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Q. is the xml/rss syndication turned on for this site?

A. Yes


Additional Comments

post here

Further to my comments above about the internal reduction gear. If anyone is interested in some real approaches in reducing fuel consumptiom in internal combustion engines as we know them today, download contents of file

Main Page/temp

Work on front page redesign. Main Page/temp >>


[Moved from User:SilverThunder talk page. Reddi 12:50, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)]

I Have some templates for this already. I'll upload them and allow you guys to test Grundle 11:03, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)

PESWiki Departments

Above this is a title bar that could be used....

Heading Here

  • Some info can go in here, and I think that it will look nice
  • Maybe some pictures can be floated to the right
  • it looks nice
  • Just a note - I used the noedit option on these since they are going on the main page. That means that it disables editing on particular sections. You will notice that it is in effect for this talk page now. Another thing -- These are a pair. They should always go together. If you just want to use one, I have another "box" template I can give you that is formatted to fit the whole screen. These two use each other since they are tables. The RightBottom actually closes both tables, which is why they go together.

template:LeftMainBottom Other Heading Here

  • More info
  • can be put here
  • looks great
  • Maybe these will help with the site look?


[Moved from my talk page. Reddi 12:50, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)] Yo I posted some templates on SilverThunder's talk site. Feel free to use and edit them. I like your title/main template better than the one I uploaded. I hope the templates help. Grundle 11:33, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Principles for Main Page redesign

The redesign needs to be accessible for some of the less Wiki-savvy users to update the "Latest" listing. The main page is protected, so only those with special access can make changes, but among them are some who are not that knowledgeable about wiki mark-up. I want to make sure that the code is easy enough for them to figure out, so they can post notice of new feature pages that they create.

The idea is to make it easy to update each section of the home page so that the the "fresh content" feel is increased.

I okay with the new look so far, but would like to see specific examples implemented to get a better idea about how it will look, and how easy/complex the updating of the page will be.

I looked briefly at the "LeftMainTop" etc. templates, but didn't figure out how they work. I'll need to look a little more so I can understand the syntax. -- SilverThunder 13:39, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)

I've been putting in comments. The template tags don't need to be messed with; all you need to do is put the info in the parts between the Top or Bottom tags.
We can split parts of the page up and "include" them like a tempate, also. That may be something to look forward down he road. As now, the temp page still needs alot more work. Reddi 17:07, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)
The idea is to have all the "tough code" inside the templates so that it is easy for non-saavy people to use them. It is much easier to type {{template}} than {table name| attr="?" etc.} That is the reason I made it an encapsulated template, so that non-saavy people don't have to worry about those things. The basic syntax of the templates I made are
{{templateName|Title description here}} <--Start of your box
Insert text here <-- Body of the box
{{templateName}} <--- Ending indicator of your box
Does this make sense? Grundle 13:46, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)

The items looked great, Grundle. I tried to replicate it for the "featured" box too ... using the gold from the emblem (gold, blue, green)

And as to the templates and messing with the code ... you're right, once it's done, you just really have to switch the contents between the templates. Reddi 17:07, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)

My Comments

I like the general look of putting things in boxes. I'm not sure if I like the side by side layout of Projects and PESWiki Additions. Maybe I'll grow to like it.

I definitly don't like the yellow (gold?) color of Presently Being Featured. It's too bright, especially for the top of the page. I prefer subdued colors. The blue is great and the green is okay. I'm not sure multiple colors on one page are an improvement. What would it look like in all gray and blue?

The main page should have new content on a regular basis. I have been updating the Directory section one per week. The Projects section never seems to change. If there is not enough material for regular changes, maybe it should be moved farther down the page.

--John Q. Public 16:38, 14 Jul 2006 (EDT)

I switched the "news headlines" and the "projects" out. Don't like the gold? (it's gold like the logo; isn't the logo gold?) Hmm ... not sure what to do abotu that. I'll try a all gray and blue next monday (if no one beats me to it). I'll move up the Directory portion then also. Reddi

I looked at it again and it doesn't seem that bad now. Could you use gold for the title and yellow for the background? It seems like there is more difference between the title and the background on the green and blue boxes. On the gold one the title hardly stands out. I didn't realize you were trying to use the logo colors. I like things boring, maybe other don't. --John Q. Public 23:48, 16 Jul 2006 (EDT)


Main Page's "Main Page"

Is there a way to get rid of the main page's "Main Page" at the top pf that page? If you goto the links above, you'll notice that the 1st entry page at all the sites do not have the "page title" (like User:, User talk:, User contributions, etc...) at the top on that 1st page. Is tehre a way that that can be removed? Just wondering. Reddi 10:48, 13 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Main Page changes merged

I moved the contents to the main page. I also deleted the temp file. Reddi 11:33, 17 Jul 2006 (EDT)

US Army calls for 'green' power

Could be a newws topic ...

In the Iraqi war zone, US Army calls for 'green' power

Reddi 17:13, 12 Sep 2006 (EDT)

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What's the purpose of this article?

"1999 - Reed admited on tape that the magnet motor was not yet self-sustaining"

So we know it was a hoax. Then what's the purpose of this article describing a machine known not to work for sure? I don't really understand!

Earth4Energy real, or scam?

I see Earth4energy advertising their ebook on this site with a giant banner on the home page. But when I look at their site, the claims seem too good to be true about being able to build a full solar or wind system for $200, and googling around, it appears they have been creating fake reviews for their products on other sites.

I found some other similar products such as "agua luna" and "Homemade Power Plant". Also with amazing claims, and what appears to be comment spam or outright fake reviews on other websites.

I was hoping that peswiki might have a review of one or more of these, but I don't find them when I search.

Should peswiki readers take the fact that peswiki is accepting advertisement from Earth4energy as an endorsement of their products? and have you looked at their competitors?

Update: Total scam

I found this SCATHING review, buried under a ton of bogus hype pages in google's results:

confirmed my suspicions. I hope peswiki disassociates itself from these scammers.

Local Reports on Power Outage

Is there a website that reports interruptions on a power grid and the reason why and in what area?

Are my new magnets still good to work with?

I ordered 100 rotor magnets and 4 stator magnets matching the models from Mylow's latest design. Given the whole fiasco regarding fishing line, I hope they are still useful. I'm more optimistic about the rotor magnets. Please fling any opinions my way. :-)

rotor magnets = CB-65

stator magnets = HS811N




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