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PESWiki Websites

Community-Built Free Energy Websites

Please realize that when you post information in a wiki site such as this one, that others can edit the content of the page. That is the purpose of this format. Though it does have the chance of abuse, in general it lends to an ever increasing quality site. If, after you have created your page, you would like us to freeze a page to disable the edit function, we can, though we reserve the right to decide whether such is warranted. There are ways that you can become the "we" and thus have influence on such decisions (namely by becoming an integral part of PESWiki or other PES projects).

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If you don't find what you're looking for here, you can add it!

The purpose of this feature is to allow free energy inventors and especially theorists, who do not have a website, to have a place to post their information in an organized format where others may access it on the web. "Site" pages contain content by individuals and their material. These sites contain material unique to the authors. Others contribution are welcomed but the content is monitored by the primary author.
We only ask that the site be relevant and that you agree to our terms of service and use the file naming conventions that we have developed.

Site Index

Each page should begin with "Site:" followed by the specific site name you choose, such as "Site:Fred:Main_Page" (for User:Fred's "Main page"). Your home page should be named "Main_Page," (after the prefix, e.g. Site:User:Main_Page)

Index of sites

Might Your Project Belong in Another Department?

  • If you wish to open source your technology (e.g. give the idea away), then you should post your project in the "OS" -- Open Sourcing department of this site.
  • If you just wish to develop an index on a favorite free energy topic, then the appropriate place for you to do that is in the Directory department.
  • If you wish to create an exhaustive, encyclopedic entry on a topic, then the appropriate department for you to do so is PowerPedia.
  • In short, please review the list of departments on our Main_Page to see if there is an appropriate home for your proposed information, before commencing a site here.

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