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Communications tools for renewable energy players.


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    YouTube ups video limit to 15 minutes - YouTube gave its users five more minutes on Thursday, increasing the upload limit for videos to the site to 15 minutes from 10 minutes, that having been the "number one requested feature" by contributors. (PhysOrg; July 29, 2010)
  • Video Sites Help Scientists Show Instead of Tell - Scientists are taking advantage of today's low-cost video production and sites with lots of bandwidth to learn new techniques, cutting their learning curves by weeks or even months. (Wired; Oct. 3, 2007)
  • Free Conference Calling - Up to 100 people on a call, either dialogue, Q/A, or presentation. Premium account (not free for admin) offers toll-free dial-in for users, recorded calls. Sister services available in UK and Germany as well.
  • Jaxtr Provides Free International Phone Call Service - Just enter your cell phone number and the cell phone number of the person you wish to call internationally, and they'll received a text message of a local number to call that will connect you for free. You can also place regular international calls at a very low rate.
  • Share phone pics for research - Tiny Pictures uses camera phones for instant photo chat. While doing a phone interview, someone can be snapping digital images of the invention using their cell phone, and putting them instantly online. (PhysOrg; July 1, 2006)
  • Caution urged for switch to internet phones - Anyone considering switching their telephone systems to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) should consider the security risks according to a recent report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. (PhysOrg; Jan. 26, 2005)
  • Moving Beyond YouTube - A collection of online editing applications lets people do more than just watch and share video. For example, Jumpcut enables real-time video editing through the web browser, using an advanced flash-based application, people can preview changes while editing. (MIT Technology Review; Dec. 4, 2006)
  • YouTube to Share Revenue With Users - Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube, said Saturday that the wildly successful site will start sharing revenue with its millions of users. (PhysOrg; Jan. 28, 2007)
  • Free Web Accelerator by Google - Uses Google servers as a proxy for web content, delivering the pages to your system more rapidly and compressing them beforehand.
  • Make free Internet calls from your regular phone - Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard, a small hardware device, enables consumers to make and receive free or low-cost Internet phone calls from a regular phone using Skype Technologies' Internet calling service. (PhysOrg; Jan. 8, 2004)
  • Spam Arrest - Challenge incoming email, let approved list through. Save time sorting through spam.
  • Word Count - A tool you might find helpful when submitting material to directories, or articles for review.

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