China's Treatment of Dissidents

Three (3) Christians in China - Secretly Executed

Basic Voting Rights Still Repressed In China

Epoch Times Reporters Jailed in [Red] China

Chinese Airline Captain Makes Painful Choice

Unrest in Guizhou Province Quashed By Armed Police

China Protest Village Again Erupts in Conflict

Horrific New Evidence of China Organ Harvesting Revealed

Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating INFANTS as Delicacy

The Nine Commentaries On The Chinese Communist Party

Over 200 Falun Gong Practitioners Died From Persecution in 2006

911 Mysteries - Video

Who Put THERMITE/THERMATE In The World Trade Center - Bollyn

The 'Dustification' of WTC - 911 Steel Beams

Source Analysis: 'Dustification of Steel Beams

William Rodriguez 911 Hero - [Eyewitness Account Interview] G. Edward Griffin

William Rodriguez - [9-11 Hero & Eyewitness Account (On Line Video)]

WTC 7 Foreknowledge

Time Stamp Confirms BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance

BBC Busted - WTC 7 911 [Building 7 is still standing, while the BBC reporter states that it has already come down] - View the Video Clip

Building 7 - IS The Smoking Gun of 9-11

John Kerry (RTA Inc) Building 7 Was Deliberately Demolished

The Facts of September 11, 2001: 9/11 Independent Investigator

The True Story of 9-11?


Is There Evidence The US Government Planned & Executed 911?

Source Ref:

Jim Marrs: 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB [Video]

Military Experiments on Civilians?

Benazir Bhutto Murdered For Revealing Too Many Secrets?

Benazir Bhutto "In Her Own Words" (Video)

Benazir Bhutto Reveals That Osama Bin Ladin Was Murdered

Benazir Bhutto Is Assassinated

CIA Analyst Supports 911 Inside Job Evidence

Boston Air Traffic Controller Says 9-11 An Inside Job

At Least One Foreign Country Assisted The 9-11 Terrorists – Senator Bob Graham

Who Had Prior Knowledge of the Attacks on 9-11? - And Why?

Suppressed Details of Insider Trading - Michael C. Ruppert

Investigate 9-11

9-11 AirCraft Oddities Examined - Non-Commercial Planes?

Dave Von Kleist Discusses 9-11 "In Plane Site"

9-11 "In Plane Site" Dave Von Kleist

US Government's Response to Dave Von Kleist

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? [Steven E. Jones]

Was 9-11 An Inside Job?

Are We Being Told Lies?

9-11 Eye Witness - Hoboken, New Jersey - Video

9-11 What We Saw - I Witness Account

9-11 Loose Change Video’s [Google] [In-depth Analysis]

9-ll Mysteries - Full Lenght - High Quality - Video

Bush Response to 9-ll

Melted Steel Much Hotter Than Jet Fuel

New WTC Complex Photos Highlight Bizarre Building 7 Collapse (August 23, 2006)

BYU Group Accuses US Officials Of Lying About 9-11

Dr. Steven E. Jones Paper

Cutter Charges Brought Down WTC Buildings Professor Says!

Evidence of Thermite on WTC Core Columns

1/3 of Americans Suspect 9-11 Government Conspiracy

9/11 Never Forget

9-11 On Trial

International Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal


5.5 Ton Coccaine Bust Reveals New Details of 9-ll Attack

Aircraft Owners [5.5 Ton Coccaine Bust] include Tom Delay Appointee: Royal Sons LLC.

Obstruction of Justice: Mena Arkanas: Bobby Seal

Jail Time For Tenent?

Jeff Rense

Video - Terror Storm

Rare Truth From US Media (CNN) - Israel Started War Against Hamas

Israel & The United States
"By Way of Deception – Thou Shalt Do War" [Mossad]
Israel & 9-11

Sharon To Peres: We Control America

The Israeli Spy Ring

911 Israeli Spy Report Fox TV Was Forced To Pull

Hundreds of Mossad Agents Caught Running Wild in America

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11

Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of 9-11 Attacks

At Least One Foreign Country Assisted The 9-11 Terrorists – Senator Bob Graham

Is Israel Blackmailing America?

Head of AIPAC Boasted About His Control of American Politicians

Israel's Deliberate Attack On The U.S.S. Liberty

Zionists Make A Deal With The Devil - Henry Makow

Jews Against Zionism

Jeff Rense: A Personal Message Regarding Zionism

Israel - Lebanon & Depleted Uranium

Spain Finds Weapons In Ship From Israel

Tom Flocco Website

Agents Say Foley Scandal Tip of Iceberg Lobbyist Abramoff ran Capitol Hill call-boy sex service at DC hotel

Amber Alert On Capital Hill -- Abducted Children Now Dead

Do Governments Use Terror To Control You?

Death By Government R. J. Rummel Ph.D

US Army Made Video of Depleted Uranium - But Never Showed It To The Troops

Depleted Uranium Far Worse Than 9-11

Depleted Uranium: Devestation at Home and Abroad

Depleted Uranium Killing Italian Troops Who served In Bosnia

Global Research

Depleted Uranium Death Toll Among US War Veterans Tops 11,000

Video - Kucinich on Depleted Uranium

Before The "War On Terror" There Was The "War On Drugs" (Michael C. Ruppelt)

The Rest of The Story - Brian Downing Quig

Another Real Patriot Dead (Regarding Death of Brian Downing Quig)

Michael C. Ruppelt - From the Wilderness - Video

Who Is Michael C. Ruppelt?

The Bush-Chaney Drug Empire – Michael C. Ruppelt

Michael C. Ruppert

Christopher Bollyn

The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11 (Bollyn)

The Pat Tillman Files - Michael C. Ruppert

Pat Tillman Investigations Spur Questions

Pat Tillman - Our Hero

US Soldier Hailed For Bravery in Iraq Says Pentagon Spin Doctors Made It All Up

Pat Tillman's Brother [Video] Tells What really happened

  • [Video+Tells+What+really+happened&btnG=Google+Search]

Citizens For Legitimate Government

Secret Plan To Intigrate the United States in a Trilateral Agreement With Mexico and Canada

Expansion opposition continues ‘fight to save the state’

Professionals Urge End to Water Fluoridation

Hemp: The Illegal Green Tree

Hemp: The Outlawed Plant

Hemp: Stronger Than Cement & Six (6) Times Lighter

Hemp For Victory
Ron Paul & Barney Frank Introduce Bill To Legalize Hemp

The Fluoride Conspiracy

Harvard Study: Strong Link Between Fluoridated Water and Bone Cancer in Boys

Prominent Researcher Apologies For Pushing Fluoride

The Hidden Deception: The Fluoride Deception - Video

600 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists and Environmentalists Call for an End to Fluoridation

Fluoride - Adding Death To Water (Videos)

Microwave Ovens Destroy Nutritional Value of Food

Brazilian Protesters Destroy GM Crops: Group

The GM Suicide - Thousands of Indian Farmers Committing Suicide

The World According To Monsanto

The World According To Monsanto (Video)

The Full Version of The World According To Monsanto [Video]

Got Milk? - Genetically Engineered Milk By Monsanto

MSG - Obesity & Health Alert


Officer Jack Mclamb Talks About RFID Chips

The True Mission of KAL Flight 007

The last film Stanley Kubrick made was Eyes Wide Shut, and it was as startling as the name of the movie implied. He died shortly thereafter, calling into question, whether there was any ramification regarding, the film and his death. To me it is also significant that shortly thereafter, both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced. The film shows an aspect of life not normally anticipated by the general population. It reveals a subterranean world where reason and objective thinking does not apply. And if the film is an accurate portrayal of true occurrences, then it is a revelation indeed.!

Eyes Wide Shut: Occult Entertainment

An Interesting Account of An Alleged Death Bed Confession

The Mystery of Molech - Video

Satanic Messages: Or Backmasking

Embedded Code In Microsoft?

Books Online

Trineday Publications

Wisconsin - Its Lack of Self Defense

Conspiracy Too Monstrous to Conceive

Alex Jones Arrested For Asking Rumsfeld A Question

Sickened Iraq Vets Cite Depleted Uranium

The British Fabians - And Their Objectives

The Clinton Chronicles (Complete)

Texe Marrs: The Whitehouse Bordello

Texe Marrs: The Two Faces of Zionism

The Rense Reports

Just How Big Is America's Real Deficit?

Behind The Scenes In The Continuing World Revolution: Des Griffin

Commentary Regarding the Control Paradigm

CANCER IS A FUNGUS (An Italian Doctor Explains - Provides A CURE)

The Doctor's Website



Proof that the REPUBLICAN National Committee and DEMOCRATIC National Committee are collaborating together

Here are two videos with an identical presentation...
BUT one is produced by the DEMOCRATIC National Committee.
THE OTHER ONE one is produced by the REPUBLICAN National Committee.
Are RNC and DNC collaborating together?

We are dealing with two sides of the same coin here, and these videos are proof.

The videos will give you the chills when you realize what a charade our electoral process has become.

A People's History of American Empire

Final Warning: History of the New World Order Almost Complete

The Order of Skull & Bones

The Illuminati - 666

Behind The Scenes In The Continuing World Revolution

Executive Order 11110, JFK & The Federal Reserve

John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve

Research: God Did Speak World Into Existence

The writings of Dr.Drábik János (in the Hungarian Language)

Super Holographic Model Of The Universe


Chemtrails - Aerosol Attacks

For those who don't believe that technologies such as these are not suppressed, let me educate you as to the significant depth the suppressors will go to. A member of the NEC found himself experiencing significant oppression when he attempted to host a COFE at the State Department and then at the Commerce Department. Dr. Antony C. Sutton personally apprised me of this........when he was alive and communicating with me via emails directly.

Forbidden Cures

Books & Reading of Interest

The Question of Freemasonry (Devvy Kidd)

Secret Societies & Subversive Movements Online Book by Nesta H. Webster

A Robotic Cop (RoboCop) Is Already A Reality

Should This VIDEO be banned -- You Decide

Sound Print Media Center

Alex Jones Website: Alternative News & Information

WACO: (A Perspective) - The Rules of Engagement (Two Videos)

John F. Kennedy On Secrecy And Secret Societies [Video]


Does The CIA Torture & Murder Even Its Own?

Associated (AP) Press Probe Finds Drugs In Drinking Water

The Exodus Decoded (Biblical Exodus Account Discovered in Egypt)

The Second Most Important Event In The Bible (Bill Sizemore)

Hear The Voices

NASA Flat Out Lied - Movie Trailer - Moon Rising


Gary McKinnon - Non-Terrestrial Officers - Video Corroboration by J. Randolph Winters

  • It appears that Gary McKinnon hacked into very sensitive US Government Military Computers and inadvertently uncovered ultra sensitive information on ultra secret "Off World US Non-Terrestrial Officers." There are significant laws forbidding anyone from engaging with Extraterrestrial Beings from off-world. This appears to have been corroborated by J. Randolph Winters via his interesting videos showing both man-made UFOs and ET UFOs. *The Billy Meier UFO Documentation This tends to support the theory that the people of Planet Earth are being prepped for ET revelation.

United States vs. Gary McKinnon


Gary McKinnon Signs Confession In Effort To Avoid Extradition To US

Free Gary McKinnon Website In The United Kingdom (Parliament - Extradition)


Britain: The People's United Community: A Closer Look At Statutes (by John Harris)


  • Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve - The rise of the control over modern civilization. An important perspective to bear in mind when asking why revolutionary energy technologies haven't been able to make it into the marketplace.
  • Zeitgeist - The Movie: World Trade Center - Movie excerpt addresses the use of 911 terror by inside government elements to control modern civilization. Devastatingly debunks the official line regarding the events of Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Oil > Video: Who killed JFK Jr.? (George W. Bush did) - The brave soul who produced "Loose Change" brings an equally disturbing documentary showing that JFK, Jr.'s death was not an airplane accident, but an assassination, and that George W. Bush was the key perpetrator, securing his seat in a global conspiracy that keeps Big Oil in power.


From my initial foray into understanding how 'control' paradigms influence whole populations of entire countries, I developed an understanding of how 'control' paradigms can be 'localized' in their influence upon individual 'human' objectives. The control of civilization including the separation of entire cultures from each other into distinct and separate societies has been an ongoing 'system' since the beginning of recorded history. The strong and the powerful have always attempted and succeeded in controlling their sphere of influence. They've accomplished their objectives primarily via the creation of 'banking' infrastructures. Since the regulation of 'commerce' is the ultimate societal 'control.' The creation of money and monetary 'control' is the primary extension of monetary control via their 'private' centralized banking monopoly granted to them by each of the societal 'governments' under their sphere of influence. The creation of 'monetized' debt and the taxing infrastructure is the ultimate 'control' of all individuals within each and every societal grouping upon planet Earth. It is the perfect form of 'control' because it is 'hidden' and 'muted' from public perception. For 'slavery' is often overlooked when there are no overt chains and whips nor screams and yells of horror and pain from a life of overt toil and a droll existence. But taxation and 'inflation' are forms of slavery nonetheless, for these rob us of our labor and force us to lose the value of our achievements, causing us to transfer a portion of our 'earnings' and thus our 'time' to both the 'taxman' and to unelected 'monetarists' who continually 'inflate' the circulated 'currency' to sustain their objectives of control.

The financial titans of the American sphere of influence, namely the Rockefeller and Morgan families acquired their wealth via a governmental grant of special privilege via the creation of 'corporations' and 'cartelization' of the growing 'industrial' might of the American empire during the late 1880s through the initial beginning stages of the technological development of American Industry.

Once firmly in 'established' control, these families have refused to relinquish their sphere of influence, maintaining a life and death grip upon the existing infrastructure. They're in the catbird seat and wish to remain there. Unfortunately, they may lead us all to perdition if they are unwilling to accept change with due diligence. With the rise of China and the influence of the Russell Trust, mainland China is accelerating full speed ahead into the twenty-first [21st] century.

Obama Sells U.S. To China Inc.

US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property - Beyond Treason

China Speaks

Lord Monckton: Climate Change Treaty = End Of U.S. Sovereignty and The Beginning Of A One World Government [113]
Glen Beck Interviews Lord Monckton

Socialists Demand Trillions In Climate Debt

The American worker is footing the entire bill for China's expansion, primarily via China's control of the American Economic Machinery [T-Bills, Bonds, and US Notes] and China gains immensely from this arrangement, firstly by 'controlling' the value of the dollar, secondly by controlling the economy of the United States, and indirectly its foreign policy. The question we should be asking is why the US Government allowed China to 'control' the United States so fundamentally and absolutely? If a Communist Chinese government is able to harness the wealth of the people of the United States and extract such huge concessions and grants of privilege, then why didn't our own US Government not 'use' this same methodology and principle to 'rebuild' our own 'infrastructure' and 'revitalize' the American Economic Machinery for its own people, instead of virtually giving it away to a potential albeit discrete 'enemy.' What is the sense of that, unless there is and has been a predetermined goal of robbing the American people blind from the very inception of the Federal Reserve System?

Nikola Tesla not only gave us the system of power generation at Niagara Falls, but he established alternating current as the primary means of 'transmission' worldwide. He also gave us free energy generation from his laboratory in Shoreham, Long Island with his 'magnifying transmitter.' Tesla proved that 'energy' was freely available and could be extracted from the ambient as 'energy from the vacuum,' which has been theoretically and actually verified by Myron Wyn Evans, Thomas Eugene Bearden and Jean-Louis Naudin. Documentation is readily available to those who exercise 'due diligence.' We are being lied to, on a systemic basis, systematically and are being provided with artificial 'intelligence,' by specially trained gaming experts, who have skillfully applied significant 'gamesmanship' whose intent has been to apply a series of interesting 'protocols' kindred to a global zero-sum game known as the Control Paradigm Matrix. This game has been played and applied from the dawn of civilization to our present dilemma of scarcity. A dilemma caused by a number of factors that have stymied the controllers themselves. Things can get quickly out of hand and indeed out of control, even for the 'controllers.'

Therein lies the dilemma, a crossroads has been reached, and significant alternatives are already in place, known and objectified. The problem of change-over lies in how much knowledge the controllers wish to relinquish in order to maintain 'jurisdictional' functionality. For knowledge indeed is a dangerous thing to those who misuse it, or don't know how to manage it. For with 'free energy' one is truly free.

Myron Wyn Evans has received a Civil List Pension from the Queen of England, because of his brilliant accomplishments. He has provided a truly Unified Field Theory and has verified James Clerk Maxwell and ultimately sustained and completed Albert Einstein's long sought after UFT. I believe he is ultimately destined for the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics.

All the Best,
Leslie R. Pastor

PS: Game theory is a branch of mathematics that uses models to study interactions with formalized incentive structures ("games"). It has applications in a variety of fields, including economics, evolutionary biology, political science, and military strategy. Game theorists study the predicted and actual behavior of individuals in games, as well as optimal strategies. Seemingly different types of interactions can exhibit similar incentive structures, thus all exemplifying one particular game. John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern first formalized the subject in 1944 in their book: Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. Reference:

People long have used games of one sort or another to amuse or advance themselves. These games may be simple or complex in nature and can embody a wide variety of forms. Despite whatever differences exist among individual games, all games share as an end or objective the separation of winners from losers as well as the fact that their playing is guided by a set of rules. Consequently, in playing a game, it is understood that if all of the contestants are to have a fair chance of winning they will be apprised of the rules of that particular game in advance of the contest and the rules will be applied equally and fairly.

"For the purposes of this study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an exercise which represents an attempt to place the murder in a context of "gaming," a "game" will be defined as "a procedure for gaining an end" as well as "a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other."

In the case of the assassination of JFK, certain members of America's intelligence services and representatives of other agencies of the United States government chose to play a deadly game, the rules of which remained hidden from all but themselves and a few others. This was only to be expected because, in the world of intelligence with its particular and peculiar covert nature, the theory and practice of gaming can exist in an entirely different context or dimension than they do for most people. As President Dwight D. Eisenhower once observed of the craft of intelligence, "These activities have their own rules and methods of concealment which seek to mislead and obscure."

Counter intelligence expert Melvin Beck also likened the craft of intelligence to a game in his book Secret Contenders:

"Any case officer contemplating a double agent operation is convinced, or should be, that the opposition probably knows that he is an intelligence officer of the CIA. Indeed, there is always the tantalizing possibility that the walk-in agent is a "plant."...If so, that only heightens the competition. What ensues may be likened to a chess game, American Intelligence Service versus Russian Intelligence Service, in which moves and countermoves are studied, projected, and applied. That is probably the simplest description of what double agent operations are--games." Source:

In an earlier work, I mentioned that George W. Bush didn’t need to understand the mechanics of governance, as it pertained to the federal distinction/relevance of the national government. Why? Because he was instituting an agenda, hidden, from the American population, alien to the US Constitution, and to the will of the American people. If you recall, when George W. Bush was asked about his membership in ‘skull & bones,’ he stated that it was ‘so secret,’ that he couldn’t mention anything about it. The ‘secrecy’ pertaining to his membership in that ‘nefarious’ organization, masked an agenda of ‘nation-building’ and ‘nation-destruction,’ specifically, the nation of the United States.

Tom Bearden Discusses Soviet Scalar Weapons

Life Discovered On Mars?

Americans Are Fed Up With Senator Alan Simpson [114] [115] [116]

Jesse Ventura Fights Back With Lawsuit Against TSA


What Happened To The Tea Party?
(Local Tea Party Groups:)
The Tea Party Co-opted - Hijacked - The Real Coffee Party
The original principles of the Tea Party were to provide an alternative to both the Republicans and Democrats, by emphasizing the need to abolish the Federal Reserve, reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and withdraw from unnecessary and unconstitutional foreign wars.
Tea Party Co-Founder: Concept Has Been Hijacked By False Left/Right Paradigm

Coffee Party Founder is Obama Campaign Operative

Quantitative Easing Explained

JPMorgan Silver Manipulation Explained

Multiple Techniques For Truth Suppression

Top Dem Plotting With Socialists To Strengthen Obama’s One World Agenda

Link To The Control Paradigm II
Link To The Obama Agenda

Obama's HealthCare Proposal (and what it will accomplish)

Obama - One Step Closer To Internet Control

The Obama Stimulus DESTROYED the US Economy

Egypt Now Fears Obama - A Manchurian President

The United States Debt Clock

  • The US Government (Created) Inflation via the Indebtedness of the US Monetary System starting with George W. Bush who reached and exceeded $1 Tillion dollars in the last year of his Presidency and currently excellerating into hyperinflation under President Barack H. Obama.

The WORLD Clock

Federal Reserve Inspector General Hedges On Trillions Missing In Congressional Hearing

Harmon Wilfred Working For The US Intelligence Community Discovered Massive Financial Mismanagement, Attempted To Apprise US Government Officials. Read What Happened To Him On His Website:

Zionism - A Perspective (David Icke) [125]


The Mass Media is SILENT: Global Seismic Activity: Worldwide


Ever wonder why ‘technology’ doesn’t seem to progress forward into the 21st Century? Well it has, but it has been suppressed. Look at my research pages, for example this one: *BREAKTHROUGH PHYSICS SUSTAINS BREAKTHROUGH POWER and then go to my other research pages located at:

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