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Overunity Aspects

On Jan. 16,17, 2007, Camilo A. Urbina A. <camilo_urbina {at}> writes:

The "over-unity and self-sustaining" issue of this technology is from a commercial (or logistical if you like) point of view, not thermodynamically. It may not be obvious, but if you would burn by normal means the solid waste, it would not give as much energy as it does trough plasma arc treatment, and it would be commercially "under unity" as you would have to add more fuels to try to burn the waste to its components. A good example of this would be trying to burn a concrete slab, which plasma arc turns into a tiny bit of glasslike material with a remarkable low energy input, while producing an enormous amount of heat.

I have seen "home made" replications of the technology in some alternative energy websites (it is called bingofuel reactor). I guess it could be relatively easy for a skilled "do it yourselfer" to build a house version replication of the Magnegas linear reactors.

One of the best replications is on the JL Naudin website: (it is half way down the page). He uses it to run a 5HP generator, altough it is not efficient enough to "close the loop". The same page contains a compilation of other independent replications.

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